Loni Anderson’s Indirect Denial of Plastic Surgery!


Loni Anderson is suspected of having plastic surgery such as Botox and a facelift. houseandwhips.com

Loni Anderson seems to have indirectly denied having plastic surgery when she said that she would not change anything (about her) even if it didn’t work. However, it does not look like the actress is all-natural. She looks decades younger and many suspect she has maintained herself with the help of Botox and a facelift. But, as far as Loni Anderson is concerned, it’s the moisturizer that keeps her looking young and she has never considered plastic surgery.

Loni Anderson skyrocketed to mainstream popularity when she starred in the hit CBS sitcom WKRP in Cincinnati in the role of Jennifer Marlowe. She became a household name after she did the show which earned her two Emmy nominations and three Golden Globe nominations. While everyone first knew her for playing the trailblazing character of Marlowe, who she said was the smartest and the hottest person in the room and who raised an entire generation of women to believe that they could be independent and have a career of their own, she later went on to be a sex symbol.

Anyway, it’s been decades since Loni Anderson became a sex symbol and even today, she looks as sexy as she did then. She really has not aged much since then. She’s now in her late seventies but could easily pass off as someone in her fifties. She looks decades younger and whenever she makes a public appearance, her looks prompt people to make plastic surgery speculations about her because there has to be something that keeps her looking young, and can just a great skincare regime do that wonder? Let’s discuss what she did for her ageless appearance!

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Did Loni Anderson Say She Wouldn’t Get Plastic Surgery?

Loni Anderson is suspected by many of having taken the aid of plastic surgery such as Botox and a facelift to look as young as she does now.

Loni Anderson has indirectly denied having plastic surgery. houseandwhips.comLoni Anderson has indirectly denied having plastic surgery.
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Do you remember the time when Loni used to dazzle people with her beauty and sensuality? You don’t have to because she still does that. She still makes people’s hearts race because of how sexy she looks except this time, everyone wonders how she looks so young because not every 78-year-old woman looks like her. Seeing that she used to be a sex icon and that she’s in Hollywood, people easily take the leap from ‘How does she look so youthful’ to ‘Oh, obviously, she has had plastic surgery’.

Loni Anderson is pushing her 80s and yet, she could easily be a woman in her 40s, someone half her age. While I imagine it would feel great to look young forever and have an ageless appearance, unfortunately for Hollywood celebs, they cannot escape questions about their secrets and if the secret is plastic surgery. Loni has not been able to avoid that.

While she wasn’t directly asked if she had cosmetic work done, in a recent interview, she was asked how she looks as young as she does. In response to that, she shared, to many’s disbelief, that moisturizer is what keeps her looking ageless. She may also have denied having plastic surgery without actually denying it. I mean, she said something along the lines of wanting to look like herself, so not changing anything. That’s an indirect denial, right?

What Plastic Surgery Might Loni Anderson Have Gotten?

Loni Anderson is suspected of having Botox and a facelift at the least. houseandwhips.comLoni Anderson is suspected of having Botox and a facelift at the least.
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Here’s what Anderson said after she was questioned about the best tips she had for looking young. (Hint: It’s not plastic surgery.)

Moisturizer. My mother was a runway fashion model and when she was young, she would be, like, moisturizing everything. And so that was very important and I always think for me personally – anybody can choose what they want to do – but I like looking like me. And I would like to stay looking like me and not like someone else. So, even if something didn’t work, I don’t think I’d want to change it.

Loni Anderson really committed to her indirect denial of plastic surgery as she went on to compare herself to a vehicle that routinely needs upkeep. I think I get the analogy she’s using about needing to maintain herself but if she had gone overboard with Botox and fillers and facelifts, it would have been embarrassing.

With the way she looks, young but not so waxy and rubbery and definitely not uncanny valley, Loni Anderson can get away from plastic surgery speculations by saying,

I feel more like a car who needs to go in for the lube and tube and service and stuff like that and the upkeep, rotate a few tires, whatever it is just to keep your original vehicle going.