Nicole Berry Didn’t Appear to Have Had Plastic Surgery on Made in Chelsea!


Nicole Berry from Made in Chelsea may or may not have had plastic surgery.

Nicole India Berry from Made in Chelsea does not seem to have had plastic surgery. If the reality star has had some cosmetic procedures, it’s very well done and subtle as you can’t really tell if she has had work done. Some tend to think that Nicole Berry has had lip fillers or Botox but the Made in Chelsea alum might just be all-natural and really good at make-up. She is never escaping those plastic surgery allegations.

Made in Chelsea‘s drama has always lured people into the show among the characters. People are taken in by the reality show.  I guess it’s something about the cast members being extremely rich, having nothing to worry about in terms of financial aspects, just making a mess with and among their relationships, and having that unraveled in fancy events and brunches. It’s a great escape for people who like chaos and drama and which one of us aren’t those people? We all are.

So, I think it’s safe to say we know why Nicole India Berry left Made in Chelsea. I mean, even when she was a part of a love triangle with Liv Bentley and Tristan Phipps, she didn’t bring much drama. She was kind of too non-controversial for someone whose job is to make drama to sell reality shows. After all, aren’t reality stars just about scripted drama producers and cast members pretend is real? The show didn’t do much for Nicole Berry except she got some visibility which helped her with modeling prospects and garnered a fan-following. Her fans often scour the internet to find out if she has had any plastic surgery. So, let’s talk about that today!

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Made in Chelsea: Nicole Berry Does Not Look Like She Has Had Plastic Surgery!

The former Made in Chelsea star, Nicole India Berry (@nicoleindiaberry) does not look like she has had any plastic surgery at all but people suspect that she has had some subtle works, all the same. Her followers think she may have dabbled in lip fillers and Botox.

Nicole from Made in Chelsea does not look as though she has had plastic surgery. houseandwhips.comNicole from Made in Chelsea does not look as though she has had plastic surgery.
Image Source: OK! Magazine

Nicole may not have had a considerable impact in the world of Made in Chelsea (she was too safe and non-divisive and failed to reel in the audience with her presence and everyone overshadowed her and she has no mention at all on Reddit) but being in the reality show got her more exposure which boosted the number of followers on social media. She is very active on Instagram. Rarely a day goes by without her sharing a very curated photo of herself on social media. This has factored in the rise of plastic surgery speculations about her.

Nicole Berry looks perfect in her pictures, very stunning indeed and I hate to say it, but generic as h*ll. You wouldn’t be able to pick her from a line-up with other Instagram influencers. That kind of undistinctive perfection is usually a sign that someone has attained that beauty that is defined by trendy standards with the help of plastic surgery. And while Nicole does not look “done” or “manufactured”, people still think she has had some subtle cosmetic works.

The speculations that Nicole Berry has gone under the knife or injections were bound to come because almost every reality star tweaks themselves in some way. Very few people step into showbiz without making sure they look the most perfect and acceptable version of themselves. And Nicole was not a regular person when she joined Made in Chelsea. She was and is a model and people have a hard time believing that models don’t have plastic surgery because the modeling industry is so toxic that cosmetic surgery is the norm there.

Nicole from Made in Chelsea May Have Had Botox and Lip Fillers For Plastic Surgery!

Nicole may have gotten Botox and fillers after Made in Chelsea. houseandwhips.comNicole may have gotten Botox and fillers after Made in Chelsea.
Image Source: The Sun

So, going by how Berry looks on her Instagram pictures, her followers suspect she has dabbled with lip fillers and Botox. Botox because she looks very smooth and does not seem to have skin texture in her pictures. And lip fillers because her lips look much more plump and fuller than they looked on Made in Chelsea. She already had full lips even back then but they look bigger now. It definitely has to be plastic surgery because now, her pout matches those of women shilling their lip products.

It’s jarring how different Nicole Berry looked when she was on the reality show vs. how she looks on her Instagram pictures. When she was on Made in Chelsea, she looked very natural but now, she looks faker compared to before. Still, she does not look like she is a bad plastic surgery job but she looks kind of manufactured. It’s probably because she is trying to appeal to whichever demographic makes the influencer biz pay. In Made in Chelsea, she didn’t look stale in terms of her looks (fitting into every trend).

Maybe it’s because Nicole Berry did her own makeup while she was doing the show and she’s very good at it. It also helped that she had someone to ‘ensure’ her glam while the cameras were rolling. She didn’t look like she had plastic surgery at the time. Things could have changed since then.

I always knew that we were responsible for our own glam but I did think there might be someone there to provide the odd powder touch-up if someone got too shiny, but there was no one. I got friendly with a girl in production who promised she’d give me the nod if my glow was getting out of control, or my lips were looking really dry or my hair was a mess.