Allen Leech Has Certainly Undergone Weight Loss!


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Allen Leech has definitely lost about 6-7 pounds. – Allen Leech seems to have had a notable weight loss, going by his appearance in the trailer of the television drama Too Good To Be True. He had gained quite a lot of weight during the final season of Downton Abbey. Allen Leech appears to have had a weight loss of about 6-7 pounds since the show ended because he’s looking really lean and svelte now.

Allen Leech is a household name in the UK because he has gained wide recognition for his role as ‘Tom Branson’ in the ITV period drama ‘Downton Abbey’, which is one of the most popular television series there. When it comes to his international fame, he is more known for portraying the role of ‘Paul Prenter’ in the biopic ‘Bohemian Rhapsody.’ He has always been a promising actor. He did well in his acting debut in the 1998 production of ‘A Streetcar Named Desire’ and he was fine in his first major film ‘Cowboys & Angels’ as ‘Vincent Cusack’.

Allen Leech earned a nomination for an Irish Film & Television Award for his performance as ‘Mo Chara’ in ‘Man About Dog’. He played the role of ‘Marcus Agrippa’ on the HBO historical drama series ‘Rome’ brilliantly. And I don’t think his work on Downton Abbey needs to be elaborated. Anyway, the point is he’s a very talented actor. But is he someone who would put on or shed weight for a role? Let’s talk about it in the context of the change in his physique! Did he recently lose weight for a television drama?

Allen Leech Is Looking A Lot Leaner These Days!

Allen Leech has undergone weight loss and it’s not much, probably just 6-7 pounds but it’s very visible because you can just recognize how different he looks compared to how he looked a few years back.

Allen Leech sparked discussions about his weight with his appearance on Too Good To Be True. houseandwhips.comAllen Leech sparked discussions about his weight with his appearance on Too Good To Be True.
Image Source: Variety

The ‘Bohemian Rhapsody’ actor is back with a new Channel 5 drama called ‘Too Good To Be True’. He plays the role of a mysterious wealthy businessman ‘Elliot Fielding’ in the psychological drama. For those who are used to seeing him as the radical socialist ‘Tom Branson’ in Downton Abbey, which is most of us, it was a little unsettling to see him in a darker role. He looked villainous and scary (check out the trailer), and while it took a little while for people to get used to him looking like that, they still haven’t gotten over the fact that he appears much leaner and attractively so.

Allen Leech appeared to have put on a bit of weight in the final season of ‘Downton Abbey’. It was more than six years ago but since that’s the last project he’s remembered for, it disconcerted people a little to see that he had changed a bit, to observe that he didn’t look as chubby anymore. It was very notable that he had gotten bigger around 2015 and it was discussed extensively on social media. In his latest drama, he seemed to have lost that weight as he appeared the way he did in the earlier seasons of Downton Abbey, physique-wise. Allen Leech seemed to have shed what little weight he had gained prior. 

When Did Allen Leech Get Thin Like Before?

Allen Leech put on weight in the final season of Downton Abbey. houseandwhips.comAllen Leech put on weight in the final season of Downton Abbey.
Image Source: USA Today

Some wondered if the actor lost weight for his role in ‘Too Good To Be True’ but I don’t think that’s it. I think, the change in his physique is just something that happened over time, presumably because he worked on himself after 2015 when he looked notably chubby and was carrying extra pounds. There are some who believe that the weight gain he had in 2015 was because he was required to do so to show the passage of time in the final season of ‘Downton Abbey’ but that doesn’t seem to be it either. Whatever it is, that Allen Leech has lost about 6-7 pounds, at least, is very obvious.

But his transformation might not be so recent. Take note of how even though he looked bigger in 2015, he looked notably slimmer in the feature films of Downton Abbey that were released in 2019 and 2022. Now, you see it. Don’t you? The extra weight he had in the final season of the show was not the demand of the script. He just gained weight for some reasons that we don’t know of. Then, Allen Leech undid that weight gain and embarked on a journey to get fit. How? Probably some diet plan and workout routines but we won’t know until he reveals it himself.

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