Did Bria Henderson Have Weight Loss? Has She Had Surgery?

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Bria Henderson is rumored to have lost weight. houseandwhips.com

houseandwhips.com – Bria Henderson does not appear to have undergone weight loss. If she has lost weight, it’s a negligible 2-3 pounds loss because she is plus-sized as always. She has never revealed any plans to shed weight. Bria Samone Henderson’s fans want to know if she is considering weight loss surgery but it looks like she’s happy at the weight she is and very busy with her career at the moment.

Bria Henderson rose to mainstream popularity when she got the role of ‘Dr. Jordan Allen’ in the television series ‘The Good Doctor’. She had already broken through in Hollywood when she was cast as ‘Margaret Sloan’ in ‘Mrs. America’ but she reached a different height altogether in her career after The Good Doctor. Though she is best known for her work in the aforementioned series, she has a great body of work which includes ‘Force Continuum’, ‘Vagina Monologues’, ‘The Tales of Heike’, ‘In The Red and Brown Water’, and ‘Once On This Island’.

Bria Samone Henderson has always been very passionate about arts. She received her MFA in Acting at the University of Washington. She’s very creative and is a spoken word poet and youth mentor who has traveled the world from Apollo Theater to Nigeria, sharing her poems. She’s very bright and is in love with her career and busy with it. So, she’s really not taken the time out of her busy schedule to get thin. She has not lost weight in case you were wondering and neither has she revealed any plans to do so. How would you like for me to elaborate on that?

Did Bria Henderson Lose Weight? Has She Had Surgery?

Bria Henderson has not had weight loss. On the off-chance that she has, it’s a measly 2-3 pounds that’s just routine fluctuation and that’s nothing to talk about. Even that she does not seem to have lost as she looks the same as ever, full-figured and curvy. She does not seem to have plans to lose weight naturally or through surgery.

Bria Henderson has most likely not gotten thinner. houseandwhips.comBria Henderson has most likely not gotten thinner.
Image Source: Deadline

‘The Good Doctor’ has returned with its seventh season and let’s focus on what it has meant for Bria, who joined the show with the recurring role of ‘Dr. Jordan Allen’ in Season 4 and went on to be a main cast member from Season 5. Well, she has always been very appreciative of the fact that she got to star in the show, and given how passionate she is, I’m sure she’s glad to be in the latest season as well. But in terms of her popularity and the things people say about her, she’s in the spotlight not just for her acting but because of discussions about her weight as well.

When people have questions about Bria Henderson’s weight, I think it’s more about whether or not she has mentioned any plans of losing weight in the future and not about whether or not she has lost it because there’s no way anyone thinks that she has gotten slimmer and gotten some or all of the extra weight she’s carrying off of her right. I mean, you cannot possibly think that she looks less fat in Season 7 because she hasn’t changed at all in terms of her physique. She has not gone through any change.

Bria Henderson was plus-sized and is still the same plus-sized woman with a heavy body. I’m certain that she has not lost any weight. If she has and I’ve failed to observe it, it’s probably because it’s a negligible 2-3 pounds routine fluctuation. If she seems slimmer in some shots, it’s just due to camera work or some other factors because she goes back to having the same full-figured body in the next scene. There’s nothing really to write about the change in her physique.

Bria Henderson Has Not Shared Any Plans To Get Thinner!

Bria Henderson has not revealed any plans to lose weight. houseandwhips.comBria Henderson has not revealed any plans to lose weight.
Image Source: Parade

If it’s what she feels about her weight and whether she has set any goals to lose weight and get fit that you want to know, then know that she has never had a public conversation about her weight. In every interview of hers, she has only talked about her love and passion for her acting and discussed her career. She rarely mentions the fact that she is overweight. The most Bria Henderson has done is acknowledge that she is a plus-sized woman in the context that she was expressing how happy her role in ‘The Good Doctor’ was a substantial one and not the one that fixated on her weight and body image. She has never shared any plans to get thinner.

She does not seem to mind her weight much and as long as she gets the roles she wants, it does not look like she has much interest in losing weight. It might only be an issue for her if it’s an issue for her career. Or maybe she does want to get fit but she has not been able to manage time to work on it because she’s so busy building her career. Some might think that she can opt for surgery if so but we really don’t know that she has not tried to lose weight unsuccessfully and might not want to talk about that. Anyway, all we know is that Bria Henderson so far has revealed no plans for surgery or the natural way of losing weight.  

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