Ben Mulroney Weight Loss and Illness: Is He Sick or in Good Health?


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Ben Mulroney has supposedly lost weight because he's sick and has some illness and health problems. – Ben Mulroney underwent an impressive weight loss transformation when he lost 25 pounds in 2015. He does not appear to have lost weight recently and contrary to the speculations that he has some illness and is sick, he seems to be in good health too. Ben Mulroney has maintained his weight and his health since then. There has been no news of his illness and he does not look sick.

Ben Mulroney is a widely recognized television personality and producer in Canada. He also happens to be the eldest son of the 18th Prime Minister of Canada, Brian Mulroney. He has been in the broadcasting career with the Canadian network CTV for more than two decades. He is a household name and face just because of that. He started his career in 2001 as an entertainment reporter on CTV’s former morning show ‘Canada AM’. Next, he took up the job as the co-host of the entertainment news program ‘etalk’. He co-hosted the show from 2002 to 2020.

Ben Mulroney also notably hosted ‘Canadian Idol’ from 2003 to 2008 and CTV’s national morning show ‘Your Morning’ from 2016 to 2021. In 2020, he departed etalk, the show he is most known for and the show where he has been a co-host there for most of his career. A year later, he left Your Morning and CTV altogether to pursue a career in producing. Though he’s been mostly out of daily appearances on television like when he was a television host, people still take an interest in him. Lately, this interest in him has resulted in speculations about his health and weight. For some reason, it’s getting around that he’s sick and has some kind of illness. What’s that about? Let’s find out!

Ben Mulroney Lost 25 Pounds in 2015!

Ben Mulroney did undergo a significant transformation when he lost 25 pounds but it’s not a recent thing. Not that he looked overweight in the first place (he probably didn’t because of his tall physique), but he looked leaner and fitter than ever after he lost weight and he has maintained himself since then. 

Ben Mulroney is rumored to have lost weight because of some illness. houseandwhips.comBen Mulroney is rumored to have lost weight because of some illness.
Image Source: CTV News

Brian Mulroney, the 18th and former Prime Minister of Canada, is reported to have passed away at the age of 84. His daughter Caroline Mulroney informed via a post that her father, who served as prime minister from 1984 to 1993  and notably signed the Canada-United States Free Trade Agreement with former US President Ronald Reagan, died peacefully surrounded by family. Ever since the news of his death broke, social media has been rife with speculations about his son Ben Mulroney’s weight loss, illness, and health. So, has he lost weight? Is he sick? Let’s get into that!

Well, the former television host has not gone through any change in his weight recently and there has been no fresh news about his health either. So, it’s not clear where the speculations about his illness are coming from because he has not mentioned anything about being sick. However, if it is his weight that people want to know about, he may not have lost weight recently but he did shed 25 pounds in 2015, almost a decade ago, which changed his physique drastically. Ben Mulroney has more or less looked the same after that loss. He has maintained himself well. 

Speaking of him maintaining his weight, how did he lose weight in the first place? Well, as he talked about it in an interview, he really committed to the gym in order to keep up with his kids. He shared that for his New Year’s resolution that year, he gave himself a diet plan which was to try the Paleo diet for four months, go gluten-free for four months, and then do the whole food diet for four months. Within a month of going Paleo, he dropped 25 pounds and that gave him a dramatic makeover (in terms of physicality) that he didn’t know he needed.

Ben Mulroney Health: Is He Sick? Is The Rumors That He Lost Weight Due to Illness True?

Ben Mulroney does not look sick and seems to have taken care of his health. houseandwhips.comBen Mulroney does not look sick and seems to have taken care of his health.
Image Source: Toronto Sun

Since 2015, Mulroney has mostly looked the same weight-wise. He has done a great job at maintaining himself. He still has maintained the habit of going to the gym which has helped tremendously for his fitness. So far, he seems to be in perfect health. There have been rumors about his illness but those seem baseless because he does not look sick at all. Ben Mulroney seems to take care of himself well. I mean, he started his fitness journey more than a decade ago for health reasons when he was not even aware that he had 25 pounds that he could lose just to keep up with the kids.

His dedication is really something to admire and it has only been beneficial for him that he stayed determined to get fitter for health reasons because as he said, he said that he had a lot more energy after he got fitter, he was more curious during the day, and his brain was firing faster. He shared that he really enjoyed the time that he got to spend with the kids and that he was going to miss this when he got fat again. Luckily for him, that hasn’t happened because of his hard work. Unlike the speculations that Ben Mulroney is sick and that he has gotten skinnier because of some illness, he hasn’t actually lost weight.

So far, he hasn’t publicly shared if he is going through some health issues (though he is going through a hard time because he only recently lost his father) and he hasn’t confirmed any of the speculations about his illness. He does not look sick either. He just looks the same as ever in terms of his weight. Ben Mulroney does not appear to have had gotten thinner than he already is. Until he steps out looking lean and sick, he’s just fine and in good health.

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