Did Kitty Chicha Undergo Weight Loss For Modeling or Acting?


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Kitty Chicha has worried her fans with a drastic change in her figure. houseandwhips.com

houseandwhips.com – Kitty Chicha Amatayakul’s fans are worried about her health because she has gotten too skinny following weight loss and seemingly unhealthily so. She seems to have lost about 10-12 pounds. She was at a healthy weight when she was doing Girl From Nowhere but as soon as its second season finished, she started losing weight and it’s like she never stopped losing weight because she is only getting thinner and thinner. Kitty Chicha Amatayakul has not made any comments about the drastic change in her figure.

Kitty Chicha Amatayakul is a former member of the girl group ‘Kiss Me Five’ from Kamikaze Records. The Thai singer is also an actress and model who is widely recognized for her portrayal of the lead role of ‘Nanno’ in the drama anthology series ‘Girl From Nowhere’. She gained worldwide fame only in 2021 when she was exposed to an international audience after the second season of the series premiered on Netflix.

After she finished filming for the second season of the series, Kitty Chicha underwent a dramatic physical transformation which has sparked health concerns among her fans. As a model, she was already thin but at least when she was still doing ‘Girl From Nowhere’, she looked healthy at her weight. She didn’t look like she had any extra weight to lose but she’s been losing so much weight that it’s scary to look at her because she looks skeletal now. Let’s discuss why she might have lost weight so drastically!

Kitty Chicha Is Getting Thinner Every Day? What Is Happening to Nanno?

Kitty Chicha’s dramatic physical transformation is very distressing to see because she’s losing weight that she absolutely didn’t need to lose. It’s really not an improvement in any way that she seems to have gotten about 10-12 pounds lighter.

Kitty Chicha has sparked health concerns because of how drastically she's losing weight. houseandwhips.comKitty Chicha has sparked health concerns because of how drastically she’s losing weight.
Image Source: Lifestyle Asia

Kitty was perfect as ‘Nanno’ in ‘Girl From Nowhere’ in every way. One thing to note about her appearance in the show was that she really looked like a regular high-schooler while still being thin when she was doing the show. She was at a healthy weight which is something people have come to realize only now that she’s gone on to lose so much weight since she was done filming for the show. Her transformation has worried a lot of her fans because she went from being healthy skinny to looking skeletal.

It’s really scary to see just how much weight she has lost. For someone who was already model thin, Kitty Chicha seems to have shed about 10-12 pounds which is crazy. That’s a lot of weight to lose for someone who absolutely didn’t have any extra weight to lose. She is all skin and bones now and her fans can’t help but wonder if she’s going through any health issues that might have caused that drastic change in her physicality because something must have happened for her to lost that much weight just like that.

Many people might argue that it’s just a part of Kitty Chicha Amatayakul’s job to look that thin as a fashion model but she already was thin when she was doing ‘Girl From Nowhere’, she even looked healthy when doing it, and it didn’t look like she needed to lose weight even for a model then. She really didn’t need to get skinnier than she already was. No wonder her sudden and drastic weight loss sparked health concerns among her fans. It’s always something to worry about when one starts looking skeletal, isn’t it?

Has Kitty Chicha Amatayakul Said Anything About How She Got So Skinny?

Kitty Chicha is speculated to have lost weight either for modeling or acting. houseandwhips.comKitty Chicha is speculated to have lost weight either for modeling or acting.
Image Source: Reddit

Every time the actress makes a public appearance now, social media gets flooded with discussion about her weight. Some of the observations that a few Reddit users have made describe how concerning it is that she has lost weight down to her skin and bones.

She lost all the fat in her face and her rib cage is literally visible… she’s 100% going through something right now so it’s probably best we give her her privacy and still continue to support her afar as fans.

Kitty Chicha Amatayakul has been looking so gaunt and her face seems to have sunk in itself like she’s had her buccal fat removed. Also, the bones in her chest are sticking out which is very scary to look at.

Well this is concerning…not only in her face but in her arms and hands as well. I don’t see how she could need to be any skinnier than she already was as a fashion model. 

The actress has not acknowledged all the speculations about her weight and is yet to address the fans’ concerns but there have been rumors that Kitty Chicha lost weight in preparation for a role in a horror movie she’s doing and not because of health issues. However, her fans are not very happy to learn that because whatever the purpose behind her transformation is, even if it’s for her job, it doesn’t look healthy. As a Reddit user put it,

her weight fluctuates a lot. she’ll lose a lot when she’s modeling and she’ll gain a lot for an acting role. i dont know how she’s doing it but it is a little concerning, i dont think weight is a slider you can just customize when you need to for something

Some have speculated that Kitty Chicha lost weight because and after she became an ambassador for Saint Laurent and while that might be true, it still does not matter why. It just matters that she looks so emaciated and unhealthy. Fans want her to get to a healthier weight but if she is constantly going to adjust her weight as per modeling or acting demands, I doubt that she’s going to get to a healthy weight.

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