Did Sydney Sweeney Have Weight Loss With the Help of Ozempic?


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Sydney Sweeney's fans want to know if she has ever used Ozempic to lose weight. houseandwhips.com

houseandwhips.com – Sydney Sweeney is not someone who needs to get skinnier because she has no incentive to undergo weight loss. She’s always been extremely slim and fit and does various workouts to keep herself in shape. But people have been wondering if Sydney Sweeney didn’t always look as toned because she made a joke about Ozempic on SNL.

Sydney Sweeney is one of the hottest actresses right now. After she got her breakthrough in the HBO drama series ‘Euphoria’, she reached a level of mainstream popularity that only A-listers enjoy. For a certain time, the entire America was obsessed with her and she was everywhere. She became the new Gen-Z s*x symbol. Now, the craze has died down a bit but she’s as popular as Zendaya even now. She is now more looked at as an actress rather than just a s*x icon.

If you have gotten over Sydney Sweeney’s ample breasts, you will indeed notice that looks is not all that’s going for her and that she is a very talented performer as well. I mean, she has already been nominated for two Primetime Emmy Awards, one for ‘Euphoria’ and the other for her work in the first season of the anthology series ‘The White Lotus’.  She was also excellent in her pre-mainstream fame works such as ‘Everything Sucks!’, ‘The Handmaid’s Tale’, and ‘Sharp Objects’. She has notably featured in Quentin Tarantino’s ‘Once Upon a Time in Hollywood’. And she recently starred in the rom-com ‘Anyone But You’. Anyway, let’s discuss any connection that her joke about Ozempic might have with her weight!

Has Sydney Sweeney Used Ozempic To Get Thin?

Sydney Sweeney has not notably lost weight, not recently, not ever. Sure, she might have undergone routine weight fluctuations of just 2-3 pounds many times but they are not exactly discussion-worthy. And she most likely hasn’t ever used Ozempic either.

Sydney Sweeney's fans are wondering if she ever used Ozempic to lose weight. houseandwhips.comSydney Sweeney’s fans are wondering if she ever used Ozempic to lose weight.
Image Source: Vanity Fair

The ‘Anyone But You’ star made her debut on ‘Saturday Night Live’ and it was a blast. She was really enjoyable to watch in the skits and she was very entertaining with her monologue as well. There were jokes about her breasts and about Trump which I thought would trump all the other jokes but no, people got stuck on what she said about Ozempic. Her mention of Ozempic has led to discussions about her weight and figure. Many people now seem to wonder if she didn’t always have the fit body she does now and if she achieved that with the help of medicinal drugs.

It was just that casual mention that started all the speculations about Sydney Sweeney’s weight. But maybe we should not take that too seriously because there’s a high chance that the joke she made about Ozempic was just a joke. There’s no reason to think that she underwent some insane physical transformation to get the toned body she does now because we would have known it if she had had some changes. She may have only broken through mainstream popularity recently but she has been acting for a longer time. If she had had weight loss, we would have already known of it.

Going through her pre-fame works, you can see that Sydney Sweeney never had any weight to lose. She always had a body like she does now. Okay, she might not have been as toned then but other than that, there’s not much difference, at least not in terms of her weight. She has always had the same curvy but thin body type with ample breasts, a small waist, and round hips. No weight to lose, she just had the body to maintain and she has done it well. And she has done a good job of it. If there’s anything to talk about, it’s about how she stays in shape and not about whether she has used Ozempic to lose weight.

Sydney Sweeney Has Done a Good Job of Maintaining Herself and Staying in Shape!

Sydney Sweeney has always had a slim body that she has maintained really well. houseandwhips.comSydney Sweeney has always had a slim body that she has maintained really well.
Image Source: The New York Times

As for how she maintains herself and manages to stay on top of her physicality, the actress does very intense workouts. She goes to a popular US pilates studio called Solidcore, which describes its classes as “a high-intensity, low-impact full-body workout on a pilates-inspired reformer”. She has said that it was “one of the greatest workouts you could do” and given how she looks, we can’t help but believe her. Sydney Sweeney looks pretty toned and fit and has a desirable body. And that 2-3 sessions per week are to be credited for that, not Ozempic. 

Not only that, but she also loves being physically active in general. She especially loves doing MMA, she is fond of water sports, and she enjoys walking her dog as well. These things also contribute to keeping herself in shape. As for her diet, she doesn’t restrict herself. She avoids coffee but that’s it. She drinks a lot of water and eats everything she wants. It works for her because she does everything in balance. And that’s the secret of how she stays fit. She has always maintained herself and never gone through any fluctuations. Routine fluctuations of 2-3 pounds are not noteworthy.

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