Aespa: Karina’s Fans Have Debunked Plastic Surgery Claims!


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Karina from Aespa has become the subject of cosmetic surgery discussion yet again. – Karina from Aespa appears to have had plastic surgery because she looks very different in her before and after pictures. She is said to have had double eyelid surgery, a nose job, and jawline shaving. But fans insist that Karina is all-natural and she only looks different because of makeup, aging, and weight loss. They have debunked the claims that she is plastic.

Karina, whose real name is Yu Ji-min, is one of the most popular celebrities in South Korea. She is not just famous in her home country but she is globally recognized as the leader of the girl group ‘Aespa’ which was formed by SM Entertainment in 2020. She also debuted as a member of the supergroup ‘Got the Beat’ in January 2022. She has done some solo work as well. Just a few months ago, in September 2023, she released the single ‘Sad Waltz’ for the Netflix television series ‘Song of the Bandits’.

Karina seems to be trying her hand at acting as well. She was announced to be taking part in the Netflix unscripted show ‘Agents of Mystery’ which is scheduled to air in 2024. In the coming years, she will likely keep on getting more and more famous. The speculations tht she has had cosmetic surgery are going to increase tenfold. There are going to be a lot more accusations and debunking of her cosmetic procedures. In light of the rumors that she’s dating La Jae Wook, her fans and haters are having a field day right now, proving and disproving the work she has allegedly had. Let’s discuss that!

Aespa Karina Looks Different in Her Before and After Pictures!

Karina from ‘Aespa’ is widely believed to have undergone plastic surgery to fit in the Korean beauty standards. Looking at her before and after pictures, people have supposedly gleaned that she has had double eyelid surgery, a nose job, and extreme jawline shaving.

Karina from Aespa is suspected of having double eyelid surgery, a nose job, and jawline shaving. houseandwhips.comKarina from Aespa is suspected of having double eyelid surgery, a nose job, and jawline shaving.
Image Source: Yahoo

The leader of ‘Aespa’ has often been accused of getting cosmetic surgery because she does not look the same as she did pre-debut. While stans argue that it’s just grooming, styling, makeup, aging, and weight loss that has made her look different as in more refined and glamorous, many people don’t buy that. A lot of people seem to think she looks very uncanny and like a perfect porcelain doll which gives away all the work she has had.

Karina is mostly alleged to have gone under the knife to get double eyelids, for a sharp and high nose, and a V-shaped jaw. Going by her before and after pictures, it does look like she might have gotten at least two of these procedures because the shape of her face along with her eyes seem to have notably changed. She seemed to have monolid in before pictures whereas her eyes look much bigger and wider with double eyelids now. Fans argue that she always had double eyelids and it only looked like she had monolid because her eyes were hooded and now, it looks bigger because of makeup and not aesthetic treatments.

Now, coming to Karina’s nose, it’s very sharp, narrow, high, and perfect which is very unusual for a South Korean which is why people suspect that she went under the knife to raise her nose. However, stans have countered that saying that she always had a high nose. A lot of her pre-debut pictures showed that she did have a high nose, especially from her side profile but still, that did not convince the neutrals that she had not had cosmetic surgery because to them, even if her nose had always been high, it still looked more refined.

Aespa Leader Karina Has Never Confirmed Having Any Work Done!

Aespa's Karina has never mentioned having plastic surgery. houseandwhips.comAespa’s Karina has never mentioned having cosmetic surgery.
Image Source: Vogue

But fans ‘debunked’ all the speculations of rhinoplasty by posting a picture of the ‘Got the Beat’ member pressing on the tip of her nose (South Koreans believe that touching a nose like that shows that the person has not had rhinoplasty). She also once made a pig nose which her fans think she would never have if she had had her nose done because of the fear of displacing a silicone tip or bridge. Stans insist that this is how you can tell that Karina from ‘Aespa’ has not had gone under the knife to refine or sharpen or raise her nose.

As for the accusations that she had her jawline shaved, they don’t seem to have a stronger defense because they only cite her weight loss and say that she lost her baby fat which has made her cheeks and thus, face look slimmer which, in turn, has made her jawline look sharper. But that doesn’t hold much water because she looks very uncanny because of the extreme and severe V-shape of her jaw. Someone on Reddit said that it looked like she had a chunk of her jaw missing because the change was so extreme. It looks like Karina has gone to the doctor to shave her jaw after all because weight loss can’t the shape of one’s jaw.

The singer has never responded to all the speculations that she has gone under the knife but it would not be unusual if she did because idols are often groomed intensely to look perfect and perfection in terms of beauty standards in South Korea can hardly be achieved with natural looks. Besides, Karina’s flawless AI look just seems too surreal to be natural. So, it’s possible that she had cosmetic procedures but we can’t be sure until she confirms it.

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