Did Paige DeSorbo Get a Boob Job?


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Paige DeSorbo's followers are wondering if she had her boobs done. houseandwhips.com

houseandwhips.com – Paige DeSorbo has considered getting a boob job in the past but she didn’t go through with it then. Because the Bravo star was conflicted with thoughts of getting breast implants depending on her body confidence, she didn’t rush into it. It does not seem like Paige DeSorbo will get implants anytime soon because she seems to be more confident than ever about her body.

Paige DeSorbo is mostly recognized as one of the main cast members of the Bravo reality television series ‘Summer House’. She joined the show in its third season in 2019 and she has been prominent in media since then. She became even more popular after she did the spin-off of the show called ‘Winter House’ for the first two seasons.  She is also known for her guest appearances on ‘Southern Charm’. Besides these reality shows, she has also tried her hand at acting. She made her debut in 2020 in ‘Spare Me’.

Paige DeSorbo launched a podcast called ‘Giggly Squad’ along with her Summer House co-star Hannah Berner in 2020. She’s very relevant these days, whether it be due to her reality shows, her podcasts, or her media appearances. And relevancy always translates to cosmetic surgery speculations. So, what I am getting at is that her recent interview at ‘Watch What Happens Live’ with Andy Cohen has sparked speculations that she has had her boobs done and so, we will talk about that today!

Paige DeSorbo’s Breasts Do Not Look Bigger Than Before!

Paige DeSorbo does not appear to have gotten a breast augmentation. Her breasts look the same as ever. Neither bigger nor perkier. If she had gotten breast implants, there ought to be some difference and also, she would have opened up about it. She’s been very open about her thoughts on plastic surgery after all. 

Paige DeSorbo is speculated to have had breast implants after a recent interview. houseandwhips.comPaige DeSorbo is speculated to have had breast implants after a recent interview.
Image Source: Us Weekly

So, apparently, some people got thinking if Paige did something to her boobs after her recent interview with Andy Cohen on ‘Watch What Happens Live’. But really, that seems to have come out of nowhere because there’s nothing that suggests that she has had implants or anything. She had always had medium-sized breasts. It’s not like she grew a cup size or anything. It might appear so when she bares her cleavage but more times than not, she does not appear to have enlarged her breasts.

Paige DeSorbo has considered getting her boobs done in the past. It only recently came out that Madison LeCroy getting breast implants made her want to get them too. Craig revealed that she texted him saying that she wanted Madison’s breasts on her body. She changed her mind after Craig pointed out that she might be getting all those feelings of wanting to get her boobs done because she was feeling unhappy about her body. She took a moment and decided to not rush to get a breast augmentation as she realized,

I was like, ‘Wait, that is so f-cking true.’ . . . I was looking for things to fix that feeling,” she said. “If I want my boobs done in one year from today, I will get them done.

Paige DeSorbo talked about that ‘phase’ she went through where she wanted to get a boob job in an episode of her ‘Giggly Squad’ podcast.

I had a moment the other day where I legitimately was like, ‘I really want to get my boobs done. Like, I want to get them so bad’. I was even looking up doctors and stuff like that. And then I said it to Craig, and I was like, ‘What would you think if I got my boobs done?’

Paige DeSorbo Hasn’t Rushed to Get Breast Implants!

Paige DeSorbo wants to stay as natural as long as she can. houseandwhips.comPaige DeSorbo wants to stay as natural as long as she can.
Image Source: Glamour

However, that was only a phase for the ‘Summer House’ star. She only wanted to get her breasts done at times when she felt low confidence about her body whereas other times, the thought of going under the knife to enhance her breasts wouldn’t even cross her mind. She doesn’t feel strongly about other cosmetic procedures either. She has stayed completely natural till now, not dabbling in even the most rampant and non-invasive Botox and fillers. For someone who has never gone under the injections, Paige DeSorbo would not just go under the knife to enlarge her breasts with a momentary thought.

Not that she is against cosmetic surgery but she seems to prefer being natural. In 2022, when she spilled her beauty routine, she said that she would have injections at some time but she would stay natural as long as she could.

Okay about to post my new dermatologist and skin regimen, disclaimer – I’ve never had Botox or filler or plastic surgery. I’m not against it whatsoever[.] I will get Botox at some point but I want to stay as natural as long as I can. 

I cannot see Paige DeSorbo getting breast implants anytime soon because she seems to have gotten even more confident about her body since then. I feel like for the time being, she is going to rock her natural breasts. Also, if she would go on to have breast implants in the future, that’s something that she will definitely share. She’s very open about her thoughts on aesthetic treatments. If there will be speculations about her breast augmentation and it turns out to be true, she will not shy away from it and open up about it to the public.

So far, it seems like Paige DeSorbo hasn’t changed her approach to beauty.

I feel like I haven’t changed — I haven’t changed my beauty routine. I’ve never gotten Botox. I’ve never gotten fillers. I don’t really buy into the idea you have to go get plastic surgery and you have to change everything about yourself. If you want to and it makes you happy, I’m so happy for you and down for that. But I feel like I can do a lot with certain makeup products.

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