Ashley Tisdale Looks Puffier and Rounder Now!


Ashley Tisdale has gotten bigger and rounder since her High School Musical days. – Ashley Tisdale didn’t look her slimmest self in a recent episode of Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen. Her face looked a bit puffy and she had a bit bloated look to her overall. She has definitely put on some weight but it’s not a recent thing. She has looked pretty much the way she does now since she got pregnant and birthed her child. 

Ashley Tisdale was featured in over 100 advertisements and had done guest roles on shows such as ‘7th Heaven’, ‘Malcolm in the Middle’, and ‘Beverly Hills, 90210’ before she hit a mainstream level of success and popularity with the role of ‘Maddie Fitzpatrick’ in the Disney Channel teen sitcom ‘The Suite Life of Zack & Cody’. She only got bigger and more famous when she starred as ‘Sharpay Evans’ in the ‘High School Musical’ film series. These two iconic roles that she did are her legacy now.

Ashley Tisdale also diversified into a career in music. She has released three studio albums to date but she has not seen much success with it. None of her work has been able to top what she did as ‘Maddie’ in ‘The Suite Life of Zack & Cody’ and ‘Sharpay’ in the ‘High School Musical’ film series. In the pop culture lexicon, she is pretty much remembered for these roles only. She also notably played the voice role of ‘Candace Flynn’ in the Disney Channel animated series ‘Phineas & Ferb’. Anyway, she is not as popular now as she was at her peak but she still generates a lot of attention. For instance, her recent interview has got everyone discussing her weight. So, let’s see what’s that about!

Ashley Tisdale Looks a Bit Puffy and Bloated Now!

Ashley Tisdale appeared a bit bloated in her recent appearance at ‘Watch What Happens Live’ with Andy Cohen. Her face was noticeably more puffy and rounder than it was during her High School Musical days. This observation made way for all the speculations about her weight gain.

Ashley Tisdale has sparked discussions about her weight after a recent media appearance. houseandwhips.comAshley Tisdale has sparked discussions about her weight after a recent media appearance.
Image Source: Variety

‘The Suite Life of Zack & Cody’ star shared so many interesting tidbits on a recent episode of Andy Cohen’s show. Like she revealed that she auditioned for the role of ‘Karen Smith’ for the superhit ‘Mean Girls’ and that she ad-libbed one line which made it to the final cut of the film. She also spilled on her relationship with Vanessa Hudgens. But I guess none of them were interesting enough to detract from her appearance as everyone’s going on about her weight and her physique all over social media.

So, yeah, Ashley Tisdale has put on a bit of weight. She doesn’t look as slim and trim as she was in her Disney days when she was young. You can see it on her face that she’s much bigger now. She looked noticeably bloated and puffy. She had that double chin thing going on that really highlighted how much ‘fat’ she had become since her younger days. If you only remember her from ‘The Suite Life of Zack & Cody’ or ‘High School Musical’, you are bound to be a little taken aback by how much weight she has gained since then.

But yeah, once you get past that initial shock, you can also get over it that Ashley Tisdale doesn’t look the same way she did about two decades ago. I mean, is putting on about an extra 10 pounds in 20 years really that surprising? She has aged since then and she has given birth to a child which has always been known to bring about a change in people’s weight. She looks rounder and plumper and puffy and swollen but I don’t think there’s much to speculate here because clearly, she has gained weight as she got older because she got older because metabolism isn’t what it used to be when you are young.

Ashley Tisdale Is No Longer The Slim Girl She Was In Her High School Musical Days!

Ashley Tisdale doesn't look as slender as she did when she was young. houseandwhips.comAshley Tisdale doesn’t look as slender as she did when she was young.
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Also, from another perspective, I think she’s mentioned how she struggled to maintain her body after she gave birth to her baby. It’s not just aging, it’s also that she never truly ‘snapped back’ after her pregnancy. Don’t get it wrong. She has certainly gained weight and doesn’t look as slender as she did when she was young but the change in her appearance is not dramatic enough to generate as much interest as it has. It’s just a case of people losing the plot because they have been brainwashed by the harsh and toxic beauty standards into believing that unless a woman looks exactly how she did before she got pregnant, she has not recovered her body back.

Ashley Tisdale looks a bit bloated but don’t think much about it. It’s just a normal change that she underwent with time and pregnancy. That she isn’t her slimmest self at 38 years of age and with a baby doesn’t make for a very layered discussion. It’s very conclusive and uninteresting as it gets. And also, note that Ashley herself might not be very comfortable with the talks about her weight. She has revealed how she struggled with accepting her post-baby body. She realized that she had lost the perspective of what a healthy body was, and she is in a much better place now. But you do not want to be someone who always brings up her weight.

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