Has Fern Britton Had Weight Gain?


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Fern Britton appears bigger in her recent pictures. houseandwhips.com

houseandwhips.com – Fern Britton does not appear to have had a weight gain in recent appearances. Of course, she doesn’t look as slim as when she had the gastric band in 2008 and went from size 22 to 12. She’s gained a little bit of weight in lockdown which she shed about nine months ago by completing her Couch to 5K journey. If Fern Britton has piled on  since then, it’s a negligible 2-3 pounds.

Fern Britton is widely recognized from the days when she was the presenter of ITV’s ‘This Morning’ (she hosted it from 1999 to 2009). She began her career in hosting in 1980 when she worked as a newsreader for Westward Television. Next year, she moved to the BBC while working at ‘Breakfast Time’ and became the BBC’s youngest-ever national news presenter. She went on to do roles at TVS, London Tonight, GMTV, and Carlton Television after that. In 1994, she began hosting the cookery game show ‘Ready Steady Cook’ on BBC One. She served as the host till 2000.

Fern Britton notably participated in ‘Strictly Come Dancing’ in 2012 where she was paired with professional dancer Artem Chigvintsev. She has not just ventured into reality shows but she is a published writer as well. She has released a number of best-selling novels and books of short stories and non-fiction. As of now, she’s heading off to another reality show. She was snapped shortly before she was to head for the show. Those pictures started discussions about her weight. Let’s talk about that!

Has Fern Britton Put on Weight Again?

Fern Britton hasn’t had weight gain recently. If she has, it’s just a routine weight fluctuation of about 2-3 pounds and there’s nothing to talk about that. 

Fern Britton is speculated to have gained weight from her recent appearances. houseandwhips.comFern Britton is speculated to have gained weight from her recent appearances.
Image Source: HELLO! Magazine

Everybody is excited at the return of ‘Celebrity Big Brother’. One of the things they are looking forward to the most is (Britton is entering the house this year) Britton spilling all about her alleged feud with Philip Schofield. She will reportedly do so. But if that is indeed true, that’s to come later. For now, first things first, let’s discuss how all the speculations that she has gained weight have come to be.

So, Fern Britton and all the other stars of the Celebrity Big Brother reboot were photographed going into a hotel ahead of their entry into the Big Brother house. It was after that photos of Fern circulated on social media that made people wonder if she had piled on. Apparently, many perceived that she looked fatter or let’s say rounder than they remembered her. And thus began the speculations that she has piled on. But is there any truth to those? Or are people wrong in their perception?

Well, does Fern Britton look like she has put on weight? I mean, if the last you remember of her is from more than a decade ago when she made sensational news that she had lost five stone and gone from a size 22 to a size 12, then of course, she is going to look rounder to you. It’s been a long time since she notably lost weight in 2008. She has gone through lots of fluctuations in weight since then. But, as of recent times, she has not changed for the most part.

Fern Britton Has Started To Be Mindful of Her Physicality!

Fern Britton packed on a few pounds during lockdown. houseandwhips.comFern Britton packed on a few pounds during lockdown.
Image Source: HELLO! Magazine

Britton did gain a little weight in lockdown as we all did. But even that wasn’t much notable and it might have been the effects of aging.

I’ve put on weight in lockdown, and it’s life. I keep thinking there is no point in lying. It’s a good thing to say to people, ‘This is what happens when you get older.’

Fern Britton shed that weight in July 2023 by taking up a Couch to 5K journey. It brought a noticeable change in her as she had kind of let herself go at that point since lockdown. She shared how she realized that she hadn’t been taking care of herself – physically or mentally. She said that she wasn’t doing exercise and eating too much. After a sudden realization, she decided to focus on her health. She started to do yoga, began doing the Couch to 5k running app, and lost all the weight she had gained.

It has only been about nine months since Fern Britton became fitness-conscious and started to focus on her health. By the looks of it, she’s been keeping up all the efforts because she doesn’t appear much bigger than then, at least on the face. If she appears bigger, it might be because of her baggy outfit. If she has indeed put on weight, it’s just negligible 2-3 pounds. 

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