Ella Henderson Had Weight Gain Because ‘Fat’ is Just Her Body Type!


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Ella Henderson has put on about 15-20 pounds in the last few years. houseandwhips.com

houseandwhips.com – Ella Henderson has obviously undergone considerable weight gain over the years. She’s probably put on 15-20 pounds. What’s the reason for it? It’s probably that curvy’s her body type. Even when she was on The X Factor, she was not super slender. She’s filled out since then and now, she’s super thick. Many people troll her for being fat but Ella Henderson’s not affected by it because she understands that she’s never going to become a size zero. 

Ella Henderson was super charismatic on ‘The X Factor UK’. She’s super charming even now but she was just magical with her voice when she was one of the contestants in the ninth season of the singing reality show. Everybody was shocked when she didn’t win and finished sixth because she was a strong favorite to win. However, that loss was not the end of her music career because not long after, she signed with Syco Music and released her debut studio album ‘Chapter One’.

Ella Henderson stepped away from music for a while because of what she was going through in her personal life but she made her comeback in 2022 with her second studio album ‘Everything I Didn’t Say’. Since then, she has done a lot of successful collaborations such as ‘This Is Real’ with Jax Jones, ‘Let’s Go Home Together’ with Tom Grennan, and ’21 Reasons’ with Nathan Dawe. Since then, she also has made a lot of headlines because of her physical transformation and she has been body-shamed numerous times for being fat. Let’s discuss that!

Ella Henderson Has Gotten Fat Now!

Ella Henderson has had a noticeable weight gain over the years. She’s probably 15-20 pounds heavier than her X Factor days. It looks like curvy’s just her body type and she puts on weight easily and she’s someone who can never be a size zero. 

Ella Henderson's physical change since her 'X Factor' days is very obvious. houseandwhips.comElla Henderson’s physical change since her ‘X Factor’ days is very obvious.
Image Source: Entertainment Weekly

The ‘Love Island: All Stars’ contestants were in for a super sweet surprise for the finals. They had chart-topping star Ella perform for them in a pool party. They were mesmerized when the singer made a surprise entry into the villa and sang for them her hits ‘React’, ‘Ghost’, and a new single ‘Alibi’. They didn’t drown in the pool but they sure drowned in the magic of her voice which has been described as ‘liquid gold’. This appearance of Ella Henderson fueled discussions about her weight once again.

While all the finalists of the reality show were only talking about the singer’s voice and her charm, the internet only talked about the drastic difference in her appearance from the ‘X Factor’ days. She looked great as she strutted into the house in a striking pink and red outfit but she also looked considerably bigger. Ella Henderson’s gotten thick since 2012, probably about 15-20 pounds, and it’s often become a subject of discussion since she made her comeback with her second album in 2022. She has had gotten bigger over the years and people want to know how she became fat.

Well, there’s no information pertaining to the change in her physique but it might be because she just gains weight easily. She gets trolled a lot for being fat but she’s kind of not. I mean, Ella Henderson’s definitely thicker and curvier than before but not to the point of being overweight. She’s just a full-figured woman who is not skinny as is the trend. She was never slender, she was curvy even back in the day but she was a teenager then and since then, she seems to have developed a fuller body because that’s her body type. That’s probably all there is to her physical transformation.

Ella Henderson Seems To Have No Intention of Getting Thin!

Ella Henderson thinks that she is never going to be a size zero. houseandwhips.comElla Henderson thinks that she is never going to be a size zero.
Image Source: Billboard

The ‘Ghost’ hitmaker has never revealed if her gaining weight is just her growing into her body but she has hinted at it numerous times. She has shared that she knows that she is never going to be a size zero and that she’s never going to attain the desired skinny figure because she understands that it’s just not her body type. She has also mentioned in the lyrics of one of her songs called ‘Ugly’ that her weight fluctuates a lot. From these instances, we can gather that Ella Henderson’s weight change is more her developing her body with time than gaining weight because of constant and careless overeating and overindulging. The lyric goes,

Too thin, too smart, Monday, don’t fit in my jeans, stretch marks.

‘The X Factor’ alum has also often gone on record promoting body positivity and calling out the body-shaming culture and the “unrealistic” body standards. She doesn’t like that people get bullied for putting on weight. She has often called on her fans to accept themselves for “who you are”. She has also called out the trolls who mock people for being anything other than a size zero. She pointed out that trends change and that body-shaming is not acceptable.

Just be kinder. Also, what is the ‘perfect’ mould now? I saw the best meme the other day of all the body shapes over the decades of what’s deemed perfect, and each one is different. We just reinvent whatever it is.

It’s clear that Ella Henderson has no plans of reversing her physical transformation because she understands that she is naturally curvy and thick and trying to lose weight would be useless because it would be like fighting against the nature of her body. She would rather people stop trolling her for being fat than work to get slim.

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