Jennifer Hudson Will Gain Weight For The Right Role Only!


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Jennifer Hudson is speculated to have gained a bit of weight. – Jennifer Hudson is speculated to have put on a bit of weight because she looked a bit huge in the 2024 Ruffles NBA All-Star Celebrity Game but she might have looked that way because of the oversized jersey she was in. The actress seems to have largely maintained her body since she lost 80 pounds and went from a size 16 to a size 8 ages ago. Jennifer Hudson is very fitness-conscious now and would ‘let herself go’ for the right role.

Jennifer Hudson is undeniably one of the most brilliant and talented artists of all time. She is really gifted in every form of art. It’s hard to decide what to praise her for – for her strong vocal prowess or her top-notch acting skills. Let’s just say that she is an EGOT winner (she is the youngest woman and second African-American woman to be honored with all four of the major Hollywood entertainment awards i.e. Emmy, Grammy, Oscar, and Tony) and keep it at that.

There are very few people in Hollywood who, like Jennifer Hudson, do everything from singing to acting to producing to hosting (she has a talk show) and excel at every single one of them. No wonder she has already received a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. We can’t even imagine reaching the heights she has reached and enjoying the success she has gotten. Her weight struggles might be the only thing that people can relate to her. She’s recently sparked rumors that she has gotten big and we will be discussing that today.

Jennifer Hudson Is Thought To Have Looked Bigger in The NBA All-Star Game!

Jennifer Hudson‘s weight gain is trending on Google searches following her participation in the 2024 Ruffles NBA All-Star Celebrity Game.

Jennifer Hudson is rumored to have gained weight after her appearance at the NBA All-Star Celebrity Game. houseandwhips.comJennifer Hudson is rumored to have gained weight after her appearance at the NBA All-Star Celebrity Game.
Image Source: CNN

So, Jennifer took part in the NBA All-Star Celebrity Game and she played very well for an amateur. She looked very focused and dedicated and not to mention, kind of huge. Her appearance at the game led to people speculating that she has gained weight and you can definitely see why. As mentioned before, she looked bigger than we were used to which got her fans thinking that she has put on a few. The rumors about her putting on weight haven’t come out of nowhere.

Jennifer Hudson is known by everyone to have a very fit, toned, and strong body but her physique didn’t look as strong in the recently held game. She looked a little ‘fat’ in her pictures, not considerably so but it was noticeable. However, is it really because she has gained a few pounds? I mean, can you say that she looked a little pudgy because she piled on a few and not because of the clothes she was wearing? Maybe people are more inclined to believe that she has gotten fat because she’s struggled with her weight in the past but that’s a quick and brash leap, don’t you think?

Jennifer Hudson was dressed for the basketball game there in an oversized, loose-fit jersey. Because the jersey kind of scrunched and gathered on her stomach, it appeared as though she had a lower belly pooch. But does that necessarily mean that she has gotten fat? I mean, who looks fit and toned when they are wearing clothes too big for them? We are used to seeing her in proper and fashionable fits so, of course, it would be different when she ditched fashion wear for sportswear. So, the difference in her appearance is to be credited to the loose jersey, not the fluctuation in her weight.

Jennifer Hudson Once Had Put On 20 Pounds For A Role!

Jennifer Hudson has maintained her physique well since she lost 80 pounds years ago. houseandwhips.comJennifer Hudson has maintained her physique well since she lost 80 pounds years ago.
Image Source: Variety

The EGOT winner has most likely not gained weight but on the chance that she has, it’s nothing drastic and just a routine weight fluctuation of about 2-3 pounds. Other than that, she’s largely maintained her physique really well. Since she lost 80 pounds ages ago with the help of Weight Watchers and went from a size 16 to a size 6, she has stayed the same. She has never notably lost more than that. And neither has Jennifer Hudson put on except for when she was pregnant.

Anyway, one thing to know about the ‘American Idol’ alum is that she prioritizes fitness and healthy eating because she struggled with weight issues in the past and she does not want to go through that again, and also because she wants to set an example of staying in shape for her son. So, I don’t think she is someone who would let herself go and get unfit and out of shape. However, Jennifer Hudson would not mind gaining weight if it’s for the right role. She gained 20 pounds for her role as ‘Effie’ in ‘Dreamgirls’ by eating fried food and sweets. If she were to find something as exciting, she would do it again.

But for now, even though it did look like she had packed on a few pounds in the NBA All-Star Game, it’s just that she appeared that way because of the loose-fit jersey. Jennifer Hudson has definitely not had a significant change in her physique. She looked fit and toned as usual in the half-time show and I think that’s where we take our cue from.

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