Jorge Masvidal Shocks Fans With His Weight Gain; He’s Fat Now!


Jorge Masvidal has undergone a drastic weight gain since his retirement. – Jorge Masvidal has taken the internet by storm with his shocking weight gain. He has gotten fat, the fattest he has ever been and fans can’t get over it since he’s been retired for barely a year. While some people think it’s just the camera angles and his shirt that made Jorge Masvidal look obese, the majority are still unable to process his drastic weight gain transformation.

Jorge Masvidal used to be one of the top athletes in professional mixed martial arts until he retired about a year ago. He competed in the Welterweight as well as Lightweight divisions when he was active. He fought in the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC), Strikeforce, Bellator, Shark Fights, and World Victory Road. He is the one who has to his name the record for the fastest knockout in the history of UFC at five seconds. He is also the one who won the symbolic UFC “BMF” Championship belt.

Jorge Masvidal started his career as a professional MMA fighter in 2003 and was active in it for 20 years until he retired in 2023. Many fans didn’t think that he would “stick” to his retirement for long and that an announcement of his return would come not after long. And they were right. He announced his unretirement like a month ago but they are not sure what to make of it now that they have seen the dramatic weight gain he has had since he retired. He has gone fat and that’s what’s occupying their minds these days. So, let’s discuss what they have said about his weight gain!

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Jorge Masvidal’s Weight Gain: He Got Real Fat and People Have a Lot to Say About That!

Jorge Masvidal (@gamebredfighter) is revealed to have undergone one of the most dramatic weight gain transformations in the history of UFC and people have their minds reeling over it.

Jorge Masvidal has shocked fans with his massive weight gain. houseandwhips.comJorge Masvidal has shocked fans with his massive weight gain.
Image Source: Forbes

Seasoned MMA veteran Masvidal was spotted at a Power Slap event in Las Vegas over the weekend and man, that public appearance of his shocked his fans and shook the internet. He literally took the internet by storm with his massive physique. To say that he’s gotten fat would be an understatement because it looks like he’s crossed the territory to obesity. What’s up with that dramatic weight gain? How is it even possible for anyone to pile on almost half their weight in such a short period of time?

It’s hard to believe that Jorge Masvidal has gotten that fat but the pictures from the event show that he has indeed gotten overweight. But that does not shock people less. They are still processing his transformation. They are specifically wondering how he gained so much weight so quickly. I mean, it has barely been a year since he hung up his gloves in April 2023 after he lost four times consecutively to Gilbert Burns at UFC 287. How can he have that massive weight gain in a relatively short period?

Some fans never thought that Jorge Masvidal was truly retired when he announced his retirement. They expected him to make a return very soon and just last month, he did tease a return to combat sports and tweeted, “Unretired.” With him announcing his retirement, it has become harder to figure out what to make of his massive weight gain because there’s no way he’s returning to fight with all that extra weight in him. Combat sports is really not a place for obese people.

Jorge Masvidal Has Said Nothing About His Weight Gain!

Jorge Masvidal seems to have overindulged in food after retiring. houseandwhips.comJorge Masvidal seems to have overindulged in food after retiring.
Image Source: Business Insider

And also, the BMF titleholder seems to be really enjoying his retirement, no? I mean, it does not take a genius to see that he’s been overindulging in fast food. He’s obviously been eating as much as he wants with no care because what does he have to cut weight for? He hasn’t had to train rigorously to make 170 pounds and it shows on his gargantuan physique. People have a lot of comments to make about Jorge Masvidal‘s weight gain transformation.

Many fans noted that he has gone from gamebred to ‘garlic-bred’ or ‘game-fed.’ While some people thought that it was normal for him to gain weight (even though they were initially shocked) and made comments such as the ones below,

Retired fighter gets a little fat after no longer having to stay in shape to fight. More news at 8.

This is what happens once you stop burning 8000 calories a week training.

…there were many followers who argued that even though it’s not unusual for retired fighters to have weight gain, it was a lot in the case of Jorge Masvidal. As they put it,

Also this isn’t a little fat this is like adding 50% of your bodyweight in 6 months.

My dude looking like he’s smuggling pillows.

Amazing how you could go from a top athlete to borderline obese within a span of a year or so.

Borderline impressive. It would be hard to gain that much weight that fast.

Some people don’t believe that Jorge Masvidal has that drastic weight gain (it’s just his weird oversized shirt and camera angles) and seem to think that the internet is blowing the whole thing out of proportion as ‘he looks normal in his Instagram pictures’, the majority continue to be shocked at his physical transformation. He has not yet acknowledged the online discourse that’s going on about his physique. He has not responded to the curiosity surrounding his weight gain. Jorge Masvidal has not said anything about it but his fans have.