Steve Wright’s Life-Long Struggle With Weight Gain!

Derick Scholz

Steve Wright’s Life-Long Struggle With Weight Gain! – After a massive weight loss in early 2010, Steve Wright went to undergo weight gain again as he was at his heaviest at the time of his death. Well, here’s a quick detail on his struggle with weight fluctuation. 

Long-time BBC Radio DJ, Steve Wright, died on Tuesday (February 13) at the age of 69, according to his family. The veteran presenter, best known for hosting Top of the Pops, Sunday Love Songs, and Pick of the Pops, has hosted shows on BBC Radio 1 and Radio 2 for almost 40 years.

According to sources., paramedics discovered Wright dead at his central London flat on Monday morning. Following the news of his passing, tributes from the entertainment business have been pouring for the late star.

Meanwhile, we have discovered that many people have been seeking details on Steve Wright’s weight. More than a decade ago, he shocked many with his massive weight loss. However, he underwent weight gain again. Well, let’s discuss his struggle with weight in detail.

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Steve Wright Weight Gain: The 69-Year-Old Radio DJ Always Struggled With Keeping His Weight Stable!

Steve Wright struggled with weight all his life. Weight fluctuation was something he always had a problem with. He weighed 18 stones at his heaviest more than 15/16 years ago. He lost significant weight at the time but underwent weight gain again.

Steve Wright after and before weight gain. houseandwhips.comSteve Wright after and before weight gain.
Image Source: Daily Mail

In the late 200s, the veteran broadcaster put all his effort into losing weight as he didn’t feel good after seeing an unflattering photo of himself. In an episode of BBC Breakfast in 2009, Steve said,

I’ve been trying to lose weight for the last 10 years. As you get older, it’s important to be healthy and it is a little dangerous to be overweight. I am a couple of stones over, so I’m about to go on a regime.

A year later, Steve, who weighed 18 stone at his heaviest, stated that he had already dropped more than one-and-a-half stone and was determined to attain his target weight of 12 or 13 stone. And he did. He looked completely different after his transformation.

Unfortunately, he went to undergo weight gain years later. At the time of his death, he looked almost the same when he was heaviest. We believe he wasn’t able to maintain his exercise and diet routine.

It would be safe to conclude that he wasn’t able to keep up with maintaining his physique because of his age. With growing age, especially after the 60s, weight gain is normal due to changes in metabolism, hormonal shifts, decreased physical activity, and muscle mass loss.

Cause of Death: How Did Steve Wright Die?

Steve Wright, a renowned radio personality, died, leaving admirers stunned and devastated. On Tuesday, February 13, his family released a statement announcing his passing. It came only weeks after he was awarded the MBE for services to broadcasting. He hosted broadcasts on BBC Radio 1 and Radio 2 over a four-decade career.

The family did not confirm any of the events surrounding Wright’s death in the initial statement. He had most recently appeared on air on Sunday (11 February), hosting a pre-recorded Valentine’s Day edition of his Love Songs show.

Steve Wright died at the age of 69. houseandwhips.comSteve Wright died at the age of 69.
Image Source: BBC

He has previously acknowledged his weight struggles, including giving up crisps and chocolate in order to lose weight. However, it is unclear whether this played a part in his death.

Meanwhile, many who worked with the DJ have been quick to pay respect. Sara Cox, a BBC Radio 2 afternoon show host, paid tribute to a ‘kind’ and ‘witty’ broadcaster saying,

It’s really hard to know what to say about the news of Steve Wright’s passing, except we are all shocked and devastated and blindsided by this news. Steve was an extraordinary broadcaster, a really kind person, he was witty, he was warm, and he was a huge, huge part of the Radio 2 family, and I know my fellow DJs will all be absolutely shattered too.