Victoria Caputo Will Not Have Cruel Comments About Weight Gain!


Victoria Caputo is always trolled for her weight gain. – Victoria Caputo is often subjected to cruel remarks about her weight gain. The daughter of the Long Island Medium star Theresa Caputo is a bit heavy and curvy full-figured woman which has always made her the target of vicious body-shaming. Victoria Caputo does not seem to mind her weight gain much but that does not mean that she does not try to shed her weight and get fitter.

Victoria Caputo is a well-known public figure, having appeared on the TLC reality show Long Island Medium which followed the life and business of her mother Theresa Caputo, a practicing psychic medium. Because she is the daughter of the star of the show, she was featured on the show throughout its nearly decade-run. She may no longer be a television star now (she once appeared on the reality show Say Yes To The Dress) but she’s doing very well with her business.

Victoria Caputo is a hair stylist who specializes in the hair coloring technique in which hair strands are hand-painted piece by piece. She owns The Long Island Balayage which is a business that operates out of Escape Hair Lounge in Huntington, New York. Her life and business both are going well, save for the fact that she often becomes the target of body-shamers who troll her for her weight gain and her body. Let’s discuss that today!

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Victoria Caputo’s Weight Gain: Has She Put on Weight Recently?

Victoria Caputo‘s (@viccaputo) weight gain is not recent. She put on weight when she was pregnant with her baby and she hasn’t shed off the pregnancy weight.

Victoria Caputo is often targeted by trolls who mock her weight gain.
houseandwhips.comVictoria Caputo is often targeted by trolls who mock her weight gain.
Image Source: The Sun

The daughter of the star of Long Island Medium Theresa Caputo never had the fittest and the most slender body which is something she is unnecessarily reminded of every time she posts a picture on her Instagram profile. Speaking of her body and weight, she leans more to the heavier side than to the slender side. And even if she’s fine with it, anonymous trolls aren’t which is why they keep mocking her for her weight gain.

Just go to Victoria Caputo’s Instagram page and scroll through the comments section and you will see that there are tons of comments about her body and weight. She’s not even gained weight recently and yet, that’s the way it is. She was sort of on a weight loss journey after her wedding. She had been losing weight slowly and getting fitter but then she got pregnant which undid the progress she had made. The pictures she posted after she had her baby revealed that she had had weight gain. Nothing surprising about that but what’s a bit shocking and disappointing is how people have been trolling her body and weight in the comment section.

Victoria Caputo shares a picture, showing off her post-baby body, looking curvier and heavier than before, and people give unsolicited advice to her to lose weight and make harsh comments about her being overweight and cruel remarks that she’s fat and ugly. I mean, her baby’s barely a year old. Let her breathe! It’s hard being a working mother. She might have managed time for herself to embark on a weight loss journey. Let her and her weight gain be! It’s not a crime to not be slender, is it?

People are always trying to drag Victoria Caputo because she’s not slim. One time, she shared a video where she joked that she doesn’t need makeup, this one troll made a particularly harsh comment writing,

Oh, you need make up and you need to also lose some of that phat off your a$$. You have been very overweight for so long and you don’t even try to lose weight or look good. Used to be a cute girl now you’re just a overweight middle age woman.

How Does Victoria Caputo Feel About Her Weight Gain?

Victoria Caputo is confident at any weight and size. houseandwhips.comVictoria Caputo is confident at any weight and size.
Image Source: The US Sun 

Such comments are made just because she has not shed off the pregnancy weight gain. It can be very damaging to one’s self-esteem and worth but fortunately for the reality star, she does not allow the remarks from anonymous trolls to get to her heart. She does not take them seriously. She once even clapped back at the haters saying that her weight does not define her as a person. Victoria Caputo handles the hate really well. She doesn’t let it affect her.

Just want to give a shout out to all my haters. Yes I have gained weight recently and although I am not happy about it and have my insecurities, it does not change me as a person. Plus I’m sure there will be a day that will come and I will shed this weight, but as of now, this is what it is. So for all of you who want to keep commenting about the way I look, just don’t. Worry about yourself because your comment ain’t going to make you any better of a person.

The unnecessary comments on her weight gain and her body have not made a dent in Victoria Caputo’s self-esteem and confidence, they have only made her stronger and pushed her to become an advocate for body positivity. She often posts photos, unapologetically and confidently showing off her curvy figure. She once captioned one of her pictures with the following statement and I think that sums up her attitude regarding her physicality and weight gain.

CONFIDENCE IS KEY Too fat. Too skinny. Too muscular. Too much extra skin. Too tan. Too pale. Whatever it is you’ll never be perfect in anyone’s eyes! What’s important is you stick to your true self and be confident and embrace what you have! Too all of you who want to comment about my body and say other nasty comments remember karmas a real b*tch and i hope you find the strength to be kinder and wiser in the world full of hate.