Leah Williams Seems To Be Struggling With Weight Gain Again!


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Leah Williams appears to have gotten bigger in recent times. houseandwhips.com

houseandwhips.com – Leah Williams looks like she has had a weight gain in recent times. The QVC program host, about five years ago, underwent a drastic physical transformation and shed about 40 pounds after she realized that she had gotten too fat. Now, it looks like Leah Williams is facing similar weight issues again. 

Leah Williams hosts a program for the QVC shopping network. It’s one program that everyone tunes in to because everyone likes to watch her sell things. I know that it sounds weird that anybody would love to watch what are basically long forms of advertisement but no, Leah just has that charm, vibes, and infectious energy. She has the ability to make boring things fun and to build a special sort of connection with the customers. She is a people person. She and QVC are the perfect match.

Leah Williams must thank her sister every day for the time when she urged her to audition for the role of the host at QVC because it changed and shaped her life right then. She was working for an advertising agency in Northern California at the time. She used to work in Lesher Communications Newspapers where she was responsible for PR and organizing events as a promotions coordinator. All of what she did before she started her job at QVC helped her develop marketing skills. You can check out her ‘AM Style’ segment if you would like. But before that, let’s discuss her physicality!

QVC Host Leah Williams Has Been Looking Bigger These Days!

Leah Williams appears to have gained weight in the past few months and it’s as if history’s repeating itself because she seems to have reverted to her former physical self since she overcame her weight struggles, shed 40 pounds, and got fit. 

Leah Williams appears to have gained weight in recent times. houseandwhips.comLeah Williams appears to have gained weight in recent times.
Image Source: The Cinemaholic

Hasn’t Leah gotten bigger? If you had not been keeping up with her for some time and you suddenly check out her Instagram profile now (@leahwilliamsqvc), you would be shocked to see how huge she has gotten. I mean, more than for her job at QVC, she was noted for her weight loss. It was the thing that people used to talk about the most when it came to her. She was sort of an inspiration to all the people who wanted to lose weight because she had impressively turned around her hefty figure.

Now, Leah Williams seems to need inspiration herself because clearly, she is getting bigger every day and it doesn’t look like she’s doing anything about it. It was about five years ago when she went through the exact same thing she’s going through now. She had gotten huge to the point that everyone would talk about her size. She had no plans about how to deal with it then as well. But then, she had a regular annual checkup and when she got on the scale for that, she became aware that she had become bigger than she had ever been, and decided then and there that she would embark on a health journey.

And Leah Williams did start a fitness journey and shed about 40 pounds. She said that she watched what she ate and how much. She did calorie-counting and she mentioned that she exercised as well. She worked out and at some point, she even had a personal trainer. She got very serious about her fitness and her seriousness, dedication, and determination to lead a healthy life led to her weight loss. She underwent an impressive transformation. People were so shocked to see her drastic change that they didn’t believe it was real and speculated that she got gastric bypass surgery to lose weight.

Leah Williams Has Made No Comments About the Change in Her Figure!

Leah Williams seems to be struggling with weight issues again. houseandwhips.comLeah Williams seems to be struggling with weight issues again.
Image Source: QVC

People were so inspired by her transformation at the time. It seemed then that she was always going to live a healthy life and maintain her fitness level. But how things have changed? Because it looks like she’s going through the same thing she did before. She’s struggling with her weight once again. She is no longer fit as she had become. Leah Williams has had weight gain again and it’s just like back when she had not lost 40 pounds yet. It looks like she can stand to lose weight again.

It’s clear that the QVC host has piled on a lot more than she should have health-wise. But how did it happen when for so many years, she had maintained fitness and taken great care of herself physically? Well, we don’t know what caused her to put on weight. We don’t know if she’s going through something that might have made her put her health in the backseat. We don’t know if she’s just gaining weight because of aging. We don’t know if there’s something she’s doing about it. We don’t know anything about it except that Leah Williams has put on quite a lot because she has not addressed the speculations about her physicality at all.

Maybe until she says something, we should not be talking too much about it because she might not be comfortable with people speculating about her weight troubles. She might be sensitive to that. For now, let’s just establish that Leah Williams has gotten bigger.

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