Hailey Bieber Wants Fans To Stop Discussing Her Weight!


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Hailey Bieber has gained weight again according to the rumors. houseandwhips.com

houseandwhips.com – Hailey Bieber has not gained weight recently but she has somehow sparked rumors that she has put on weight and might be pregnant. She has not even made any public appearances in recent times but people are going on about her weight on social media. Hailey Bieber doesn’t appreciate baseless speculations about her weight.

Hailey Bieber is a prominent model, media personality, and socialite. People might also recognize her from the major ads for Guess, Ralph Lauren, and Tommy Hilfinger that she has been featured in but it cannot be denied that the majority of the people who know her know her because of her association and links. Born to the Baldwins, one of the most popular families in Hollywood, and married to Justin Bieber, one of the most famous pop stars in the world, she was never going to be low-profile.

Add to it, Hailey Bieber’s association with the Kardashian sisters with whom she is friends, and also the media-fueled rumors of a feud with Selena Gomez. With her “setting”, she is rarely not in the headlines. However, this time, she is in the news not because of her connections but because of people flooding social media with speculations about her weight. There’s nothing that suggests that she has put on weight but there they are, discussing how she might be pregnant, for the umpteenth time.

Has Hailey Bieber Gained Weight? What’s Up With The Pregnancy Rumors?

Hailey Bieber has not gained weight, at least not notably. The speculations that she has put on weight and might be pregnant are just baseless and done many times. In her recent Instagram pictures, she looks so thin that you can’t even tell that routine weight fluctuations of 2-3 pounds might have fueled the discussions about her weight.

Hailey Bieber's followers are once again speculating about her weight. houseandwhips.comHailey Bieber’s followers are once again speculating about her weight.
Image Source: Glamour

Okay so, lots of things seem to be going on with Hailey right now, what with her father Stephen Baldwin asking fans publicly to say prayers for her and Justin, and herself going on to debunk TikTok rumors about her and rubbishing all the ‘blind items’ about her (she seemed really pissed about the whole thing). And amidst it all comes the speculations that she has gained weight and is possibly pregnant like they have before countless times. But what’s up with those rumors? Is there any truth to those this time around?

Well, speculations that Hailey Bieber has gained weight and that she’s pregnant are baseless this time too, like they were before. I think it’s just people’s fascination with her as a married woman who is childless and as Justin Bieber’s wife that makes them conjure things out of thin air just to see if their wild guesses might fit (‘they have to have babies sometimes’). They also seem to be fond of the theory that Hailey’s and Justin’s marriage is in shambles and that’s why they are going to have babies. That must be why every time, there’s no news about the couple for some time, people start to suddenly notice that she has put on weight and that she might be pregnant.

Not just that, the public has been watching Hailey Bieber like a hawk. Every time a hair is out of place and she looks anything less than perfectly glammed up and fit and slim, they start discussing how she has put on weight and how she must be having a baby. Even if it’s a negligible routine weight gain of 2-3 pounds, they just pour themselves into the rumors as if the narrative’s their personal agenda that benefits them. It’s just a case of an unhealthy obsession with Justin and his relationship.

Hailey Bieber Doesn’t Like People Talking About Her Weight!

Hailey Bieber doesn't like people making speculations that she is pregnant. houseandwhips.comHailey Bieber doesn’t like people making speculations that she is pregnant.
Image Source: Complex

I don’t see how people would have arrived at the conclusion that Hailey’s pregnant because she’s gained weight this time because it’s been a while since she made any media appearances. She was recently papped going to a church with Justin though but she didn’t look like she had gotten any bigger. She was wearing a pair of oversized jeans and a loose sweater. Did Hailey Bieber spark rumors that she has gained weight just because of the way she was dressed? I mean, it covered her figure and people can argue that she is hiding it to hide her pregnancy.

Seriously, it’s so tiring that even the smallest things like what she’s wearing fuels rumors like that. If people who are just watching the whole thing unfold from the sidelines get this bored with it, how might the person who’s targeted with such speculations feel about the whole thing? She was rightfully pissed off at the TikTok rumors and blind items about her and she really snapped this time because it’s unusual for her to do something like this. By the blind items, Hailey Bieber might have been referring to the rumors that she has piled on weight and might be pregnant as well.

She has said in an interview how ‘disheartening’ it was to be the subject of such speculations constantly. She seems to get triggered by such claims especially when it is based on a routine weight fluctuation.

Everybody was like, ‘Oh, my God, she’s pregnant,’ and that’s happened to me multiple times before. There is something that’s disheartening about, Damn, I can’t be bloated one time and not be pregnant? It would be a lie if I was like, ‘Oh, yeah, I don’t give a s**t.’

Hailey Bieber really doesn’t appreciate the comments about her weight because it’s not good for her mental health. She said that it gets very bad for her body image issues so, we might want to refrain from making any speculations.

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