Vanessa Hudgens Is Pregnant: Her Weight Gain Examined!


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Vanessa Hudgens has gotten bigger with her pregnancy. – Has Vanessa Hudgens had a weight gain? Well, she is pregnant and women tend to get bigger when they are carrying a child so, you could say that she has put on weight. Her growing baby bump does constitute extra weight she didn’t have before. But don’t focus on Vanessa Hudgens’ size now because you don’t want to make her feel fat in her happy time.

Vanessa Hudgens owes her initial mainstream fame to the ‘High School Musical’ film series in which she played the role of ‘Gabriella Montez’. She has been in lots of films after that (she has done films like ‘Bandslam’, ‘Sucker Punch’, ‘Spring Breakers’, ‘Bad Boys For Life’, and ‘Tick, Tick…Boom!’) and she has even had a singing career (she has released two studio albums, ‘V’ and ‘Identified’) but even today, she is most recognized for her role in that iconic series.

Vanessa Hudgens has also done theaters. She made her Broadway debut playing the titular role in the musical revival of ‘Gigi’ in 2015 and she also had roles in two of Fox’s live musical productions. She played ‘Rizzo’ in ‘Grease Live!’ and ‘Maureen Johnson’ in ‘Rent: Live’. She is very versatile but that’s not the reason she is trending today. The reason she is all over the internet is that everyone’s discussing her weight and her pregnancy. So, let us do that too!

Vanessa Hudgens Is Pregnant So, Of Course, She Has Gained Weight!

There’s little to say about Vanessa Hudgens’ weight other than that she has gained it because she is pregnant. When women are carrying a child on them, they tend to get ‘fat’ and bigger so, there’s nothing there. It’s just the baby bump. However, there’s a lot to say about how people were already speculating that she was pregnant way back in October.

Vanessa Hudgens has obviously gained weight as she is pregnant. houseandwhips.comVanessa Hudgens has obviously gained weight as she is pregnant.
Image Source: Glamour

It was a wonderful surprise for the fans of the ‘High School Musical’ series when the ‘Gabriella Montez’ actress announced her pregnancy at the 2024 Oscars. She arrived on the red carpet all glowing and smiling, and with a visible baby bump. This marked the first time she debuted her bump in public. In a long-sleeved black dress accessorized with sparking diamond rings, earrings, and necklace, she looked radiant. But that’s not what people focused on. A lot of them only focused on how right they had been with their speculations of pregnancy that they made way back in October. Let’s just say her weight has been much discussed in the past few months.

Speaking of Vanessa Hudgens’ weight, well, of course, she’s put on some pounds. She is pregnant. She is carrying a baby in her body. The baby is going to bring some extra weight with him/her. Just look at the baby bump she displayed at the Oscars and that she gave a more transparent look at the Vanity Fair afterparty in a flowy see-through gown that exposed her naked belly. That’s the weight she didn’t have before and only gained after she conceived. So, yeah, that’s all there is to it. She’s gotten bigger now and she will continue to do so in the coming months as she goes farther along and the baby grows in her.

Vanessa Hudgens Doesn’t Want People To Talk About Her Weight!

Hudgens will continue to gain weight and get bigger in size as her pregnancy progresses but let’s not talk about her physicality because she doesn’t like it. We know now how pissed she was at all the speculations about her pregnancy that people made as far back as October, and rightfully so. She was at a getaway at Aspen with her friends for her bachelorette party at the time. In the video she posted of the event, majority of the comments made were about how Vanessa Hudgens seemed to be pregnant and appeared to have put on a few.

Vanessa Hudgens doesn't like people talking about her weight and body. houseandwhips.comVanessa Hudgens doesn’t like people talking about her weight and body.
Image Source: Billboard

She didn’t appreciate that because as she said on the March 6 episode of the ‘She Pivots’ podcast, those ‘rude’ speculations about her pregnancy made her feel ‘fat’ and detracted her from the ‘happiest time’ in her life.

I literally just had a run-in with the public taking control over their opinion of me in a way that was disrespectful. I went out on my bachelorette party in October and I posted video of me, and there are all these comments that are like, ‘Oh my god, you’re pregnant.’ I was like, ‘That is so rude. I’m sorry, I don’t wear Spanx every day, and, like, am a real woman and have a real body. I’m literally celebrating one of the happiest times of my life, and you guys are just gonna make me feel fat. That’s great. Thanks.

Vanessa Hudgens, even though she looks pretty far along now given her visibly large baby bump, wasn’t pregnant at the time (she said so) but given her frustration on how people kind of became preoccupied with her weight just because she was wearing baggy clothing at the time, it’s safe to say that she’s not going to like it if people start talking about her weight now that she’s obviously gained it. In talking about her size, like she said, we will be detracting her from an even happier time of his life. So, let’s not talk about her weight gain. Let’s give ‘Gabriella Montez’ that. It’s not that hard.

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