George Groves Is Fat Now After Retirement!


George Groves has gotten very fat since he retired. – George Groves has gotten very fat since his retirement. He was quite muscular, toned, and trim while he was still boxing but ever since he hung up his gloves, he has gotten a lot flabbier and bigger. George Groves, going by how much weight he has put on, has definitely retired his workout regimen and ditched his meal plan. 

George Groves has had one of the most iconic careers in British boxing in the last three decades. It has been nothing short of spectacular to watch him in the ring and follow the trajectory of his career as he competed from 2008 to 2018. Even as an amateur, he was very promising and won the ABA middleweight title twice in 2007 and 2008. He held multiple super-middleweight titles, including the British, European, and Commonwealth titles between 2010 and 2014 at a regional level, and he also held the WBA (Super) super-middleweight title from 2017 to 2018.

George Groves, who became a world champion at the fourth and final attempt, was ranked as the world’s best active super-middleweight by ‘BoxRec’, ‘The Ring magazine’, and the ‘Transnational Boxing Rankings Board’. It was really the end of an era when he retired from his professional boxing career with 28 wins, with 20 coming inside the distance and 4 losses. He ended his career on a high note and many people were sad to see him leave. But at least, he’s been enjoying and indulging himself by the looks of it. He looks very well-rested and by that, I mean, much weightier than before. Let’s talk about the one gain he had since he retired, shall we?

George Groves Has Gotten Fat Since His Retirement!

Retirement has done a number on George Groves by which I mean that it has added numbers to the figures that shows on his weighing scale. Yup, I am talking about his weight gain because everyone else is. Ever since he retired, it’s like people only talk about his size and weight when it comes to him.

George Groves has gained a lot of weight since his retirement. houseandwhips.comGeorge Groves has gained a lot of weight since his retirement.
Image Source: The Times

Groves hung up his boxing gloves in 2018 with an impressive record of 28 wins and 4 losses. Remember how he looked then? He weighed about 167 pounds, he looked very muscular, his body was very toned and defined, and he was very trim overall. His physique was great and as an athlete, a boxer no less, who had to maintain his body and strictly follow the supervised workout regimen and diet plan for the sake of his career, it was no surprise that he had an excellent body. But what has been a surprise is that he has put on a lot of weight and is no longer the same since he retired.

George Groves has gotten all flabby and huge. What was once a toned bod is now much fattier. There is no muscular definition to his shape now. His body seems to be kind of out there, uncontained or something. He is not trim any more and I bet he has the kind of body which jiggles now. Also, look at his face and tell me if he hasn’t put on weight. He looks noticeably round and plump in the face. He has surely piled on a lot after his retirement because it’s not unusual that an athlete gets fatter once they retire because, of course, they are not going to be rigorously maintained as when they were active.

George Groves Mocked By People For Gaining Weight!

The change in his physique has made the former boxer a target of abuse and mockery at the hands of people who think it’s a funny business that he has put on weight. Every event that he has gone to since 2018, every media appearance that he has done since then, has been followed by him trending on the internet for his weight gain. They have been body-shaming him for looking fat. Most of the comments people have made about George Groves‘ post-retirement body are along the lines of ‘he has let himself go’ and ‘he seems to be enjoying his retirement’.

George Groves has been mocked and ridiculed for putting on weight. houseandwhips.comGeorge Groves has been mocked and ridiculed for putting on weight. 
Image Source: The Sun

One of them wrote,

Groves loving retirement, isn’t he? Looks like he’s been straight on the ales and pies.

Another wrote,

I’m one to judge, but, Groves has put on a bit of timber!

Well, in George’s defense, what his friend Anthony Ogogo tweeted and what he tweeted was,

My mate George Groves is trending, mainly coz [sic] ppl [sic] are digging him out for putting on a bit of weight since retiring. Dedicated himself to the hardest sport in the world for 20yrs, 24/7 diet, sold out Wembley & became world champ too! Has every [right] to indulge. Congrats mate, enjoy.

Of course, Groves is not going to look the same after retirement because he no longer needs to follow his strict fitness and diet regimes. Of course, he is going to indulge and gain weight as a result. Good for him. There’s nothing to mock about there but people really tried.

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