Ali Campbell Weight Loss: Has The UB40 Singer Lost Weight Recently?


Ali Campbell has not had weight loss recently.

Ali Campbell has not had weight loss recently, at least not noticeably. The UB40 singer might have undergone some minor routine fluctuations in weight. He, however, underwent a drastic weight loss in 2012 after he quit drinking. Ali Campbell once said that he was always worried about his weight because he was a heavy drinker. Looks like he has not worried about it since 2012 and he will never have to in the future. 

Ali Campbell is an iconic musician as a member of UB40 and as a solo act without UB40 as well. Though the credit for his fame sure goes to the British reggae band because he first rose to stardom only after he got prominence as the lead singer of the band, his solo career has fared very well for him and he is doing great. As a member of UB40, he has sold over 70 million records worldwide and toured the globe for 30 years.

In 2008, he left the band after a dispute with the management and started a solo career. Ali Campbell went on to be massively successful in his solo career as he was when he was with the band. He reunited with his former bandmates Astro and Mickey later on and recorded a new alum Silhouette, which was released on 6 October 2014. In 2012, he took up a television gig to serve as one of the three judges on the panel of the show New Zealand’s Got Talent.

He’s still doing music and performing. After his recent shows, people are speculating that he has had a weight loss. However, he does not look dramatically different, and any changes he may have had do not look noticeable enough to spark any sort of speculations and yet, it has. So, here’s everything we have gathered about Ali Campbell’s weight loss!

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Ali Campbell’s Weight Loss: The UB40 Singer Has Not Lost Weight Recently!

Ali Campbell does not seem to have had weight loss recently. houseandwhips.comAli Campbell does not seem to have had weight loss recently.
Image Source: The Guardian

Has Ali Campbell (@ub40) had a weight loss recently because that’s what many people think? A lot of his fans are searching for information on whether or not he lost weight recently even though it does not really look like it.

The musician, to casual observers at least, does not look like he has undergone any physical transformation. He does not look drastically different from how he did just a few years ago. He does not look fitter or more slender in any way. He certainly has not had a weight loss, not recently at least. He pretty much looks the same as he has looked for years.

If there’s really any change in Ali Campbell’s weight, it’s not very noticeable. Only his hardcore fans who follow his every move, attend all of his shows, and watch them online might have spotted it. If they have indeed noticed some fluctuation in his weight, it might be some routine weight fluctuations. Not much to talk about because it’s not really substantial. The only time he underwent a substantial weight loss was more than a decade ago. Now, that’s something to talk about!

Ali Campbell Underwent a Drastic Weight Loss More Than a Decade Ago!

In 2012, Ali Campbell decided to lose weight after he saw a picture of himself shirtless with a bulging belly. He was working on New Zealand’s Got Talent at the time, not minding his appearance and how his belly looked. But then, he ‘was secretly photographed by the media relaxing on an apartment balcony drinking wine and smoking a spliff,’ and when those photos came out, he thought of embarking on a weight loss journey.

Ali Campbell quit drinking with the help of therapy to lose weight.
houseandwhips.comAli Campbell quit drinking with the help of therapy to lose weight.
Image Source: The Mirror

It wasn’t a very good and flattering photo because Campbell looked very fat and unappealing because of his big belly. He became very conscious about his looks after he came across the photo. That picture prompted him to start his weight loss journey. As he put it,

When I saw the size of my stomach it was a real wake-up call. I looked pregnant. I was pissed off about it at first, because it was like having someone photograph you on the toilet. But in the end it did me good because it forced me to get some beef off. 

Ali Campbell also realized that it was the wine that caused his weight gain in the first place because when he quit drinking, the weight just fell off. He understood that he couldn’t continue to keep partying like he used to with no consequences, so he quit it for good. Since then, he has stayed off wine for the most part, and by doing that, he has successfully maintained his weight loss.

Quitting drinking was not very easy though but because he was worried about his weight and he was determined to undergo weight loss, he managed to do it with the help of therapy. In an interview with Daily Mail, Ali Campbell said,

I’ve always worried about my weight, partly because I used to be a heavy drinker. I was hypnotised 15 years ago and had aversion therapy, where I had to visualise a giant ten-pint glass getting more and more disgusting. I haven’t drunk clear beer since, but I still have the occasional Guinness.