Anne Marie Sparks Weight Gain Rumors; Is She Pregnant?


Anne Marie's fans wonder if she is pregnant after her weight gain. – Anne Marie has been looking like she has had significant weight gain in the last few months. Several fans have speculated that she is pregnant but it could just be the baggy and loose outfits that are making her look big. Anne Marie has not made any comments on the speculations of her weight gain and that she is pregnant. 

Anne Marie rose to fame quickly as a singer because her catchy tunes and melodies got everyone hooked on to her music from the very beginning of her career. Some of the chart-topping singles she is known for are Alarm, Ciao Adios, Friends, 2002, Don’t Play, Kiss My (Uh-Oh), and Clean Bandit‘s Rockabye. To this date, she has received nominations for ten Brit Awards, one Billboard Music Award, and one Grammy Award.

Anne Marie has released three albums: Speak Your Mind in 2018, Therapy in 2021, and Unhealthy in 2023. Speaking of Unhealthy, did you know that she used to be unhealthily obsessed with her weight and has suffered a lot because of it? She never developed a healthy body image and always tried to achieve a body that was great in ideas. Her weight fluctuated a lot. She seems to have undergone weight gain recently as well. Many think she looks pregnant. Let’s talk about that today!

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Anne Marie’s Weight Gain: She Looks Bigger Than Before!

Anne Marie (@annemarie) has been looking bigger and bigger these days and her followers are just baffled about her weight gain. They are a little worried as well, given her history of taking pills to put on weight. But some of them think that she might be pregnant.

Anne Marie has sparked weight gain speculations with her recent Instagram pictures. houseandwhips.comAnne Marie has sparked weight gain speculations with her recent Instagram pictures.
Image Source: Billboard

What’s up with Anne? What’s going on with her weight because something surely has to be going on with it, given how much she seems to be putting on in the last few months? (Is she pregnant or is it something else?) Just go to her Instagram page and scroll through it and you will see how she has been looking. It appears as though she is getting bigger and bigger with every passing day. Her obvious weight gain has baffled her fans as to how she’s putting on too much weight in such a short amount of time.

Some of them are concerned about Anne Marie’s physical and mental health. She has been very open about her struggles with body image issues which is why fans know that she used to chase perfection with her body. She always tried to take her body along with whatever trend was in season and it took a toll on her health. She once dangerously went out of her way to put on weight by taking pills. So, you can get why she has sparked health concerns with her weight gain.

For someone who once stopped eating altogether in order to get skinny when skinny was the trend, the singer sure has gotten much bigger, and in a relatively short time. It’s not an issue that she looks larger than she was before but fans were bound to worry that she hasn’t really put on weight organically and that she is going through something. Once Anne Marie tried hard to get extremely slim, now, at the rate that she is gaining weight, people wonder if she is trying for weight gain for some reason.

I saw being popular in school as dependent on having a “good” body, so I thought it was my own fault that I wasn’t popular. Chasing a lower weight became an obsession. But ultimately, I was chasing body ‘perfection’, which doesn’t exist.

Anne Marie Speculated to Be Pregnant; She Has Not Spoken on Her Weight Gain!

Anne Marie is speculated to be pregnant by some of her followers. houseandwhips.comAnne Marie is speculated to be pregnant by some of her followers.
Image Source: GQ

The Friends hitmaker got very skinny when she was 16 because she started eating properly. Her weight dangerously and unhealthily plummeted but she didn’t care for it because it was the trend. But as years went by, curvy replaced the skinny and she was once again out of style. That was when she decided to put on weight to get more curves by taking pills. You might have noticed it. It was when Anne Marie was on a tour with Rudimental that she chose to worst way to undergo weight gain.

I’d been obsessed with being thin but I started to notice the girls they found attractive were curvy. Of course, me being me, I took that on board 110 per cent and totally changed my approach overnight. I started buying pills off the internet that made me put on weight. It was ridiculous and dangerous.

Given her history, you can see why her fans are concerned about her weight gain. They are worried that Anne Marie might be taking pills again. Not all of them though. Some of them think that she wouldn’t do such a thing because she has already realized that trying to be someone who she was not is not healthy for her after going to therapy. They speculate that she is pregnant instead.

If you think about it, she has been wearing nothing but baggy and loose outfits for the last few months. It’s almost as if she’s trying to hide her figure. Could she be doing that because she does not want to reveal her pregnancy yet? Could she really be pregnant? All we can tell from what we see which is her in those unflattering, shapeless clothes, is that she looks larger than before but is it just the appearance of it or has she actually had weight gain? And if she has actually gained weight, is it because she’s pregnant? Anne Marie has not shared anything about her weight these days.