Beverley Callard Plastic Surgery: She Looks Very Unnatural!


Beverley Callard Plastic Surgery: She Looks Very Unnatural!

Beverley Callard previously revealed her intention to have plastic surgery, especially a facelift, in order to keep her acting career prospering. Furthermore, she also has been candid about having Botox infusions all over her body.

Beverley Callard is an English actress who made her acting debut as Darius, the page boy when she was seven years old. She worked as a shorthand typist after graduating from high school in 1973. She then became an actress, playing Jackie Coryton in Noel Coward‘s Hay Fever, Liz and Rita in Billy Liar, and The Wicked Queen in Snow White.

Later, Callard made her television debut as Angie Richards in the Yorkshire Television soap, Emmerdale Farm in 1983. Following that, she appeared in Hinge & Bracket: Dear Ladies, Hells Bells, Will You Love Me Tomorrow, and The Practise.

Over the years, Beverley Callard has received a lot of criticism due to her unnatural facial appearance. Many people believe her unnatural face is the result of several plastic surgery procedures. As a result, they are curious to know which procedure she really underwent. Well, here is what we know about her transformation.4

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Beverley Callard Has Always Been Candid About Her Plastic Surgery: She Previously Admitted Having Full-Face Botox and a Desire for a Facelift!

As we know, Beverley Callard‘s (@beverleycallard) appearance has always been a subject of debate among many people. People claim her face appears completely different and unnatural compared to before and after pictures. And yes, she has always been open about receiving plastic surgery.

Beverley Callard before and after plastic surgery. houseandwhips.comBeverley Callard before and after plastic surgery. 
Image Source: Daily Star

She previously stated that she intends to have plastic surgery because she is afraid of not being able to find work. The Coronation Street star has even acknowledged that she is frightened of the procedure. Talking about her plans to have a facelift, she said:

I am going to do it, yes. It’s difficult because our industry is so sexist and ageist, still.

Beverley Callard continued to ponder on how many films contain spouses who are much older than their wives, stating the wives are usually ‘stick insects… and their faces don’t move. I’m just going to join that because I’m scared of not getting work. The actress was expected to have the work done at London’s Harley Street Skin Clinic.

However, despite her determination to get plastic surgery, her husband Jon McEwan, and children Rebecca, and Joshua were claimed to be opposed. But she disregarded their worries, saying she hates mirrors and lacks confidence in her appearance, preferring to play a character rather than present as herself.

She also revealed Jon’s reaction to her facelift intentions on Melanie Blake‘s Girl Talk podcast adding, “Jon really doesn’t want me to have it done. But I’m going to do it and I am doing it for me.” Although she acknowledged she was absolutely terrified, she finds some solace in the fact that she will be unconscious.

Similarly, Beverley Callard previously revealed that she was promised a free facelift after departing I’m A Celebrity during her time in the Welsh camp. Before she was removed from the ITV show, the celebrity informed her campmates that she would bl**dy well take the clinic’s offer.

The conversation started when AJ Pritchard told her, ‘You look incredibly bright and fresh.’ And she replied: ‘Shall I tell you a secret?’ I’ve been offered a free facelift when I get out of here. And I have to tell you I’m going to bloody take it after this!’

Furthermore, Beverley Callard also discussed plastic surgery when she appeared on Sky’s Stitch Me, Lift Me, Tuck Me in 2013. At the time, she revealed,

I’m very conscious about my neck. I looked about 50 on my neck when I was 16.’  The soap star also acknowledged to having Botox, saying on the show, ‘It’s amazing how quick and painless it is. I could become an addict.

A Quick Glimpse at Beverley Callard’s Married Life!

Beverley Callard married Paul Atkinson in 1974 when she was 16 and pregnant which she miscarried later on. Two years later, the couple had their first child, a girl called Rebecca Callard, who went on to become an actress. However, the couple separated a year later.

Beverley Callard is currently married to her fourth husband, Jon McEwan. houseandwhips.comBeverley Callard is currently married to her fourth husband, Jon McEwan. 
Image Source: National World

In 1980, the 66-year-old star married David Sowden, an economics instructor. She had another abortion throughout her marriage. The couple also got divorced amicably in 1988.

Later, she became pregnant with Steve Callard in 1989, and the pair got married. Joshua, their son, was born in 1990. However, the couple split up because of Steve’s infidelity, which happened once when Callard was recovering from cervical cancer treatment.

Currently, Beverley Callard is living in Eccles, Salford, Greater Manchester, with her fourth husband, Jon McEwan. They tied the knot on October 30, 2010, at the Hazelwood Castle Hotel in Leeds. They relocated to Norfolk in 2022.