The Mystery Behind Brittany Murphy’s Weight Loss!

Derick Scholz

The Mystery Behind Brittany Murphy’s Weight Loss!

Before her death, Brittany Murphy was asked many times about the reason behind her weight loss. Although she mentioned that her ballet practice was the primary reason, people often accused her of using cocaine. On the other hand, her close friends previously claimed that she had a dismissed disorder and a self-image issue that affected her weight.

Brittany Anne Murphy-Monjack, better known as Brittany Murphy, was an American actress and singer known for playing Tai Frasier in the teen movie Clueless. She started gaining fame in the 2000s after appearing alongside Michael Douglas in Don’t Say a Word.

Recently, she has been in the news after some people have been discussing the mysteries behind her death. Murphy died in her Hollywood Hills home at age 32 on December 20, 2009. After five months of being dead, her husband, Simon Monjack, was found dead on the same property.

The mystery of their deaths was never addressed, but their home has become a key player in the confounding story. According to the report, she died due to pneumonia combined with anemia and multiple drug intoxications from prescription and over-the-counter medication.

On the other hand, many people believe she had lost significant weight before her death. In this article, we will talk about her weight loss as well as if it was somehow connected to her death. Let’s get started.

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Brittany Murphy Weight Loss: Cocaine or Ballet?

Many people still think that Brittany Murphy‘s weight loss was due to her cocaine usage. She was accused of having consumed drugs from the beginning of the 2000s, but she never admitted the rumors. Even though she revealed that she lost weight due to ballet practice, people were never satisfied with her answer.

The reason behind Brittany Murphy's weight loss remains a mystery to this date. houseandwhips.comThe reason behind Brittany Murphy’s weight loss remains a mystery to this date.
Image Source: Reddit

Lately, people have been talking about Murphy’s weight loss after some of her fans posted about her on death day. Many people think that she started losing weight in 2008 and that she looked very thin when she was declared dead. And people are curious to know if drugs were the primary reason behind her weight loss.

Although Brittanny denied her weight loss rumors many times before her death, she did open up about her eating disorder in the month leading up to her death. Meanwhile, she was 115 pounds when she died, which is a healthy weight for her body.

What Diseases Did Brittany Murphy Have?

For many years, Brittany Murphy denied rumors about her weight loss. However, when people asked her mother about it, she explained that Murphy was suffering from diabetes. Many people assumed that diabetes was the main cause of her physical transformation.

Brittany Murphy was reportedly suffering from Diabetes before her death. houseandwhips.comBrittany Murphy was reportedly suffering from Diabetes before her death.
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Besides having diabetes, Brittany was also claimed to have a dismissed disorder claim and a self-image issue, which might have been the cause of her weight loss. One of her close friends said that she struggled to reach her full potential over her 18-year career due to a set of inner demons that included troubling body image issues. Her closest friend also said that she had self-image issues—her weight, her hair, her clothes, her skin, everything saying:

A lot of her problems were due to poor self image. She wore extraordinary amounts of makeup, tons of fake eyelashes, got her teeth capped, dyed her hair blonde, lost weight – she wanted to be a beauty. She didn’t want to be the fat girl from Clueless. She didn’t eat a lot. She would drink copious amounts of coffee.

People are still confused about Brittany’s lifestyle and are still gossiping about her weight loss, but it looks like with her death, everything will be a mystery topic forever.

Brittany Murphy Once Said That Ballet Was the Reason Behind Her Weight Loss!

During an interview in December 2009, Brittany Murphy said that she was a bit thinner than she would like to be. She was a ballerina for a long time, and she still took ballet lessons and said that the dance might have been the reason behind her weight loss. She also said that her incredible body was getting worse.  Additionally, she also mentioned having a plan to start a new family. She said:

As far as having a New Year’s resolution, I’d love to have a child next year. I’ve been very blessed to have a really great loving husband. I spend more time with my family than anyone else in the world.