Cassady McClincy’s Weight Gain: Did The Actress Gain Weight? Is Lydia from The Walking Dead Pregnant?


Cassady McClincy's Weight gain: Did The Actress Gain Weight? Is Lydia from The Walking Dead Pregnant?

Cassady McClincy’s weight gain rumors have hit the internet following the release of the third part of Season 11 of The Walking Dead. Many fans added fuel to those rumors when they started to speculate if the actress might be pregnant which caught on quickly. Now, even though Cassady McClincy has not confirmed or acknowledged any of those speculations, which are baseless, people think that she has had weight gain because she is pregnant.

Cassady McClincy is an American actress who is best recognized for her portrayal of Lydia on the AMC horror-drama television series The Walking Dead since 2019. She is also well-known and appreciated for her outstanding performances in a number of films and television programs, including Constantine, Let the Lion Roar, and Five Smooth Stones.

The actress was born in Ohio and raised in Georgia. She started acting at a very young age. She got an agent just at the age of 9 and stepped into the entertainment industry. She has played minor roles in a lot of television series as well as movies. She has guest starred in Lifetime’s Drop Dead Diva, TNT’s Good Behavior, and Amazon Prime Video’s original anthology series Lore.

At the age of 17, Cassady McClincy got the breakout role that made her a household name when she was cast in The Walking Dead to portray the character of Lydia. The show was on Season 9 when she started. In the following season, she became a series regular. The same year, she made recurring guest star appearances on the Netflix original series Ozark, the Hulu original series Castle Rock, and VH1’s Daytime Divas.

With her acting career on the rise, she has garnered a sizable fanbase and has gained more than 530k followers on her Instagram page. She frequently posts images and videos of her daily activities and shares photos with her close friends and family. Her Instagram game is strong and she has managed to not compromise her privacy while making her Instagram account.

However, there are occasional speculations that her fans make about the private life that sometimes proves to be bothersome for her. Like recent times after the release of the third part of Season 11 of The Walking Dead when people spread rumors of her weight gain which prompted them to further speculate if she is pregnant! Let’s learn about Cassady McClincy’s weight gain and whether she really had it and let’s also find out if she is really pregnant!

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Cassady McClincy’s Weight Gain: Fans Think the Walking Dead Actress is Pregnant!

Ever since the third part of Season 11 of The Walking Dead started to air on October 2, the cast of the horror show has been basking in the spotlight of the show. Cassady McClincy (@cassadymcclincy) who plays Lydia is one of the cast members of the show who faced harsh scrutiny and is now rumored to have a weight gain. Some even believe that she might be pregnant.

The rumors of Cassady McClincy’s weight gain might have started after she herself appeared like she got a bit bigger in real life. Though nothing of the significant kind, it still was notable enough which further led to the rumors that she has gained weight because she is pregnant.

It’s hard to believe that Cassady McClincy is now amidst the quite baseless weight gain rumors and speculations that she is pregnant, all because she appeared a bit fuller on both cheeks. She just looked puffy in her face in some of her recent pictures which people thought was nothing before the release of The Walking Dead.

People suspected that the actress underwent weight gain for her on-screen roles but it seems highly unlikely because the storyline of Lydia from The Walking Dead has nothing to do about her appearance and her weight and her being pregnant. She may have looked puffy in a few of the stills but that’s not because it was required of her according to the plot. I think it just happened and it was a routine weight gain.

After some pictures of Cassady McClincy looking a bit bigger in size with a puffy face were circulated all over the internet, people started to wonder if she might be pregnant, which is a bit of gross and invasive speculation considering how she’s so young and extremely private. She just recently turned 22 and she has never shared any personal information about herself.

Cassady McClincy has never even chosen to even share who her boyfriend is, she would never care to admit it even if she was pregnant for real. She just does not seem like she would tell. No amount of baseless rumors about her weight gain can force her to even acknowledge such rumors.

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