Charissa Thompson Weight Loss: How Did She Get So Skinny? Is She Sick?


Charissa Thompson has undergone a drastic weight loss.

Charissa Thompson has undergone a noticeable weight loss in the last few months. It’s been a while since her fans have started to notice that she’s been looking much thinner than before and then worry about why she’s getting alarmingly skinny. Some fans think that the reason she looks stick-thin anorexic is because she’s sick. Charissa Thompson has yet to verify or falsify those weight loss speculations. So far, she has not even addressed the discussions about her weight.

For someone who’s a television host and sportscaster, Charissa Thompson has a very high-profile presence and it’s most certainly because she has worked for almost every prominent sports channel. She has worked for every channel from ESPN to Versus to GSN to Big Ten Network to Fox Sports. And did you know she was one of the American hosts of Ultimate Beastmaster? And that she co-hosted the syndicated entertainment news show Extra from 2014 to 2017?

She used to co-host SportsNation along with Marcellus Wiley until 2013 when she departed ESPN for Fox Sports. Now, Charissa Thompson is the host of Fox Sports Live on the new Fox Sports 1 network (she has been hosting the show since it debuted on 17 August 2013, the first day of Fox Sports 1). There’s a very few people who don’t know her and as of lately, there’s a very few people who haven’t noticed her weight loss.

Yeah, you might have observed that she looks very thin. She was not always that slender. In the last few months, she has started to appear unusually skinny and fans are worried that she is sick. Many fans think that she might be anorexic because, to them, she does not look healthy at all. Let’s discuss Charissa Thompson’s weight loss!

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Charissa Thompson’s Weight Loss: Fans Wonder If She Got So Skinny Because She’s Sick!

Charissa Thompson has had a dramatic weight loss. houseandwhips.comCharissa Thompson has had a dramatic weight loss.
Image Source: People

Charissa Thompson (@charissajthompson) has so noticeably undergone weight loss and fans want to know how she got that skinny. While some think she’s sick and has some health issues, others think that she’s anorexic. However, these speculations are baseless until Thompson herself confirms them and so far, she hasn’t.

It’s almost been a week since the Thursday Night Football host created a buzz about her appearance and her physicality, her weight loss to be specific when she stole the headlines from a game between the Minnesota Vikings and Philadelphia Eagles after being spotted in knee-high snakeskin boots that had everyone talking. Everybody definitely appreciated her fashion choice but they also didn’t notice her new figure.

Charissa Thompson had gotten extremely skinny and even if anyone had missed it while looking at her outfit back then, her new outfit that she wore in a pregame show for Fox that she hosts must have highlighted her new body. In the orange number, she looked a lot slimmer than she was before which worried a lot of her fans because they felt that the weight loss she underwent was not healthy.

Because the television personality was always fit and never looked like she had any extra weight on her that she could lose, people thought that her getting skinnier had something to do with her health. They worried that she might be suffering from some kind of health issues that she hasn’t yet shared with the public because how else would she have this dramatic weight loss in such a short period of time when she didn’t have much weight, to begin with?

Charissa Thompson Has Not Yet Revealed How She Had That Drastic Weight Loss!

Charissa Thompson has not yet revealed how she lost weight. houseandwhips.comCharissa Thompson has not yet revealed how she lost weight.
Image Source: Sporting News 

Charissa Thompson, as some fans commented, looked skin-thin anorexic. According to them, she looked a lot better before when she was at her normal weight. She looked tall and modelesque and most importantly, healthy and fit. Now, the kind of skinny she looks is alarming, a lot of people said. They think that she needs to eat more and that she looks like someone who has an eating disorder. However, if that’s true, they better not comment on her weight loss because that might affect her more.

Anyway, these are just speculations and we really can’t tell if she lost weight because she got sick. It could very well have been due to the changes in her lifestyle or some modifications in her diet routine and workout plans. She always had an exercise schedule. Maybe she started being more rigorous which led to her weight loss. Charissa Thompson did mention how passionate she was about working out at home.

I lost my yoga studio this past year, and for me, it was a sanctuary. I tried many times to replicate the studio at home. That part I really missed, but I’ve always been a runner. I always said this about running: All you need is a pair of sneakers. Being able to put on shoes and get outside the walls of your home was a good escape during COVID—so even with the closing down of gyms and the yoga studio, there’s still always the outdoors.