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Chet Holmgren Weight Gain: He Has Put On 13 Pounds!

Jul 4, 2023 @ 0:51 GMT+0000
Chet Holmgren has had a weight gain of 13 pounds.

Chet Holmgren has been revealed to have undergone a weight gain of 13 pounds after the Oklahoma City Thunder released its Summer League roster. The basketballer was listed at 195 pounds when he went second overall in the 2022 NBA Draft. While some of his fans are happy to see him put on some weight, there are some others who don't think Chet Holmgren needed to have weight gain in the first place.

Chet Holmgren is one of the most uniquely skilled professional basketball players the NBA (National Basketball Association) is ever going to see. That's how he is seen by many despite not having made his NBA debut. Many people took him to be a special player when he was drafted 2nd overall in the 2022 NBA draft by the Oklahoma City Thunder while he was playing college basketball for the Gonzaga Bulldogs. I mean, he was a consensus five-star recruit and the number-one player in the 2021 class. He plays center and power forward positions.

The only thing that got people doubtful of his skills was his weight. Standing at a height of 7 ft 1 in, he only weighed 185 pounds and there were many who thought that he lacked strength to be playing for long. It might excite those people to know that Chet has undergone weight gain. Not much, it's only 13 pounds but a drastic change in his frame is only going to be counterproductive anyway. So, this is good. Here's everything to know about Chet Holmgren's weight gain!

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Chet Holmgren's Weight Gain: How Did He Gain 13 Pounds?

Chet Holmgren (@chet_holmgren) has undergone a weight gain of 13 pounds and some of his fans are thrilled about it while others still think that he didn't need to put on weight as he was already playing exceptionally. He was previously listed at 195 pounds.

Chet Holmgren has had a weight gain of 13 pounds. houseandwhips.comChet Holmgren has had a weight gain of 13 pounds.
Image Source: Sports Illustrated

The Oklahoma City Thunder announced their 2023 summer league roster and as it turns out, Holmgren is returning. I mean, it's not much of a surprise because the Thunder have been dropping hints that he would be playing in the summer league over the last couple of months but his fans are more excited now that his return has been made official.

Their excitement increased when they realized that Chet Holmgren has undergone a weight gain of 13 pounds leading them to believe that the change in his frame would improve his game in some way. His weight was updated in the Summer League roster that the Oklahoma City Thunder released on Saturday. People were not expecting that because after he suffered a season-ending Lisfranc injury in the offseason a year ago, they were not even sure if he would be returning anytime soon.

I mean, Holmgren has not even made his NBA debut, and all because he sustained a foot injury while he tried to defend LeBron James during the Seattle Pro-Am game in August 2022. So, now that he's gearing up for the 2023 Summer League, which would be his first in-game action since last year's summer league, they are happy that he has recovered and happier that he has had weight gain (He had a very thin frame, weighing less than 200 pounds at a height of 7 ft 1 in and they think any weight gain is an improvement unless it is too drastic and negatively impacts his game).

Chet Holmgren was 195 pounds when he was drafted second overall in the 2022 NBA Draft. Now, he is 13 pounds heavier than before. He looks a bit more muscular and stronger than when the Thunder drafted him. His fans who were concerned about his thin frame hope that this weight gain would prove to be an improvement for his game. They hope that he will continue to keep growing and get stronger than his current 208 pounds.

How Do Chet Holmgren's Fans Feel About His Weight Gain?

Some of Chet Holmgren's fans are worried that weight gain is going to affect his game negatively. houseandwhips.comSome of Chet Holmgren's fans are worried that weight gain is going to affect his game negatively.
Image Source: The New York Times

While a lot of his fans are glad about Chet Holmgren's weight gain, some are not sure about it because they worry that it might be counterproductive for his game. There's a Reddit thread discussing his transformation and how it might affect his game. They think that he doesn't necessarily need to put on weight because he already plays naturally well in a smaller frame and his game is already good. They are concerned that adding too much muscle will mess up his shooting form.

However, others argue that only if he undergoes some drastic transformation in a short amount of time will it affect his game. Gradual weight gain is not going to make any difference in his game and it will certainly not mess up his shooting form. Besides, it's necessary for his durability to go against power forwards and centers and he needs to be big and strong enough to hold his positioning on the floor. If he is small, it would be difficult for him to be on the perimeter because the difference in quickness on both ends would kill him.

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