Did Vivica Fox Have a BBL? Or Any Other Plastic Surgery?


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Vivica Fox is believed to have undergone a BBL to enhance her butt. houseandwhips.com

Vivica Fox has always been suspected of getting a BBL to enhance her butt and make it look bigger. The actress’ bottom looks way too big and it can’t be natural because her stomach is too flat. But Vivica Fox has never admitted that she had BBL. The only plastic surgery she has admitted to is Botox injections, fillers, a nose job, and breast implants.

Vivica Fox started her acting career with Soul Train and then went on to do the daytime television soap opera Days of Our Lives and Generations before she starred in the NBC sitcom Out All Night. She got her breakthrough in 1996 in Independence Day and Set It Off, both of which turned out to be box-office hits of that year. She then starred in movies such as Soul Food, Why Do Fools Fall in Love, Two Can Play That Game, and Boat Trip.

She also played leading roles in the Fox sitcom Getting Personal and the CBS medical drama City of Angels. She also starred in Kill Bill as Vernita Green and did supporting roles in some movies. She also won an NAACP Image Award for Outstanding Actress in a Drama series for her performance in the Lifetime crime drama series Missing.

She has been in many interesting projects but people are less interested in that and they are more interested in whether or not she had BBL. They believe that she has had plastic surgery to alter her features and especially her butt. Let’s talk about Vivica Fox’s BBL and other plastic surgery!

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Did Vivica Fox Get a BBL To Enhance Her Butt?

Vivica Fox (@msvfox) is highly suspected of having plastic surgery. She is especially believed to have gotten BBL to make her butt look bigger. People also think she has had Botox, fillers, a nose job, and breast implants.

Vivica Fox is suspected of having BBL to enhance her butt. houseandwhips.comVivica Fox is suspected of having BBL to enhance her butt.
Image Source: People

The Days of Our Lives actress has always looked beautiful but never had she sparked plastic surgery speculations as much as when she began to get older in age but not in her appearance. The beginning of the discussion regarding whether or not she had cosmetic work got intense in 2021 after she posted a picture on Instagram where people perceived that she began looking a lot different than before.

Vivica Fox’s fans began suspecting that she had plastic surgery to de-age herself. They believed that she had Botox and fillers. It goes without saying that such speculations were always in order for her because she had literally not aged. We always knew it was going to come. Earlier, the only rumor used to be about her BBL. People didn’t think that she had done anything except enhanced her butt to make it bigger.

If you look at her, you will notice that the Independence Day star has an hourglass figure, too perfect and unreal. She always had that. In a way, her figure looks exaggerated. So, people thought that she had BBL and breast implants to enhance her shape because her buttocks and breasts looked too large and out of proportion with her body. Her thigh looked tiny compared to her butt and so did her stomach.

Vivica Fox's butt looks bigger and disproportionate in comparison to the rest of her body. houseandwhips.comVivica Fox’s butt looks bigger and disproportionate in comparison to the rest of her body.
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Vivica Fox Has Never Admitted to Having BBL!

Even though her derriere looked way too big in comparison to the rest of her body, noticeably so when people realize how flat her stomach is and how tiny her thighs look, Vivica Fox has never admitted to having BBL. Never mind the fact that her rear end looks so enhanced and appears bigger in a way that matches the current trends and her fans have been speculating about it for the better part of her career, she has never even addressed those speculations.

Not that the 58-year-old has never had any conversation about plastic surgery, it’s just that when she chose to address the cosmetic surgery allegations about herself, she willingly chose to ignore the curiosity that people had regarding whether or not she had BBL. In 2008, in an interview with Upscale magazine, when she talked about the rumors of her going under the knife, she said that she hated that she had admitted to it in the past because people began to say that ‘she looks so plastic surgeried’ on the Internet.

She also denied the claims that she was getting plastic surgery to modify her features and erase her African-American features.

I don’t look like some freak. I still look like Vivica Fox. Stop it with that! I am in a business where I get paid to look good, but I’m very proud to have African-American features. I have not changed my nose! Yeah, I have experimented with it, but no, I’m not doing any more of that plastic surgery crap. I’m not the first or the only one, but I’m the idiot that admitted to it. Now everyone says, “That is her whole look.” I take care of myself.

The only plastic surgery Vivica Fox has ever admitted to is Botox and breast implants. houseandwhips.comThe only plastic surgery Vivica Fox has ever admitted to is Botox and breast implants.
Image Source: The Hollywood Reporter

Vivica Fox only ever admitted to having Botox injections and breast implants. She never confirmed to having fillers, a nose job, and BBL. Even though people suspect that she has had BBL to enhance her butt, she has maintained silence about it.  She is also believed to be taking injections to lighten her skin (some fans have made an observation that she looks too light-skinned nowadays in comparison to when she was younger) but she has not admitted to that either.