Ezekiel Elliott’s Weight Gain in 2023: Have a Look at His Transformation!

Derick Scholz

Ezekiel Elliott’s Weight Gain in 2023: Have a Look at His Transformation! houseandwhips.com

Many Patriots fans are worried about Ezekiel Elliott’s weight gain in 2023. While he has not made any remarks about his recent transformation, we can assume he has been putting some weight for the sake of his game.

Ezekiel Elijah Elliott, also known as Zeke, is an American football running back for the New England Patriots of the National Football League. He has been involved in sports since his school days.

He started gaining fame in 2014 after he took over as the starter for the Buckeyes. His energy, passion, and football knowledge have always made a notable impression on coaches and teammates.

On the other hand, people have observed that Ezekiel Elliott has put on little weight in recent weeks. As a result, they are curious to know about his weight gain. Well, we’ve got you covered.

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Patriots Fans Have Been Concerned About Ezekiel Elliott’s Weight Gain in 2023!

There are many rumors about Ezekiel Elliott‘s (@ezekielelliott) recent weight gain. While some say that he has put on some weight in 2023, others say that the video angle was bad and made him look heavier.

Till now, there is no information on whether he has gained weight or not, but there is one thing we know about him: he has nailed his recent games.

This season, Ezekiel has left his fans wondering about his shape. Many of his fans are concerned about his weight gain, while others have already started criticizing him for the change in his physical appearance. The different reason for his weight gain has been discussed all over Twitter, and people seem to be pretty excited about this news.

Ezekiel was sent to New England on Monday, where he shared runs with Rhamondre Stevenson and mostly served as a goal-line and short-yardage back. After the game was finished, people started posting the clip of the game on the internet. People started commenting on his weight, and rumors about his weight gain started.

Ezekiel Elliott's weight gain has recently become a subject of discussion. houseandwhips.comEzekiel Elliott’s weight gain has recently become a subject of discussion.
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The last time Ezekiel reported his weight, it was 225 pounds, and that is a natural playing weight for the player. However, people claimed that lately, he has been out of his diet and under the stress of his game, which might have led to weight gain.

What Diet Does Ezekiel Elliott Follow?

For those fans who were very concerned about Ezekiel Elliott‘s weight gain, let us tell you that there is no specific news or information to be concerned about him. Many reporters have claimed that the angle might be the problem, and his appearance has been perfectly fit until now. Regardless, let’s learn more about his diet and what he eats every day.

As we know, players are under pressure to maintain their weight, and they try everything to avoid weight gain. Similarly, Elliott is very private about his eating habits. There is some news about his favorite food online, and that includes the Zeke Roll, which is a sushi roll with Wagyu beef, eel sauce, crab meat, avocado, and cucumber. He also loves to have more protein-rich food.

What Is Ezekiel Elliott’s Workout Routine?

Ezekiel Elliott loves to workout, and there are many workout videos of him all over the internet. One of his workout videos went viral this year, and many people commented that he moved like he had 20-pound weights on his ankles. He has been working out with his trusted trainer, Josh Hicks. Before joining the Patriots, he had a crazy routine for his workout.

Ezekiel Elliott's workout videos have been going viral on the Internet. houseandwhips.comEzekiel Elliott’s workout videos have been going viral on the Internet.
Image Source: Instagram

Ezekiel’s workout routine is mostly seen in the field, and there is less chance of him going to the gym. Although at present he might not be the fastest runner, he is known as one of the fastest runners due to his performance in last spring’s draft, as he was clocked at 4.47 for his official 40-yard time.