Lisa Snowdon Weight Gain: She Gained 3 Stones After Menopause!


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Lisa Snowdon underwent a weight gain of 3 stones in 2017.

Lisa Snowdon underwent a weight gain of 3 stones after her menopause. The model first found it hard to process and she even sobbed when clothes didn’t fit her. But, with time, Lisa Snowdon made peace with her weight gain and learned to accept her body the way it is.

Lisa Snowdon is a well-known name in both modeling and hosting. In the modeling world, she is recognized for her beauty commercials and high-fashion cover and spread modeling. She has done cover shots for Later, Vogue, Marie Claire, and Elle, and she has also been the face for Gucci. As for hosting, she has presented the Living TV reality television show Britain’s Next Top Model from 2006 to 2009. She also was the co-host of Capital Breakfast on Capital London from August 2008 to December 2015.

You can tell that she’s a very prominent figure in the media which means she has a lot of followers and admirers who are interested in her life as a casual observer. Anyway, lately, they have noted that her body has been changing with the fluctuation in her weight for the past few years, and with that, they are curious to know about her weight gain and weight loss. Let’s discuss Lisa Snowdon’s weight gain in recent years!

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Lisa Snowdon’s Weight Gain: She Put on 3 Stones After Her Menopause!

Lisa Snowdon (@lisa_snowdon) underwent a weight gain of about 3 stones about six years ago and she didn’t have the best response to it.

Lisa Snowdon had a weight gain of 3 stones in 2017. houseandwhips.comLisa Snowdon had a weight gain of 3 stones in 2017.
Image Source: Irish Mirror

You would think that Snowdon, as a model who’s extremely gorgeous, would never have to worry about her appearance and the way she looks like us plebs even as she aged because age didn’t seem to have caught up to her. But how wrong we were in thinking that when we now know that she struggled with her weight gain as she grappled with the throes of menopause when she entered her mid-forties?

It very much looks like Lisa Snowdon has stayed the same and hasn’t aged at all since her modeling days because even at 51, she looks as young as ever. She has maintained herself really well and her age doesn’t reflect on her face but little did we know that it reflected in her weight. People didn’t know it at the time because she dealt with her weight gain privately as she was going through menopause but she has opened up about it now.

During the launch of the Fabulous Menopause Matters campaign, the television presenter said that going through menopause was anything but smooth sailing as she had to battle with bouts of anxiety and adjust to the fluctuations in her weight. The hardest part was probably having to deal with her unexplained weight gain (she didn’t know, at the beginning, why she was putting on weight) because as a model who is used to being slim, she could not suddenly cope with getting fat. She said,

In 2017, aged 44, I began to really pile on weight – around 3st over the next year or so – and I was having brain fog, anxiety, and real fits of rage.  In 2018, I went to the doctor for blood tests, which was when I got the bombshell that I was perimenopausal. It all finally made sense, but it was hard to process.

Lisa Snowdon’s Weight Gain Affected Her Confidence!

Lisa Snowdon said that she was a little bit broken when she put on weight. houseandwhips.comLisa Snowdon said that she was a little bit broken when she put on weight.
Image Source: The Sun

The change in the size of her body really affected Lisa Snowdon‘s self-esteem at first. Despite having a positive body image, she couldn’t make sense of her sudden weight gain and she really lost it when she discovered that she couldn’t fit into her clothes after. It was some time before she collected herself began to pay attention to what she was consuming and started to work out. When asked if putting on weight affected her confidence, she said and I quote,

I’ve always had a pretty positive body image, but when I put on weight I was a little bit broken when nothing in my wardrobe fitted me – that’s a really hard thing for us girls. I remember sitting on the floor and just crying. That was a bit of a turning point for me. But I had to take some responsibility for that too. Yes, HRT has been amazing for me, but I also realised I had to watch the food and drink I was consuming and I needed to do more exercise.

Lisa Snowdon has lost weight since then. In 2021, she made a post on Instagram where she revealed that she had a weight loss following a detox when she went booze-free for 3 weeks and lived on a plant-based diet for about 6 weeks. She also said that she did not have the detox as something to do about her weight gain. She said that it wasn’t about losing weight but about having a reset, improving the quality of her sleep, and trying to curb her sugar cravings mid-afternoon.

It looks like she had learned to not bother with her weight gain and made peace with that. She said that she had finally learned to accept her body the way it is. Lisa Snowdon said,

My body whatever the angle doesn’t repel me, and at almost 49 yrs old I’m proud of that attitude, I have acceptance. The stretch marks, the story they tell, I truly have love and respect for all my body has been through, the illnesses, the operations and the strength that it has day to day.