Weight Loss: Lisa Snowdon Looks Incredibly Slimmer These Days!


Weight Loss: Lisa Snowdon Looks Incredibly Slimmer These Days! houseandwhips.com

Lisa Snowdon has recently undergone a drastic weight loss transformation following a strict workout routine. Additionally, she also does yoga and pilates to keep herself in shape. However, she also admits that she isn’t regular in working out because she finds it boring.

Lisa Snowdon is an English television and radio presenter, as well as a fashion model, who hosted the Living TV reality show, Britain’s Next Top Model from 2006 to 2009. She also presented Capital Breakfast on Capital London from August 2008 to December 18, 2015.

Many viewers have been surprised by Lisa Snowdon’s appearance at a recent event in a one-shoulder mini dress, showing off the results of her fitness regimen. Of course, she has gained a lot of followers of her own and they’ve noticed that she looks way too slimmer in recent days when compared to before. Thus, her weight loss has been a subject of concern. Well, let’s discuss it in detail.

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Lisa Snowdon Has Undergone a Significant Weight Loss Transformation in Recent Days!

Lisa Snowdon (@lisa_snowdon) appears to be a little slimmer in recent days than she used to be. Even though she appears to be in good health, fans have been concerned about her weight loss and want to know how she did it. The answer does not appear to be complicated. She simply appears to be concerned about her health and participates in a variety of strength training and fitness classes such as Pilates and yoga.

Lisa Snowdon in her weight loss appearance. houseandwhips.comLisa Snowdon in her weight loss appearance.
Image Source: HELLO! Magazine

Lisa Snowdon has revealed that a fashion designer once told her to lose weight before a show in Milan. On Amanda Wakeley‘s podcast, StyleDNA, the 51-year-old fashion model discussed how the industry has changed over the years. She started by saying:

It has changed in a good way, but still isn’t where it needs to be. There’s more inclusivity, it is less seedy, less manipulative but I’m sure there’s still stuff that still goes on that you don’t know about. I felt a lot of pressure in Paris to socialise and go out with clients, you know rich old men, it never sat well with me. I would always make up some elaborate excuse. That was the agency.

When Lisa talked about her previous work with Amanda, she said,

You didn’t once look at me and say your figure isn’t going to work you were so encouraging, enthusiastic and embracing a women’s physique. I previously got booked for jobs then cancelled because I was too curvy.

When Amanda mentioned Lisa Snowdon’s washboard stomach when they first met, she responded, ‘I didn’t even do anything back then, I didn’t even work out i just had this amazing six pack. But in Milan they were measuring me and telling me I have to lose weight. It didn’t sit well with me.’

Despite this setback, Lisa went on to have a successful career as a fashion model. She got her big break at the age of 22 when she modeled The Ultrabra by Gossard in 1994, and she was quickly snapped up by various swimwear brands.

Throughout the 1990s and 2000s, Lisa Snowdon maintained a successful career, eventually becoming the face of Britain’s Next Top Model in 2006 as the UK’s counterpart to supermodel Tyra Banks. Lisa is now primarily a fashion presenter, but she also models. She’s a regular on the This Morning presenting team, hosting fashion segments.

Lisa who has been open about her fertility struggles also discussed not having children. She suffered a devastating miscarriage live on air following a violent attack from an abusive ex-boyfriend, and she admitted she worried that the devastating outcome was punishment for an abortion she had in her late twenties.

According to Lisa Snowdon, she previously struggled with her weight gain, especially during the pandemic, and even labeled it a crisis. However, it appears that 2023 will be her year. She appears to be in better shape than ever before. As a result, no one can deny that she has been quite successful in her weight loss journey. Given that she is in her 50s, we should applaud her for putting in the effort and desire to stay healthy.

Who Is Lisa Snowdon Engaged To?

Lisa Snowdon has been engaged to George Smart since 2017. houseandwhips.comLisa Snowdon has been engaged to George Smart since 2017.
Image Source: Mirror

Lisa Snowdon announced her engagement to George Smart (@i_smarticus) in 2017. Later, she revealed on I’m a Celebrity…Get Me Out of Here! that a string of problematic relationships had prevented her from starting a family.

During the week, she lives in Epping Forest and works from an apartment in Camden, north London. She enjoys her relationship and is of straight sexual orientation. Furthermore, she dated Dave Loeffler of the American band, E.Y.C. for three years. Likely, she also had a five-year on-again, off-again relationship with actor, George Clooney.