Did Chris Stapleton Have Weight Loss? How Much Does He Weigh?


Chris Stapleton looks as though he had a bit of weight loss. houseandwhips.com

Chris Stapleton recently performed in the 2023 CMA Awards and he appears to have undergone a slight weight loss. The singer was not very fat, to begin with, but the small change in his weight was very noticeable. Chris Stapleton has not revealed what caused him to have weight loss but as per fans’ speculation, he recently contracted bronchitis and laryngitis and that could have led to him losing weight.

Chris Stapleton is one of the most talented and gifted singers in the country music scene.  He was the lead singer in two bands before he went solo and broke through with his debut studio album Traveller which went number one on the US Billboard 200. His sophomore album From a Room: Volume 1 got him a CMA Award for Album of the Year and also a Grammy Award for Best Country Album. His fourth album Starting Over won another Grammy for Best Country Album as well. Suffice it to say he’s very successful commercially as well as critically.

Chris Stapleton is no less a songwriter either. It cannot be a coincidence that six songs that topped the chart including Never Wanted Nothing More, Your Man, Love’s Gonna Make It Alright, and Drink a Beer were co-written by him. He was very deservingly named the ACM’s Artist-Songwriter of the Decade. Anyway, he recently had people talking about his weight loss after his recent appearance at an awards show. Let’s talk about it!

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Chris Stapleton’s Weight Loss: He Looked Slightly Slimmer Than Before in the 2023 CMA Awards!

Chris Stapleton (@chrisstapleton) looks like he went through a slight weight loss. At least it appeared that way to his fans who watched him at the 2023 CMA Awards.

Chris Stapleton's fans think he has had a slight weight loss. houseandwhips.comChris Stapleton’s fans think he has had a slight weight loss.
Image Source: Yahoo News Canada

So, the 57th Annual CMA Awards just took place, and whoever tuned into the award show was simply left awestruck by Stapleton. He truly was the star of the show as he shined the brightest as he performed his hit song White Horse. The country crooner was perfect, he was flawless with his pitch-perfect presentation and he made everyone want to be at the Bridgestone Arena in Nashville, Tennessee, where he was performing. They couldn’t help but praise him to bits and you know what else they couldn’t help? Talking about his weight loss.

Oh yeah, Chris Stapleton’s lost weight. It most certainly looks like that with him appearing to be thinner than before. Now, it’s nothing drastic. So, don’t expect to see him half the weight he used to be. He just looks slightly slimmer than he was a few months ago but it’s very noticeable. And even though it’s not much, his fans are very curious to know about his weight loss. They want to know what led to him noticeably losing weight from just a few months ago.

Did he lose weight because he cut off alcohol and became sober? It’s bound to bring some changes in a man who has a shot of tequila as a pre-show ritual if he stops consuming alcohol. It would not be very surprising if he had a weight loss after he stopped drinking. He wasn’t very fat or overweight to begin with but he did look bloated and that might have been the alcohol weight. So, once he stopped drinking, the weight came off.

Did Chris Stapleton Have Weight Loss Because of Bronchitis?

Fans wonder if Chris Stapleton lost weight due to bronchitis. houseandwhips.comFans wonder if Chris Stapleton lost weight due to bronchitis.
Image Source: Rolling Stone

It could be true but he said he’s been sober for several years and that wouldn’t explain how he lost weight from just a few months ago. So, fans think his weight loss might have something to do with illness. He recently made the announcement that he was postponing his upcoming concerts because he was suffering from some health problems. He said that he had contracted bronchitis and laryngitis and had been advised by doctors to be on vocal rest.

However, that does not seem to be the kind of illness that causes people to lose weight either. And there’s also the fact that Chris Stapleton got the disease only recently, not a few months ago, so this might not be what led to his weight loss either. So, what exactly caused him to shed weight? Maybe he just started exercising more or maybe it’s his tour that’s keeping him busy and fit.

We won’t truly know what the reason behind Chris Stapleton’s weight loss is until he reveals it himself. So far, he has not even acknowledged the discussion going on social media about his physique even though the fans would really like to know if he’s on some diet and following some specific workout routine because he looks great.