How Did Brandon Presley Have a Weight Loss of 233 Pounds?


Brandon Presley had a significant weight loss of 233 pounds about eight years ago.

Brandon Presley always gets people talking about his physique and weight loss every single time he’s in the news. Like he recently lost the election for governor of Mississippi to Tate Reeves but lots of people bring his weight into conversation when talking about it. Brandon Presley sure did undergo a weight loss but not recently. It was about eight years ago that he went from weighing 466 pounds to 233 pounds.

Brandon Presley has served as a member of the Mississippi Public Service Commission from the Northern District since 2008. Prior to that, he held the office of the mayor of Nettleton, Mississippi, from 2001 to 2007. A member of the Democratic party, he won the mayor’s office with 78% of the vote. He became the youngest person to be elected mayor in Mississippi’s history at just 23 years old.

It seemed then that his moderate, populist, and FDR-Billy McCoy Democrat politics served him really well. People found Brandon Presley very welcoming and reasonable because of his conservative stance on issues such as taxes, gun control, and abortion. However, none of that worked for him in the 2023 election for governor of Mississippi where he lost to incumbent Republic Tate Reeves. He did have the best performance for a Democratic candidate for governor since 1999 but now that he’s lost, it does not mean anything, does it? Anyway, his recent loss at the election has led to discussion about his weight loss as any talk about him eventually leads to. So, let’s talk about it!

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Brandon Presley’s Weight Loss: He Looks Extremely Slim Compared to Before!

Brandon Presley underwent a dramatic weight loss but not recently. It was about eight years ago that he went through a drastic physical transformation when he dropped down to 233 pounds from 466 pounds. He lost 233 pounds, half his weight. It was impressive how he managed to pull that off.

Brandon Presley had a significant weight loss about eight years ago. houseandwhips.comBrandon Presley had a significant weight loss about eight years ago.
Image Source: The Guardian

So, Presley is not having the best time right now because even though he made a strong run for the governor’s seat, he was unable to unseat Tate Reeves. When he attracted larger and more diverse crowds than any Democrats running for the governor of Mississippi, many thought that he was going to win the election. But they were not surprised when he had to concede to the incumbent Mississippi governor after Reeves managed to hold on to his position.

Brandon Presley lost the election and in the first few hours following his defeat, there was an outpouring of support and kind words for him but later on, they turned into discussions about his weight. As what always happens when Brandon is in the news, this time as well, conversations about him eventually drifted into talks about his weight loss. It seems unserious especially when it’s about politics but it is what it is.

What’s surprising about the whole thing is that Presley has not recently lost weight. Sure, he did get slim and had a very drastic physical transformation but that was about eight years ago. It does not look like people have gotten over the weight loss he had almost a decade ago because they just need an excuse to talk about it. And speaking of his transformation, how could they get over it when it was one of the most dramatic transformations anyone’s ever had?

What Has Brandon Presley Said About His Weight Loss?

It was not exactly a secret that Brandon Presley used to struggle with his weight a lot because he was very huge. He was overweight to the point of being obese and everyone could see how it was hard for him physically because he could not even walk without laboring. And he did not have to spell it out for people to know that he had many health issues arising from obesity. Everyone could tell that his weight was detrimental to his health so, they were very happy for him when he had the weight loss.

Brandon Presley went from weighing 466 pounds to 233 pounds. houseandwhips.comBrandon Presley went from weighing 466 pounds to 233 pounds.
Image Source: AP News

It was very satisfying to watch him go down from weighing 466 pounds to 233 pounds. He lost half his weight and he looked very great. He looked much healthier and slimmer. He seemed happier as well. Maybe being able to walk normally without laboring made him happy. Anyway, the point is he went through a significant weight loss and it was very impressive. I mean, losing half one’s weight is not an easy feat to accomplish.

And how did Brandon Presley pull that off? He doesn’t talk about his much and in the rare time he’s talked about it, he mostly shared the story of unwavering commitment and patience and resilience and dedication. He also said something about making healthy choices when it comes to his diet. He stressed the importance of being physically active as well. He said a lot of things but because people can’t bring themselves to believe that he lost that significant amount of weight by overhauling his diet and starting physical routines, they suspect he has had weight loss surgery.