Ellie Leach Weight Loss: How Much Weight Did She Lose?


Ellie Leach has had a weight loss after she joined Strictly Come Dancing. houseandwhips.com

Ellie Leach was revealed to have undergone weight loss when she debuted her new body on Strictly Come Dancing. Faye Windass actress from Coronation Street struggled with body confidence because she was very aware that as a public figure, everyone’s eyes were on her. But Ellie Leach, after all the grueling training sessions for the dance show which eventually led to her weight loss, has got a newfound confidence. 

Ellie Leach was terrific with her portrayal of Faye Windass in the ITV soap opera Coronation Street. She joined the show when she was only ten and exited it recently after 12 years. She reportedly departed the show because she wanted to try new things and one of the new things turned out to be Strictly Come Dancing. Oh, yeah, the English actress has joined the BBC One dance contest and she is doing very well at it. She is shining and dazzling everyone with her performances.

The show and the hard work Ellie Leach is doing for it seem to really have done a number on her because she is not the same person now. She’s more confident and sassy than she has ever been. Also, she looks more slender and fit than she has ever looked. Not that she was overweight but she wasn’t exactly fit but now, she seems to have undergone a weight loss since joining Strictly Come Dancing. Let’s talk about it!

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Has Ellie Leach Had Weight Loss?

Ellie Leach (@ellielouiseleach) from Coronation Street has had a stunning weight loss and fans are in awe of how confident and cool she looks after her physical transformation.

Ellie Leach has undergone weight loss since she joined Strictly Come Dancing. houseandwhips.comEllie Leach has undergone weight loss since she joined Strictly Come Dancing.
Image Source: Metro UK

We have long known and seen Ellie as the frumpy Faye Windass of Corrie but not anymore. What you picture in your head when you think or hear of Ellie is now going to change as she has reinvented herself. She left the show in order to try out new things and it looks like she is having fun with it because she looks stunning and vibrant in the BBC One show Strictly Come Dancing. Oh, and by the way, she also had weight loss.

Ellie Leach is participating in the dance reality show and since she joined the show, she has transformed physically. She has lost weight and looks a lot more slender than she was while she was doing Coronation Street. She has got a whole new body now, much fitter than before, and the one she is very comfortable. That’s a very nice change because prior to weight loss, she wasn’t that comfortable in herself.

Now, it looks as though the actress is living her best life in all colors. The show’s all about dance and glamor and as a performer, she is looking her best self too and getting heaps of praise and admiration from everyone. This has been a massive boost to Ellie’s self-esteem because she was never praised like that when she was doing Corrie. She had joined the show when she was just ten and she was aware that the people scrutinized her and that never led her to feel good about her body. After weight loss, things have changed.

Participating in Strictly Come Dancing was one of the greatest choices that Ellie Leach ever made because the impact it made on her physical appearance has led her to be more confident than she has ever been. In an interview, she said that she could see her body changing because of the intense dance training she’s got to do for the show and now, it already looks like her body is changing. She has definitely had a weight loss and she said that it’s given her newfound confidence.

Ellie Leach’s Weight Loss Has Given Her a Newfound Confidence!

Ellie Leach is a lot more confident now that she has a fitter body.
houseandwhips.comEllie Leach is a lot more confident now that she has a fitter body.
Image Source: Digital Spy

Leach used to struggle with body image a lot when she was doing Coronation Street as she wasn’t exactly the epitome of fitness then. She wasn’t exactly overweight, she just looked healthy and normal but that was not how she wanted to look, and the way she looked always ate away at her self-esteem. She never had the body confidence she got after weight loss. Ellie Leach said,

Body confidence is probably something I’ve always really struggled with. As a young woman and growing up in the public eye as well, it’s been amazing, but it’s also quite intense, and there’s always eyes on you, everything that you do. When you’re dressed up and you’ve got all the costumes on and your hair done and your make-up done and you feel great, you go out there and you smash it, it feels amazing. Strictly has given me a newfound confidence that I’ve never really had before.

About how she had weight loss after never having done much physical activity before, Ellie Leach said that she lost weight because of the grueling training schedule she had to go through for Strictly Come Dancing. She hasn’t exactly revealed how much weight she shed but she made sure to tell that she’s been eating and that she has not gone on a strict diet.

We train nine till six every day. I’ve never really done much activity before, so I’m seeing my body changing. But Vito’s keeping me snacked up. We always have snacks on hand, so we’re definitely eating.