Robin General Hospital Weight Gain: How Did Kimberly McCullough Gain Weight?


Robin Scorpio from General Hospital has had a significant weight gain in the last decade.

Kimberly McCullough who is mostly known as Robin Scorpio from General Hospital has once again become the subject of weight gain speculations. The actress has noticeably put on weight and the difference in her appearance is not subtle. Fans are curious to know how Kimberly McCullough got bigger but Robin from General Hospital has never explained the reason behind their weight gain. She has only acknowledged that she has gained weight and that she is not offended by conversations about her weight.

Kimberly McCullough is best known for playing the role of Robin Scorpio on the soap opera General Hospital. She spent her childhood in that role. She first started portraying Robin in 1985 when she was just seven and she went on to play the character on and off from then to 2000 and 2004 to 2018, and then again in 2021. She also played the character in one episode of the GH spinoff Port Charles and in a few episodes of All My Children. In 2007 and 2008, she portrayed Robin as one of the leading characters in General Hospital: Night Shift.

She unofficially retired from acting in order to focus on directing and now, Kimberly McCullough is a prolific television director who has directed all kinds of shows. Also, her schedule is quite packed as she is constantly booked to direct both comedies and dramas. Some of the shows she has directed are Pretty Little Liars, All About the Washingtons, Fuller House, The Connors, and One Day at a Time.

While her work as an actress and a director is much appreciated and talked about, nowadays every conversation about her is dominated by discussion of her weight gain. She has changed a lot which is to say, gained a lot of weight and looks a lot different. Her fans are always curious to know about what brought that change. So, let’s discuss General Hospital’s Robin Scorpio’s weight gain!

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General Hospital: Robin Scorpio Actress’ Weight Gain; Kimberly McCullough is Not Offended By Conversations About Her Weight!

Robin from General Hospital has undergone a noticeable weight gain in the last decade. houseandwhips.comRobin from General Hospital has undergone a noticeable weight gain in the last decade.
Image Source: The Hollywood Reporter

Kimberly McCullough (@kimmeabreak) who plays Robin in General Hospital has undergone a weight gain and fans are curious to know how she put on weight.

It’s not that interesting, not even a little bit but when it comes to celebrities, their fans and followers get curious even about the dullest things like how they gained weight. It’s understandable if weight gain was deliberate and undertaken with some purpose in mind like to gain muscles for some role but even when it’s not, people want to know about how they did it. Obviously, it’s something to do with the change in their lifestyle.

Also, there is a lot more to a celebrity than just their weight. So, it’s really unfortunate how every conversation about Kimberly McCullough sooner or later turns to discussions about her weight gain. Since she grew up in the public eye as she played Robin in General Hospital, people know how she looked as a child and they have seen her change as she transitioned to an adult.

The one thing they are always curious about and can never get tired of discussing is her weight gain. Around the mid-2010s, when she made a guest appearance in General Hospital as Robin, of course, fans noted that she had put on weight, and ever since, they have been discussing her appearance. She has faced a lot of criticism and online bullying because of the way she looks.

Kimberly McCullough is Not Going to Return as Robin From General Hospital Because of Her Weight Gain?

Robin from General Hospital is not offended by conversations about her weight gain. houseandwhips.comRobin from General Hospital is not offended by conversations about her weight gain.
Image Source: Entertainment Tonight

Every time Kimberly McCullough makes an appearance on the show, people pile up on her on social media sites commenting about her weight gain. She usually maintains her silence but in 2016, she decided that she was going to speak up for once, and she did. But she didn’t explain how she gained weight and how people should be kinder to each other. Basically, she said that people’s comments did not bother her.

FYI, I’m not offended by convos about my weight. So, I’m a little chubby. In my 20’s I was ‘too thin.’ It is what it is, people…

Kimberly McCullough also once said that she might not return to acting because she didn’t look and feel like an actress anymore after her weight gain. Though she didn’t rule out the possibility of returning as Robin to General Hospital, she said that she was more focused on her family than acting and directing.

No, I don’t think it;s the last you’ll see if me, but you know, I also don’t look like an actor anymore. I’ve gained weight and I’m fine with that. For me to maintain that level of fitness, it’s like being an athlete. You have to maintain it. It takes money, time, effort, and focus- and I’m focused on other things. I’m focused on my brain. I’m focused on being a mother, and on growing in other ways. And honestly, I just don’t have the time to do that right now.