Holly Valance Weight Gain: People Are Mocking Her For Being Fat!

Derick Scholz

Holly Valance appears to have had a bit of weight gain. houseandwhips.com

Holly Valance has sparked weight gain speculations once again after her recent public outing. Fans couldn’t get over how fat the actress looked and many expressed their disappointment to see that she had let herself go again. Others defended her and said that she can look anyway as long as she is happy with it. Meanwhile, Holly Valance seems unbothered with her weight gain. 

Holly Valance is mostly recognized for her portrayal of Felicity Scully on the Australian soap opera Neighbours. She is also known for playing Nika Volek in Prison Break. Some of her movie credits are DOA: Dead or Alive, Pledge This!, Taken, Big Mamma’s Boy, and Red Herring. Besides acting, she also used to sing. Her first album Footprints had three top-ten singles, Kiss Kiss, Down Boy, and Naughty Girl. She also used to be a model.

She has recently become the subject of online bullying because of her weight gain. She supposedly has gotten fat and many people are mocking her for her appearance. Let’s discuss Holly Valance’s weight gain!

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Holly Valance’s Weight Gain: She Faced Criticism For Being Fat!

Holly Valance looks like she has had a bit of weight gain and many people on social media as expressed their displeasure with her being fat.

Holly Valance seems to have undergone a little weight gain.
houseandwhips.comHolly Valance seems to have undergone a little weight gain.
Image Source: The Sun

So, the actress recently was spotted stepping out in London with her husband Nick Candy. On that public outing, she debuted a different, yet familiar look and rocked a hairstyle that many recognized was a throwback to her pop music days. She had worn her blonde tresses loose and with a fringe. She had brought back her 2000s-era fringe for the occasion and gotten a new look. This new look reminded people of how much she had changed since the 2000s, fringe aside.

Holly Valance looked very happy and radiant during the outing but all people could think of was ‘man, she looks fat.’ She definitely looked and was bigger than she was in the 2000s. But her weight gain really should not come across as a shock to anyone because how can people expect anyone to look the same as they did two decades ago? They can’t. And besides that, she has gone through her fair share of fluctuations in her weight.

Since the beginning of the 2010s, she had “let herself go” and caught a lot of undeserved flak over it. Her weight gain had made headlines and she was subjected to b*tchy comments about her appearance by tabloids. It all happened only because she was pictured looking bloated and with her double chin prominent at a dinner. Her outfit, a baggy jumper with horizontal stripes and unflattering snug white trousers, didn’t help.

People’s Opinions on Holly Valance’s Weight Gain!

It was that photo of Holly Valance that the tabloids used against her to smear her for ‘daring to have a weight gain’ and everyone started dragging her for. While a lot of people began to actively malign her for her failure to maintain herself, many came to her defense and called out the tabloids for creating an issue where there was none and for blowing her minimal weight gain out of proportion.

Holly Valance reversed her weight gain in time for her wedding.
houseandwhips.comHolly Valance reversed her weight gain in time for her wedding.
Image Source: The Telegraph

They said that the Neighbours alum didn’t look giant, she just looked like a normal mid-twenties person whose lifestyle and metabolism finally caught up to them. She definitely was not as slim as she was back in the day but she could not be labeled a fat person because she was just carrying a little bit of extra weight on her. She was not obese as the headlines about her weight gain implied.

Also, some other fans said that people should be a little kinder to Holly Valance about her weight gain because she had been open about how easily she puts on a few pounds and how she likes nice food, nice wine, and having a good life rather than eating lettuce and being miserable. (Not being fat takes a lot of effort for her and she would rather be fat than stressed about staying thin.)

Besides, the former model didn’t actually have that drastic weight gain. It was just an unflattering picture taken of her, where she appeared bigger than she actually was. Just one dodgy angle that exposed her ‘double chin’ and people started crucifying her over that.

We don’t know if all those criticisms got to Holly Valance or not but we do know that she reversed her weight gain in time for her wedding in late 2012. However, she has not retained her weight and she is back to eating nice food,  drinking nice wine, and living stress-free and seems to be happy with her life and the way she looks.