Are Fat Furs Sexual Fetish? Why The Weight Gain Depiction?


Fat furs are anthropomorphic characters depicted with weight gain.

Fat furs or weight gain of cartoons is just one of the many things that the furry fandom is interested in. While many furries argue that it’s nothing more than a form of artistic expression and storytelling when they create fat furs and that their weight gain is just a theme, others seem to believe that it’s some weird fetish they have and that they are attracted to such.

If you are surprised to see fat furs and how they are depicted with weight gain, then don’t be surprised anymore because weirder things have happened but let’s learn about the furs anyway. While many are just weirded out by this unusual fetish, I think there’s a lot more to it than just a fetish, at least the furries would tell you so! Anyway, let’s talk about whatever there is to know about fat furs and weight gain!

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What’s Up With Fat Furs and Their Weight Gain?

Fat furs are just cartoons depicted with weight gain or a larger physique. houseandwhips.comFat furs are just cartoons depicted with weight gain or a larger physique.
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To know about fat furs, you have to know about the furry fandom first and you do know about the furry fandom, right? It’s essentially a subculture with an interest in anthropomorphic animal characters. Anthropomorphic animal characters are basically animals with human attributes like the ability to exhibit intelligence or make facial expressions or talk or walk on their hind legs. For instance, think of the furries as people who love cartoons like Sonic the Hedgehog or Pokemon.

The furry fandom is not so different and unlike science fiction or comic book fandom. If you like cartoons and artwork of animals with human traits, you might be just a part of the fandom. However, not many would like to be associated with the fandom because, outside of their group, the society is sort of weirded out by the entire community because of their own preconceived notion. Especially, when there are fat furs or when cartoons are depicted with weight gain, people go crazy with their misconstruation.

They mostly reduce it to just an unusual sexual fetish. And while there are definitely sexual themes in the broader furry fandom, people also maintain a non-erotic interest in the subject. As for fat furs, which generally refer to anthropomorphic characters or cartoons that are depicted to be obese or overweight, the subset of the fandom who take an interest in them are firm in their claims that weight gain is just a theme like any other theme and not sexual.

They claim that they have no fetish about the fat furs. They are just characters who are designed to emphasize a larger and heavier physique that they have no kink about. Then, why all the depiction of weight gain, people would obviously ask? Well, according to that part of the furry fandom, it’s just the depiction for the sake of depiction, nothing more, nothing less.

Weight gain, in the context of the fandom, is a narrative focus on anthropomorphic characters gaining weight for the sole purpose of storytelling. Fat furs are just a form of artistic expression within the furry community, a creative expression in stories, arts, and other forms of storytelling. It can be also noted that the portrayal of cartoons with varying body types might be the fandom’s expression of body diversity.

Are Fat Furs and Weight Gain Just Sexual Fetish Among the Furry Fandom?

Fat furs and weight gain can be artistic expression or sexual fetish. houseandwhips.comFat furs and weight gain can be artistic expression or sexual fetish.
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And that’s just one side of the fat furs and what the furries represent with their weight gain. The other side is that there really is a sexual element to it. It does seem weird that people would ever get turned on seeing a cartoon that’s overweight but weirder things have happened and it’s not like it’s hurting anyone, is it? You can tell a lot from how people roleplay.

Most fat furs prefer to take advantage of online roleplaying rather than rely on actual weight gain to fulfil their fantasies. While most roleplays revolve around giving tummy-scritches to feel how soft a friend’s tummy is getting, or one fur snuggling into the bulk of another heavier fur, some roleplayers prefer a more proactive stance on fatness. These roleplays can include, but certainly aren’t limited to, consensual or non-consenual (forced) stuffing/feeding (where one character cooks for and feeds another character), snug or ripped clothing (due to weight gain), gluttony and unintentional weight gain (characters eating more than they should without seeming to notice or realize), loss of muscularity and fitness (due to excessive lazing around during an off season), or teasing (one character making fun of another character’s weight gain or the limitations imposed upon them by gaining weight).

Besides that, there’s also a commercial reason why there has been an increase in fat furs and the depiction of cartoons with weight gain. As a Redditor put it,

You can’t deny that there’s a LOT of WG/inflation/pregnancy art floating around furry spaces, clearly visible for anyone curious about these fetishes to see (be them of age or not, but let’s save that for another day) – which attracts them to the fandom, leads them to see it as accepting of their strange attractions, which in turn leads them to commission art of the type to call theirs and post it on the internet, thus perpetuating the cycle… So as long as furry fetish art exists, so will do furries, and as long as furries exist, so will do furry fetish art.