George Santos Weight Gain: How Much Does He Weigh Now?


George Santos' followers want to know about his weight gain.

George Santos’ followers want to learn about his weight gain because, prior to his recent weight loss transformation, he had always been an overweight person. Since people came to know of him, the politician was fat. He weighed 351 pounds at his highest. He has lost 100 pounds since then with Ozempic. So, the question people have is the reason behind George Santos’ weight gain in the first place.  

George Santos is one of the most controversial politicians (even for a Republican) in America. He currently serves as the U.S. representative for New York’s 3rd congressional district. In 2020, he ran against incumbent Democratic representative Thomas Suozzi unsuccessfully. Only in 2022 was he elected to Congress. On his election, he became the first openly (Republican) LGBT member who got elected to Congress.

His political career seems to be in jeopardy right now with people filing a resolution to expel him from Congress after he got indicted for several federal offenses along with other additional crimes. As it turns out, his lies have been exposed and this time, it’s serious and he’s being dragged to court for that. His numerous false claims about his work history, education history, criminal records, and financial status seem to have finally caught him.

Anyway, George Santos’ recent public appearances in court have revealed him to look very fit and skinnier than before which reminded people, “wasn’t he fat?” He used to be fat, yeah, but he’s lost weight since then with the use of Ozempic. So, people want to learn the story behind his weight gain. They are curious to learn how he gained weight in the first place.

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George Santos’ Weight Gain: Has He Gained Weight?

So, has George Santos (@santos4_congress) undergone weight gain recently? No, in fact, quite the opposite, he’s appeared to have lost weight. So, why are people talking about his gaining weight? Well, because they are used to him looking massive and now that he does not look that way, they want to know why not.

George Santos has not recently had weight gain. houseandwhips.comGeorge Santos has not recently had weight gain.
Image Source: The Washington Post 

So, did you know that Santos has lost a ton of weight recently? Yeah, he’s gotten 100 pounds lighter than before. And how did he shed those 100 pounds? Well, he used Ozempic. He revealed that he used the drug while bragging about his weight loss. Not long ago, back in August, George Santos was overheard gloating about his physical transformation at a party and crediting his new physique to the hottest diabetes drug. But even if he had not revealed that he used the drug, I think people would have known. By now, everyone knows how Ozempic works. They are more interested in his weight gain.

But really, not much is known about how George Santos gained weight because he had always been fat. Just up till he had a weight loss, he was fat and he had been that way for as long as we have known him. Like he was overweight when he started his political career and became a public figure and stayed that way for the longest time before he went on to shed 100 pounds. His weight gain like pre-existed his ummm…public status. He rose in profile while he had extra weight on him, so we don’t have any idea how he might have gained weight.

What’s The Reason Behind George Santos’ Weight Gain?

All we know is what the congressman told us and he has not talked about his weight much except when it was to brag about his weight loss. He seemed very happy and proud about his weight loss and seemed to think (he may have been joking but he may not have been joking, it’s known how delulu he is) he could beat Mitt Romney in a cage match. It was then that George Santos revealed his peak weight gain.

In January 2022, I weighed myself in at 350 pounds and I said, ‘No. This has to change.’ In December 2022, I weighed myself in before the New Year rang in and I was 251 pounds, so that’s 99 pounds in a year.

In an interview with Meghan McCain on her podcast Meghan McCain Has Entered the Chat, he revealed that he had gone as far as 350 pounds at his peak weight. He also said that he was pre-diabetic and we can’t be sure of it but maybe it was because he was pre-diabetic that he was overweight in the first place. Maybe his condition is to be credited for his excessive weight gain in the first place. Maybe that’s the reason Ozempic suited him very well. About using the drug, George Santos said,

I was pre-diabetic. It [Ozempic] totally helped. I think the FDA should really consider looking into it and seeing it as an option for weight loss. Obesity is the number one cause of death in this country.

George Santos revealed that he weighed 350 pounds at the highest.
houseandwhips.comGeorge Santos revealed that he weighed 350 pounds at the highest.
Image Source: CNN

He also said that he was going to be on the drug forever as it was going to help him control and maintain his weight as well as help with his pre-diabetes. We may not be seeing more of his weight gain. From now on, it looks like it’s just him and his svelte body. He no longer has to be insecure about being overweight. Some insiders have revealed that he said that he made some bad choices because of his insecurity about his weight. Hopefully, George Santos will not have weight gain again if that’s the case.