Is Gypsy Rose Blanchard Pregnant?


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Gypsy Rose Blanchard might not be pregnant. – Is Gypsy Rose Blanchard pregnant? That’s a question that’s on everyone’s minds right now. Even though there’s nothing that suggests that she is going to have a baby, there have been a lot of speculations. Gypsy Rose Blanchard does have plans of starting a family with her husband at some point in the future, not right away so, she might not be pregnant.

Do you know what Munchausen syndrome by proxy means? It is a rare mental disorder and a form of abuse wherein a guardian induces, exaggerates, or feigns illness in their child for their deep-seated need for attention and sympathy. If you are on the internet (I’m sure you are), then you probably know this by now because, on every corner of the internet, it’s all about Gypsy Rose Blanchard, the most well-known victim of Munchausen syndrome by proxy, these days.

She was basically taken hostage by her mother Dee Dee Blanchard who refused to let her live her life by confining her to a wheelchair. Dee Dee made false claims about her daughter’s health, had her diagnosed with several conditions like leukemia and muscular dystrophy, and subjected her to unnecessary medical interventions that only harmed her health. That came to an end when Gypsy Rose Blanchard had a man kill her mother. She was jailed for eight years for the crime and now that she’s out, there’s a lot that is being revealed and a lot to know. One of the many things that people want to know is if she is pregnant. Let’s find out!

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Is Gypsy Rose Blanchard Pregnant? Why Do People Think That?

Gypsy Rose Blanchard, as per speculations, might be pregnant. houseandwhips.comGypsy Rose Blanchard, as per speculations, might be pregnant.
Image Source: People

Gypsy Rose Blanchard (@gypsyrose_a_blanchard) is the woman of the moment these days but it’s nothing glamorous, it’s rather tragic because it’s the abuse she faced and what she did to escape the abuse that keeps her in the news. She’s basically the centerpiece of a crime story and knowing what she has been through, you know she would have it any other way but that. There are lots of things to know about her like how’s she holding up after years of jail after years of abuse but one of the most popular questions regarding her these days is ‘Is Gypsy Rose Blanchard pregnant?’

So, yeah, Gypsy is finally free after having done her time for her role in the murder of her abusive mother. She served eight years in prison for getting Dee Dee Blanchard killed and she was released recently on December 28 from Chillicothe Correctional Center in Missouri. She is now free from not just her mother who confined her life to a wheelchair but she is free from prison as well. Now that she’s free, she’s telling her side of the story of what it was like to live under an abusive mother and what it was like when she was in prison. But like I said, ‘ is Gypsy Rose Blanchard pregnant’ is what people are really curious about.

It’s strange that a question about Blanchard’s pregnancy has arisen in the first place because what is it that makes the general public think that she is going to have a baby? Are they making speculations based on how she looks? Does she look a certain way? Has she gained weight and if she has, is that what people are jumping off to make assumptions that she might have a child on the way? What about her makes people think that she is pregnant?

Gypsy Rose Blanchard Might Not Be Pregnant!

Gypsy Rose Blanchard has plans to start a family in the future. houseandwhips.comGypsy Rose Blanchard has plans to start a family in the future.
Image Source: CNN

I mean, it’s barely two weeks since she was released from prison, and already, people are questioning if she is with a child. That makes no sense at all. Up to the age of 23, she lived her entire life under her abusive mother who restrained her with several fake illnesses, and after that when she had her mother killed to escape her, she was put in jail for eight years. She has never really lived, at least not on her own terms. Do we really think that she would be having a child so soon after she just got her first taste of freedom? Can’t we tell that there are more chances of Gypsy Rose Blanchard not being pregnant?

Yes, people might argue that she’s very happily married to Ryan Anderson but just because she’s in a relationship does not mean that they are going to have a child. Also, I repeat that she’s been out of prison for barely two weeks. And I really don’t want to delve into her s*x life but even if she had already conceived by now, there would be no signs that she has gotten pregnant this early. Please, think about it once and then, no more.

Besides, note that Gypsy Rose Blanchard has said that she and her husband have a plan to start a family at some point in the future. The FUTURE. So, I think that can work as a denial of her pregnancy that they are not trying for a child now. Right now, they are living in the moment and they will have a child in their own time. We will know when that time comes if she chooses to share it. If she chooses not to, we won’t. But that’s in the future and as of now, what we know is that Gypsy Rose Blanchard is not pregnant.