Jacqueline Jossa Weight Gain: Is Lauren Branning From EastEnders Pregnant?

Derick Scholz

Jacqueline Jossa is speculated to have undergone weight gain because she apparently looked fat and pregnant. houseandwhips.com

Jacqueline Jossa has sparked weight gain speculations following her return to the BBC soap EastEnders. Many fans wondered if the Lauren Branning actress from the show was pregnant and many trolled her for being fat. Jacqueline Jossa, who had gotten bigger since her first pregnancy, has not responded to the weight gain speculations yet.

Though the EastEnders fans were undoubtedly happy to see Lauren Branning back on the show and were excited about Jacqueline Jossa making a long-awaited return to her role for a brief stint, it didn’t take long for them to turn their attention to the actress‘ weight. They perceived that she had gotten bigger because she apparently looked “fat” and some of them begin to wonder if the weight gain was because she was pregnant.

Here’s everything to know about Jacqueline Jossa’s weight gain!

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Jacqueline Jossa’s Weight Gain: Fans Think Lauren Branning From EastEnders Looks Fat and They Wonder If She Is Pregnant!

Jacqueline Jossa (@jacjossa) has sparked weight gain speculations following her unannounced guest appearance as Lauren Branning on EastEnders on 22 June. Many viewers thought that she looked fat and wondered if she was pregnant.

Jacqueline Jossa sparked weight gain speculations because she apparently looked fat and pregnant. houseandwhips.comJacqueline Jossa sparked weight gain speculations because she apparently looked fat and pregnant.
Image Source: The Mirror

It’s kind of similar to how they thought that the actress was pregnant about two years back and turned out that she had just gained weight except now, she may not have put on weight. Then, why does she look fat? Well, did you forget that she has been that size for a long time? So, she looks bigger (she has, for a while) but that does not mean that she recently gained weight or that she’s pregnant. If you are going to make pregnancy speculations about someone, make sure that you learn their weight history because frankly, such speculations can be pretty invasive.

Jacqueline Jossa feels that way and she even told her followers to refrain from making such speculations because it was inappropriate to ask a woman if they were expecting since so many secretly struggle to conceive. Also, in her case, it’s not that she is pregnant, it’s that she’s chubby. She’s not slim because that’s not her body type. So, just because she is not thin and looks heavy does not mean that she has had weight gain or she is pregnant. That’s how she normally looks.

Jacqueline Jossa has been falsely rumored to be pregnant before. houseandwhips.comJacqueline Jossa has been falsely rumored to be pregnant before.
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These kinds of baseless speculations are one of the reasons why the I’m a Celebrity…Get Me Out of Here! star gets very conscious about her ‘weight gain.’ She has talked about struggling with her weight insecurities before. There was an instance when she got nervous about a fashion shoot and said that she wasn’t feeling good about the shoot because “it was her time of the month, she was bloated, she had gained a little weight, and she didn’t have a tan on.” She eventually got over it and showed off her rolls of tummy fat confidently but she let everyone know that she was just that way.

I need you to know, I’m not a size 10 anymore, I am not a flat stomached woman that can get away with wearing jeans.

Jacqueline Jossa Underwent Weight Gain After Her First Pregnancy!

Jacqueline Jossa was that way, chubby and full-figured, but she had not always been that way. In fact, she was quite slim and very toned before but after her pregnancy, she underwent weight gain and since then, her body never returned to the way it was before. She has talked about her transformation from being thin and fit to getting a lot bigger and curvier.

Jacqueline Jossa used to be size 8 before she gained pregnancy weight. houseandwhips.comJacqueline Jossa used to be size 8 before she gained pregnancy weight.
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Telling the story of how Lauren Branning from EastEnders was a ‘slim, size 8’ figure before her pregnancy weight gain, she said that she didn’t initially love the change because it was a big change. Going from being 21 and a slim, size 8 to all of a sudden, a mother and a different body altogether, was not something easy to adapt to and deal with. But now, she has outgrown that phase and now loves her body, her lumps and bumps, and everything. She knows that she has two amazing kids and so, she is going to be curvy.

Jacqueline Jossa has tried several things to lose her pregnancy weight but not all women have the kind of body that easily bounces back from pregnancy weight gain. So, she never got around to being as slim as she was before but that’s fine because she now does not want to get thin but wants to settle at a comfortable weight where she feels good and confident.