Kady McDermott Weight Gain: Did The Love Island Star Gain Weight?


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Kady McDermott is speculated to have had a slight weight gain. houseandwhips.com

Kady McDermott has sparked weight gain speculations after her return to the latest season of Love Island. The reality star does have a slightly fuller figure and her face looks softer and less sharp than before but the change is nothing significant. Kady McDermott has not yet responded to weight gain speculations probably because the difference in how she looks now is negligible.

Kady McDermott‘s followers must be delighted at her return to the Season 10 of Love Island. The hit reality show contestant first joined the show in 2016 and that appearance was what gave her the career of an influencer. She was one of the first true influencers to come out of the villa. Now that she’s back, it’s like she’s come full circle. Anyway, her appearance on the reality show initially caused excitement among her fans but later, went on to spark her weight gain speculations.

Here’s everything to know about Kady McDermott’s weight gain speculations!

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Kady McDermott’s Weight Gain: The Love Island Alum Seems to Have a Fuller Figure Now!

Kady McDermott (@kadymcdermott) appears to have undergone a slight weight gain is what her fans have been saying since her return to the latest season of Love Island.

Kady McDermott's fans think she appears to have had a weight gain. houseandwhips.comKady McDermott’s fans think she appears to have had a weight gain.
Image Source: The Sun

While the Love Island star does not look drastically different or bigger than before in any way, if you were to look closely, you would notice that she does not look the same as she did back then. Not that anyone expects her to look the same because almost eight years have since been gone and so, she is definitely going to age but it’s less about her aging and getting older and more about her weight gain.

Kady McDermott’s followers have observed that her body does appear slightly fuller than the last time she was on Love Island. She looks bustier and seems to be more ample-sized. The difference is minor and not that much noticeable. The change in her face seems to be more pronounced. Her face looks puffier than before and her facial features are not sharp and defined as before. She looks more softer now and it seems to be that way because of weight gain.

Again, it’s a minor difference and the influencer’s insignificant body transformation really doesn’t warrant any intensive discussion and her weight gain is nothing to write home about. But because she’s a public figure, no matter how negligible the change is, people are curious to know about that. Thus, all the fans on social media are contributing their opinions on the discourse of her physicality.

Kady McDermott was always thin and fit but she seems to have a slightly fuller figure now. houseandwhips.com Kady McDermott has always been thin and fit but she seems to have a slightly fuller figure now.
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It’s the slightest weight gain but Kady McDermott’s crime is not being stick thin and just normal thin. Because she doesn’t look as skinny as a model and instead of looking like that, developed a fuller figure by a very small margin, some people are trolling her about it. She’s faced similar things before, even when she was smaller than she is now. Remember that time when some of her followers commented that she looked pregnant in one of her Instagram pictures?

She hit back at those people, saying that she was not pregnant and that she had just taken that picture after she had had a “fat a*s lunch” and “eaten her body weight in food cause’ a girl’s gotta eat.” The pregnancy speculations were over nothing and so are the weight gain speculations going on right now.

Kady McDermott Follows Her Diet and Exercise Regime Too Strictly To Have Significant Weight Gain!

Besides, Kady McDermott has a proper and healthy diet and exercise regime in place that she follows too strictly to have significant weight gain. In an interview with Daily Star Online, she revealed her hack to get a flat stomach. She said that quitting sugar tends to make your belly slimmer because it is basically just useless calories and if you consume too much of it, it’s stored as fat directly on your stomach. And according to her, cardio, running, or high-intensity workout is a good idea for burning those excess calories.

Kady McDermott has a healthy diet and workout regime she sticks to strictly. houseandwhips.comKady McDermott has a healthy diet and workout regime she sticks to strictly.
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She revealed that she spends 45 minutes per session four or five times a week to maintain her fitness. She said that she focuses on her lower body, the things that work the glutes, legs, and abs, and prefers to do bodyweight exercises, with the odd free weight thrown in for good measure, which is how she builds muscle and tone-up. With that kind of routine, she can only get fit and not have weight gain.

As for her diet, Kady McDermott said that she was lucky that she loves healthy food and eats lots of protein and vegetables while avoiding carbs and sugar. She explained further that she eats lots of chicken, eggs, smoked salmon, steak, and cottage cheese, and that she makes her own pizzas that are full of protein. That diet routine is definitely not a recipe for weight gain. So, whatever she gained, it’s minor and has to be routine fluctuations.