Jay Rayner Has No Permanent Solution To His Weight Gain!


Jay Rayner is always circling weight gain and weight loss cycle. houseandwhips.com

houseandwhips.com – Jay Rayner does not appear as though he has had a weight gain recently. If the food critic has piled on a few pounds, it’s not very noticeable and it must be the minor fluctuation that he frequently undergoes. Jay Rayner has been very open about having body image and weight gain issues. 

Jay Rayner is a food lover and a critic of it as well who worked as a freelance journalist for newspapers such as The Observer and The Independent and also as a feature writer for The Guardian and The Mail on Sunday before he went on to be the Observer restaurant critic in 1999. He has also written for other magazines including Esquire, GQ, Cosmopolitan, Granta, and The New Statesman.

Aside from magazines and newspapers, Jay Rayner has written several novels and a non-fiction book called Stardust Falling as well. He has also done many television shows. He presented the BBC Radio 4 programme Papertalk and he chaired the BBC Radio 4 programme The Kitchen Cabinet. He was on Eating with the Enemy and he is the food reporter on the BBC magazine programme The One Show. He loves food and his life also revolves around it. So, he’s always having a weight gain if he’s not having a weight loss!

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Jay Rayner’s Weight Gain: He’s Always Been Overweight!

Jay Rayner (@jayrayner1) has not had weight gain lately. At least, it does not appear so. If he indeed has put on a few extra pounds, it’s not very noticeable.

Jay Rayner has not had a very noticeable weight gain. houseandwhips.comJay Rayner has not had a very noticeable weight gain.
Image Source: The Guardian

So, Jay recently won MasterChef: Battle of the Critics 2023 Champion and he looked delighted at the win. If you are thinking that he also looked a bit bigger, you have not got it completely right but you are not really wrong either. How so? Well, because he has always been big and he always fluctuates but never too far so, does that even count? And also because even if he has piled on a few, it’s just routine fluctuation which is not that noticeable. So, there’s no recent weight gain to talk about but about his weight in general, there’s a lot to unpack.

Jay Rayner has always been an overweight man with body image issues. Since he was a child, he was a lover of food and as a food lover, he never got to rest his weight. He was almost always eating and while he enjoyed doing that, it did not do good by his physique. He entered into the territory of obesity from a very young age. He does not recall being thin and feeling normal ever because he has been fat for as long as he can remember. He was plagued by the trouble of weight gain from the very beginning.

Jay Rayner attributes the overweight in him to his genes with slow metabolism and also, overeating obviously. He has grown up seeing his family members struggle with their weight just like him. So, while he didn’t feel much different from his family, he certainly didn’t feel normal like others because he was not skinny like them. That is why he began to diet to keep his weight in control very early in his life. He was bothered by his weight gain and he couldn’t simply just let his genes make him fat.

I would like to attribute this to something hidden in the genes: a couch potato of a metabolism specifically engineered to cope with the harsh winters of eastern Europe whence we had come, by storing as fat any of the scarce calories that came our way. As various members of my immediate family have struggled with their weight over the years there might indeed be something in this, but the truth is far simpler. We overate. 

How Does Jay Rayner Deal With His Weight Gain?

Jay Rayner developed body image issues because he was overweight as a child. houseandwhips.comJay Rayner developed body image issues because he was overweight as a child.
Image Source: BBC

The food critic began dieting to not be overweight when he was very young but he never found success with what he did. If he had found success with dieting, he wouldn’t really be known to be overweight, would he? Not to say that his dieting made no difference. It did undo his weight gain but not for long as he would lose some pounds and get slim but he would never be able to maintain that and the weight would always creep up again.

Weight troubles never left Jay Rayner alone, it followed him to his adulthood. The fact that he went on to be a restaurant critic was not very good from his weight point of view but he was determined to not completely surrender his weight to food. So, he began exercising and it would help him lose weight but he would never get below 16 stone. That’s his lowest. Starting from 16 stones, he always fluctuates on the basis of how much he is working out. He often has weight gain when he fails to keep up with his exercise regime.

Jay Rayner’s entire life has been like that only. He has been obese and he has gone as low as 16 stones. The frequent fluctuation means he has never been able to keep his weight in control which is why he has not yet gotten over his body image issues. He has always circled the cycle of weight loss and weight gain.

I have at times in my life been dreadfully obese, in fact, I have never been less than somewhat overweight, so god knows, I understand body image issues. I’ve got two kids, a family to support and I very much want to be here, so I shed another stone and a half again and I try to cut back on bread because I know I eat too much of it!

Jay Rayner now works out and occasionally goes on a low-carb diet for the sake of his health. Any change in his diet or gym routine and he ends up having weight gain or weight loss. And it’s always going to be that way as there’s no permanent solution for it. He’s not ever going to use weight loss drugs such as Ozempic and diets and exercises can only do so much.