Jeff Bezos’ Plastic Surgery: Did He Have Botox and Fillers?


Jeff Bezos' Plastic Surgery: Did He Have Botox and Fillers?

Jeff Bezos was mocked for his bad plastic surgery in 2021 when his face looked very puffy and swollen, his lips drastically plumped up, and his cheeks super smooth in the pictures of him taken before his space launch. People mocked Jeff Bezos for not going to the best surgeon despite being one of the richest men in the world. The billionaire never responded to those plastic surgery allegations.

You have definitely heard of Jeff Bezos? One of the wealthiest people in the world, he is the founder, executive chairman, and former president and CEO of Amazon which is the world’s largest e-commerce and cloud computing company. Did you also know he is a commercial astronaut? Most people seem to have forgotten it because when he went to space, his bad plastic surgery face hijacked all discussions about his space travel.

He looked swollen, smooth, and puffier and that was more interesting to people than the fact that he went to space. Everybody only mocked and ridiculed him for not going to the best surgeon. Here’s everything to know about Jeff Bezos’ plastic surgery!

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Did Jeff Bezos Have Botox and Fillers? All About His Plastic Surgery!

Not even Jeff Bezos (@jeffbezos), one of the richest men in the world, is immune to bad plastic surgery. Not even he gets a pass for not affording the best surgery. So, as it goes, he was mocked by almost everyone for getting Botox and fillers which made him look very swollen and smooth and overall very unlike a human.

Jeff Bezos was trolled for his bad plastic surgery in 2021.
Jeff Bezos was trolled for his bad plastic surgery in 2021.
Image Source: Variety

Do you remember when Jeff Bezos went to space? It was 2021 and the discourse of ‘eat the rich’ for choosing to indulge in such vanity while the rest of the world crumbles with the economy was suddenly overtaken by the gleeful discussion of his bad plastic surgery. That’s right. All it took for people to forget his space launch was his face which looked super weird and unnatural. People were delighted by that. Some of them made hilarious comments mocking him and saying that looking less like a human and more like an alien was something he did deliberately in case he met an alien in space. They were smug about that joke.

The pictures and video taken before and after his $5.5 billion joyride to space, which was supposed to get people to talk about his space travel, incited discussion about his bad plastic surgery because Jeff Bezos looked very puffy. His face looked swollen and people were more surprised that he could afford the best surgeon and he didn’t (it definitely looked like that) than when he went to space.

Jeff Bezos’ dramatically plumped-up lips and super-smooth, tight cheeks made everyone think that he had too much Botox and fillers. As speculations and trolling about his plastic surgery rose on the internet, he chose not to address those and remained silent. He never said anything publicly about that and there hasn’t been anything there about that from his media relations team either.

Jeff Bezos was suspected of having fillers and Botox because his face looked too smooth and swollen.
Jeff Bezos was suspected of having fillers and Botox because his face looked too smooth and swollen.
Image Source: New York Post

So, let’s go for the opinions of an expert. Dr. Corey L. Hartman, a dermatologist in Birmingham, Alabama, posted a photo of Jeff Bezos on Instagram and wrote,

We see you, Jeff. Next time get the filler a month earlier so that the swelling has time to die down.

In a conversation with The Daily Beast, Dr. Hartman also questioned how can anyone not be obsessed with how Bezos looks when it was such a drastic change. He also said that he didn’t want to stigmatize plastic surgery by making fun of Bezos who, despite being an easy target, clearly didn’t care that he would get trolled if his cosmetic surgery turned out to be bad.

He’s an easy target. Clearly he does not care because to me it looks like to me that he went and got his very obvious filler and injectables done right before he burst into the spotlight with this trip into space.

Brand strategist Corey Kindberg said that people didn’t necessarily care that Jeff Bezos might have had work done because they have moved past the stigma of getting injections and plastic surgery but they definitely had more of a visceral reaction to Bezos having fillers because they would expect him to hire the best surgeon. He said and I quote,

You just think, someone with this kind of money, could afford to have the best filler in the world. To me, he could have gold melted down and injected into his face. It’s just kind of shocking to see that, if he has had it, no matter how rich you are, you could still get bad filler.

Jeff Bezos is also believed to have body sculpting treatments to change his physique.
Jeff Bezos is also believed to have body sculpting treatments to change his physique.
Image Source: NBC News

Also, note that this may not be the only plastic surgery that Jeff Bezos may have had. He, along with fellow billionaire Peter Thiel, has invested in Unity Biotechnology, a company researching drugs and treatments to keep aging at bay. People believe that he has gotten a taste of some good stuff and also, bio-hacking tools such as stem cells and hormones have helped many wealthy men and he is also one of the very few that has access to those tools.

Besides, it’s not just his face that has changed. It’s his body as well. It was in 2017 when the drastic change in his physique became very visible and intrigued people. People made lots of noise on social media about it. And all he did in response was say that it was all because he was on diet and exercise. And while it’s true that he can’t have plastic surgery on his body, nobody bought his ‘diet and exercise’ answer.

Experts said that Jeff Bezos may have had some bodysculpting treatments such as Emsculpt and Trusculpt Flex, which have surged in popularity, especially among men.