Love Island: Jess Harding’s Weight Gain; Has She Gotten Fat?


Love Island viewers want to know about Jess Harding's weight gain.

Jess Harding from Love Island has not undergone a weight gain in recent times. And yet, her followers and viewers of the reality show are discussing her weight not because she has gained or lost it but because she is perceived as being fat. Unlike them, Jess Harding is not bothered by her curvy figure and doesn’t think much of her “weight gain.”

Jess Harding, the star and winner of Season 10 of Love Island, is a beauty clinic owner. She is doing very well for herself with her business Candy Aesthetics in West London. Her business is flourishing even more after her clout increased after she appeared in and won the reality show. She has garnered thousands of followers on her Instagram profile on both her personal and business accounts.

The reality star who also offers personal masterclasses describes herself as having a “big personality and a heart of gold.” Before she came on the show, she said that she could stand up for herself if she needed to. Jess Harding said that she was a really good girlfriend and that she loved love. And that’s why she signed up for the show. In the hopes of finding love.

Speaking to ITV before she joined the villa, she said that she felt like it was fate coming on Love Island as she was saving herself for Mr. Right in the villa because every boy was giving her the ick at the moment. That station (of people giving her the ick), after she came on the show, is probably held by the viewers of the show who have gotten obsessed with her “weight gain.” Here’s everything to know about Jess Harding’s weight gain!

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Has Jess Harding From Love Island Had a Weight Gain?

Love Island viewers are curious to learn about Jess Harding's weight gain. houseandwhips.comLove Island viewers are curious to learn about Jess Harding’s weight gain.
Image Source: The Tab

You will see that Jess Harding‘s (@jesshardingox) weight gain is trending on the internet and you might be wondering if the Love Island star has gained weight. If you are wondering about that, let me tell you that she has not put on weight recently and the internet’s obsession with her weight is just unbelievable.

Because none of that makes sense. It really does not make sense that the reality star is trending on the internet because of her weight gain when she hasn’t even gained weight. It’s just people’s unhealthy obsession with and glorification and standardization (in the entertainment sector) of stick-thin skinny bodies that has them all fussed up and bothered about Jess’ weight.

It’s clear as water and everyone can see that Love Island has a body diversity problem. Jess Harding has suffered because of that. Because the viewers have seen only skinny women on the show, they are not used to seeing any women who are not stick-thin. And when they saw Jess Harding who had a different body type, they trolled her for being fat and for her weight gain. Sounds ridiculous but it’s true.

Many viewers have expressed unwarranted hatred and disgust for the television personality just because she is not slender like every other girl on the show. There were many comments along the lines of “She’s the most out-of-shape size eight I’ve ever seen,” and “how can Jess be both fat and slim?” Well, she’s not both fat and slim. She’s of average weight, she’s always been like that, she’s not had a weight gain and you are not used to that. You are not exposed to different body types.

The standardization of slender bodies as beauty is really sad and regressive because one person really commented, “Jess Harding is actually the reason why I’m fatphobic” and didn’t think that there was anything wrong with that. That kind of stuff is being written about a person who’s not even fat. She just didn’t happen to be slender as per the standards and that has gotten her subjected to all kinds of body-shaming. They think she could lose a lot of weight but she’s always looked that way. She’s never even had weight gain in the first place.

Love Island’s Jess Harding Doesn’t Mind Her “Weight Gain”!

Jess Harding is very confident in her body and loves her curves.
houseandwhips.comJess Harding is very confident in her body and loves her curves.
Image Source: Radio Times

Jess Harding‘s not fat at all. In fact, she’s several dress sizes below the women’s UK average size 16 but apparently, if you have body creases and curves when you sit down, that’s not normal and you have deviated from the normal and you immediately need to reverse the weight gain you must have had. It’s sick that the ITV executives decided against having plus-sized contestants in 2019 because though they want to be as representative as possible, they also want them to be attracted to one another.

While it’s already harsh that they perceive plus-sized people as unattractive, what’s more shocking is their rigid standards which can be seen in how they consider Jess to be a “fat” plus-sized contestant. Because they think of her as a fat person, they want to know about her weight gain, about how she came to be like that.

How narrow-minded of the Love Island viewers to think that Jess Harding has had weight gain and not believe that’s her body type? Do they live in a bubble because how could they not see hundreds of comments on TikTok from girls celebrating the visibility of Jess, a woman who looked like them, on a reality show? They were happy with the representation until people started to troll Jess for being fat. Now, they think there’s something wrong with the way they look.

Thankfully, Jess Harding is never bothered by the weight gain speculations and she really is not affected by people calling her skinny. She’s very confident in her body and thinks that girls should feel proud if they’ve got “boobs and a bum.”

I’m body confident. I’m not a size skinny 6. I’ve got boobs and a bum. I’ve got curves. It’ll be nice to show the outside world that it’s OK to be curvy.