Jillian Barberie’s Weight Gain With Before and After Pictures!


Jillian Barberie’s Weight Gain With Before and After Pictures! houseandwhips.com

Jillian Barberie has undergone weight gain in recent months. If you are not aware, she began to gain weight after being diagnosed with breast cancer. Know more about her transformation down below.

Jillian Barberie is an American television hostess, sportscaster, radio personality, and actress of Canadian descent who co-hosted the Los Angeles television morning news and entertainment show, Good Day L.A. on Fox-owned and operated station KTTV from 1995 to 2012. She also was the weather host for Fox NFL Sunday on Fox Sports from 2000 to 2005.

Jillian Barberie has been in the public eye for a long time, and people used to notice how sleek and slim she used to be, but her slim figure has faded as the years have passed. She has gained a lot of weight, making her look older. Her fans are now searching the internet for information on what caused her to gain so much weight. Well, let’s go over her weight gain transformation in detail.

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Jillian Barberie Claims to Have Undergone Weight Gain After Being Diagnosed With Breast Cancer!

Jillian Barberie (@askjillian) is a breast cancer survivor who spoke about her journey in November 2018. According to her, she began to undergo weight gain after being diagnosed with breast cancer. After looking at her body in the shower, she used to cry. The actress has handled the situation in private. Her cancer has spread to her lymph node.

Moreover, she had gone to find out about her medical condition and to check on her breast after it had become inverted. She had a double mastectomy during her two weeks of cancer research. However,  she got through the phase.

Jillian Barberie before and after weight gain. houseandwhips.comJillian Barberie before and after weight gain.
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Later, she revealed on the show that her nipples were inverted. She also expressed concern to her children about her condition. After learning about her medical condition, she called KBC radio and requested a leave of absence. Second, she informed Bradford of the news.

During her difficult cancer treatment, the actress mentioned that she was single. She used to do the radio show and then have four hours of chemo. She then comes out to look after her nine-year-old and eleven-year-old children. She handled her family and herself well during the difficult period.

Jillian’s depression most likely occurred during a difficult period in her life. She was self-sufficient and had never relied on a man in her life. Chemotherapy is stressful and causes anxiety. She has been enduring hardship and stress for the past three years.

Likely, Jillian Barberie told the Daily Mail how her depression and breast cancer battles led to an addiction that completely changed her life. She is now clean and sober thanks to the help of her close friend Heather Locklear. However, she has been dealing with weight gain struggles. She stated,

I wasn’t one of those women that looked at my body as this big sacred thing. I didn’t treat my body horribly, but I didn’t think of breast cancer. I just never really had mammograms. It just never occurred to me. And I took I took my body for granted. I wish I would have done playboy. Playboy offered four times, and I turned them down every time and I wish I had done it. But, you know, God had different plans for me. I just wish I would have done it.

She continued,

For Prosperity. I had beautiful natural breasts and now I have implants and I’m not as fond of them. And people said, ‘Oh my gosh, you know, the steroids make you gain weight, and you go bald.’ But I’m not a vain person. My kids were number one. I told my oncologist to bring me to the brink of death and take me back again. I have a 9 and an 11-year-old at home. Cancer rearview mirror.

The Front Door of Jillian Barberie Nearly Broke During the Middle-Of-The-Night Terror!

Jillian Barberie almost had a home invasion this weekend when her front door nearly collapsed in the middle of the night and she filmed it all. The former FOX host and personality documented the terrifying aftermath of what she claims was a loud bang in the early hours of Nov 27 which crushed the entryway to her apartment.

Jillian Barberie went live on Instagram in the middle of the night after her front door nearly broke. houseandwhips.comJillian Barberie went live on Instagram in the middle of the night after her front door nearly broke.
Image Source: SurvivorNet

Right after the incident, she went live on Instagram and was encouraged by her fans to call the police, which she apparently did not do right away. Later, she explains that she was still pretty out of it but that while all of this was going on, she took her audience on a wild ride, showing off how she was barricading the door with what supplies she had and even showed how she planned to defend herself.

Anyway, Jillian Barberie eventually called 911 at 2:15 a.m. and filmed the incident as well. The officer who arrived had her file a report and told her to speak with maintenance in the morning. The strange thing is, when they examined the door damage, there was no footprint on the outside, despite the fact that she suspected it was caused by someone kicking it in.

However, she has been updating her social media pages frequently and stated that a friend came to stay with her until the management team crew arrived to make the repairs. Surprisingly, there is no clear explanation for what it could have been. She still believes this was caused by a human, and that someone slammed their entire body into her door and bolted. However, an investigation is underway, they’re looking for the perpetrator.