Joe Thomas Before and After Weight Loss: How Was the Former NFL Player Able to Lose 60 Pounds?


Joe Thomas Before and After Weight Loss: How Was the Former NFL Player Able to Lose 60 Pounds?

Joe Thomas, the former American football player, has lost above 60 pounds after his retirement in 2018, and fans are curious to know about his weight loss. Looking at his before and after photos, the 37-year-old NFL star looks completely different. He stated that his diet plan changed significantly since his retirement which led him to lose a massive amount of weight.

Joseph Hayden Thomas aka Joe Thomas (born December 4, 1984, in Brookfield, Wisconsin) is a former American football offensive tackle who played for the Cleveland Browns in the National Football League (NFL) for 11 seasons. He played college football at Wisconsin, where he was named unanimous All-American and the top college interior lineman.

Thomas was selected by the Browns with the third overall pick in the 2007 NFL Draft. He was also selected to the Pro Bowl in each of his first ten seasons and did not miss a single play in his career until the 2017 season (his final season in the NFL); his 10,363 consecutive snaps played is the NFL’s longest streak since snap counts began in 1999. He is regarded as one of the all-time great offensive linemen.

Joe Thomas spent the majority of his career playing at 310 pounds and said he was more eager to lose weight in retirement than almost anything else. He is now an NFL Network analyst and has lost a significant amount of weight in 4 years after his last NFL game. No doubt, many of his followers are seeking more information about his weight loss transformation.

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Joe Thomas’ Weight Loss: The Former NFL Player Has Lost More Than 60 Pounds of Weight Since His Retirement!

Seeing Joe Thomas (@joethomas), 37, in person isn’t as simple as it once was. Thomas was a 6-foot-6-in, 325-pound standout for the Cleveland Browns when he was a perennial All-Pro left tackle. He’s now down to about 250 pounds. Over the years,  Thomas has undergone more than 60 pounds of weight loss from his before weight.

His rapid weight loss after retiring in 2018 is one of several featured in an informative ESPN piece about offensive linemen who reshape their bodies in retirement. The former Cleveland Browns offensive tackle, retired last season after an 11-year career that was worthy of the Hall of Fame. He was selected to the Pro Bowl ten times and played more than 10,000 consecutive snaps.

Though the NFL does not track lineman sacks, Thomas reportedly allowed only 30 sacks in 6,600 pass rushes. He is widely regarded as the greatest offensive lineman of all time. However, Thomas wasn’t always up to the task. Indeed, his journey to his 325-pound playing weight may have been more surprising than his following off-season weight-loss transformation.

Joe Thomas described his weight loss in detail, including the accurate and consistent steps that he took, in an article for Men’s Health. He stated,

After I retired, it was very easy for me to lose the first 20, 30, and 40 pounds. I simply reduced my calorie intake in order to eat like a normal person. But I had to eat more carefully after that. I began to understand my ideal protein, carb, and fat ratio as I tracked my meals. Tracking foods on the app and realizing, wow, this one food has so much added sugar—that was a huge thing for me.

Looking at his before and after photos, Thomas looks almost unrecognizable. He even disclosed that his typical daily balanced diet and street exercise are the main reasons he keeps his weight and health in confirmation. Likewise, he also credits yoga practices as a huge reason behind his weight loss. Here’s a dinner menu Thomas could try at home for his wealthy physique.

Thomas could eat an entire Detroit-style pizza for dinner, followed by a sleeve of Thin Mint Girl Scout cookies and a bowl of ice cream. Finally, before going to bed, he would slurp down another protein shake. He reported having constant heartburn and ingesting copious amounts of anti-inflammatory drugs and pain relievers to deal with the strain on his body.

The entire ESPN piece by Emily Kaplan on the unhealthy measures Thomas and many other linemen have taken to artificially build muscle in their frames is worth reading. It’s a very bright examination of a little-discussed football phenomenon.

Joe Thomas’s Estimated Net Worth!

Joe Thomas has an estimated net worth of $48 million. The retired player was in the NFL for over a decade and always played for the same team. Joe was drafted by the Cleaveland Browns in 2007. Joe signed his first contract with the Browns in 2007, for $42 million and an average salary of $8 million.

Not only that, but the contract also included a $6 million signing bonus. In 2011, he signed his next contract for $80 million with an average salary of $11 million. The signing bonus for this position was $6 million.

Thoma, Joe Joe’s primary source of income is the NFL, but he also earns money from investments and brand endorsements. Joe owns a home in Middleton, Wisconsin. His additional investments are unknown.

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