Joey Edgar Has Been Divisive With His Weight Loss!

Derick Scholz

Joey Edgar's fans are either happy or worried about his weight loss. – Joey Edgar is revealed to have undergone a noticeable weight loss in the latest season of Swamp People. Some fans love his new lean physique and have been complimenting him for getting fit whereas others are concerned about his health because he lost too much weight. Joey Edgar has made no comments on people’s opinions about his weight loss.

Joey Edgar is a young and ambitious alligator hunter who has proved himself to be capable just like his father Daniel Edgar who is a pivotal figure in the History Channel reality show Swamp People. The show follows the daily life of alligator hunters who live in the Atchafalaya Basin of Louisiana and documents their traditional hunting methods. Though it was once considered one of the worst reality television on the History Channel, people have gone on to take a liking to and it is now one of the most popular shows.

And Joey Edgar is one of the most popular cast members of the show. Though he was initially reluctant to be in the show, he eventually came around to it and joined the show in 2014, and ever since, the skills and experiences he has brought to the swamp have made him one of the favorites. He has held the audience’s attention and interest since Season 9 and they are always looking forward to seeing him in the next season. His appearance in the latest season has sparked discussions about his weight loss more than discussions about his hunting skills. So, let’s talk about that!

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Joey Edgar’s Weight Loss: He Has Gotten A Lot Leaner Than Before!

Joey Edgar (@joey_edgar_) has undergone a noticeable weight loss and it has got people talking because it was a very big change that many say, has come out of nowhere.

Joey Edgar was revealed to have had weight loss in the new season of Swamp People. houseandwhips.comJoey Edgar was revealed to have had weight loss in the new season of Swamp People.
Image Source: The HISTORY Channel

So, the History Channel is back with one of its most popular reality shows, Swamp People. People were very excited about the show but now that the show has premiered, they are not really taking the thrill of watching the cast members hunt alligators because they are too preoccupied with Joey’s weight loss. They are shocked to see that he has changed so drastically and got so much leaner.

Joey Edgar used to be quite buff. He looked bulky without looking fat or overweight. His physique looked normal for someone with a swamp life but now, things have changed and because nobody saw it coming, they were surprised. Before this, his weight never came up in any discussions about him. People had no opinions on his appearance. To the audience, he was just a skilled hunter. After the latest season, they can’t stop talking about his weight loss and the dramatic change in his physique.

Some of them seem to think it’s Joey Edgar’s diet which mostly consists of seafood that is the reason why he has lost weight. However, as someone whose family has been involved in the seafood industry for generations, his seafood diet is not new to him. So, something else must have happened for him to get so skinny that quickly. What exactly is it? He has never revealed and fans are more concerned or happy about his weight loss than they want to know how it happened.

Fans Are Either Worried or Happy About Joey Edgar’s Weight Loss!

Joey Edgar has made no comments about the change in his physique. houseandwhips.comJoey Edgar has made no comments about the change in his physique.
Image Source: TV Shows Ace

The fans are divided into two groups in their reaction to the change in Edgar’s weight. Either they are happy and complimentary about it or they are concerned about it. There’s no middle ground by the looks of it. Having noticed that he has gotten considerably skinnier from the previous seasons, people are either making comments praising him for getting fitter or expressing concerns about his health. Nobody ever thought that Joey Edgar‘s weight loss would be polarizing like that but oh, well!

To some people, it looks like the television personality has gotten in a much better shape and they think that a skinnier look is a fit look and a good look on him whereas others think that the drastic transformation in his physique is something worrying because that’s too much weight lost in a very short time. In recent photo and video clips of the show posted on Instagram, people are saying either one or the other about Joey Edgar’s weight loss.

A fan complimented him,

Looking good. And healthy.

Another didn’t think that he looked healthy or fit. In fact, they seemed to think that he might be unhealthy.

Joey looks thinner this season hope all is well!

A third had the same opinion,

In watching the latest season, noticed Joey has lost an awful lot of weight. Has he been sick? Hope not.

Joey Edgar himself has not made any comments about people’s curiosity about his weight loss. He has not confirmed if he chose to undergo transformation for fitness or if he lost weight because he got sick. All he has said since the new season premiered is that God has blessed them with another season and that’s it. No explanations for the noticeable change in his weight even though the audience has flooded his comment section with remarks about his weight loss.