Liam Smith’s Weight Loss: What Diet Does He Follow?


Liam Smith’s Weight Loss: What Diet Does He Follow?

Liam Smith’s fans have been critiquing him for making an excuse in the name of weight loss for his recent loss against Chris Eubank Jr. He is currently 160 pounds, and people hope that he will soon come back in the game stronger by following a proper diet plan.

Liam Mark Smith, also known as Liam Smith, is a British professional boxer. He started boxing at Rotunda ABC during his teenage years. He began his professional career with his debut at light-middleweight on October 10, 2008, against Duncan Cottier at the Everton Park Sports Centre, Liverpool. He gained fame in 2015 after he successfully defended the light-middleweight title by stopping Mark Thompson.

Recently, Liam has been in the spotlight after Carl Froch said that Liam’s career was effectively over after his tenth-round knockout loss to Chris Eubank Jr., which was a rematch. The news has made Liam’s many fans very sad, and people hope he will make his fans proud in his next game.

On the other hand, many people have been asking about Liam’s recent weight loss plan. In this article, we will be talking about his diet plan, program, and his transformation. Well, let’s get started.

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Fans Have Been Slamming Liam Smith After He Blamed His Weight Loss for His Recent Defeat!

Liam Smith has disappointed his fans by losing his recent game with Chris Eubank Jr. and has attributed all the problems to his recent weight loss. Fans are accusing him of making an excuse, while the whole team and Liam seem to be very heartbroken by the loss.

Liam Smith before and after weight loss. houseandwhips.comLiam Smith before and after weight loss.
Image Source: HOUSE&WHIPS

Liam has shocked his fans with his recent appearances. After losing the game with Chris Eubank Jr., he has been criticized by his fans for his weight loss. Fans are claiming that he has been calling an excuse in the name of weight loss and that his team has made a huge mistake.

As per his recent weigh-in, Liam was 160 pounds, and his recent appearances hint that he has become a weak contestant. Smith also revealed in an interview that he had an injury during training camp, jeopardizing his preparations and, as a result, his ability to reduce weight.

How Much Weight Did Liam Smith Lose?

Liam Smith had to go through a strict weight loss plan, and it is believed that he had to lose 42 pounds for the fight. The diet and workout he has been following have had an impact on his performance, and he seems to be unhealthy. Right after the game, when Smith was asked about his current health situation, he stated:

You don’t have to be a genius to see how flat [I was] from 40 seconds of the fight. I think everyone knows and Chris knows how I was with the weight, to say at the weigh-in. After the injury, I came down three stone and so [that is] a lot of weight to shift in a short space of time. But that’s all I can put my finger on, I was flat, flat as they come from the get go I couldn’t move my feet and Chris was sharp early on so fair play to him.

Continuing the interview, Liam said that he rolled his ankle about two or three times before the fights. He also mentioned Chris being the better man in the game, and he shouted that he takes his defeat when he loses. It looked like there was a war between two good friends, as Chris also called Liam a warrior and admitted to respecting him and his whole team and family.

A Look at Liam Smith’s Diet Plan!

As everyone knows, being a professional boxer is very hard. They must follow a disciplined diet and workout routine to maintain their perfect weight.

Liam Smith, who also has a strict diet plan routine, has revealed that he orders his food from a reputable company, and sometimes his dad takes the initiative to prepare his food. As part of his breakfast, he takes a protein drink and a protein bar, but there is no regular meal.

Liam Smith has a very strict diet routine. houseandwhips.comLiam Smith has a very strict diet routine.
Image Source: Boxing News

Liam loves to have vegetables and fries, and his favorite cheat meal is pasta with meat. As per his snacks, he usually has protein bars or protein cookies and some little side dishes that can be eaten as snacks. It looks like whatever program he is doing for his weight loss has had a perfect effect.