Ruschell Boone Weight Loss: Did She Lose Weight Due to Cancer?


Ruschell Boone's weight loss was due to pancreatic cancer.

Ruschell Boone went through several weight loss transformations in her final years. Since her death, people have been linking the changes that the reporter underwent to her health condition and as it turned out, Ruschell Boone didn’t realize it at the time but her weight loss was due to pancreatic cancer. She only learned that after she was diagnosed in 2022.

Ruschell Boone is one of the most invaluable reporters of NY1 cable television news. She served the channel from 2002 right up until her death in 2023. Though she completed her degree in accounting, she later went into journalism when she discovered her passion for it when she took over a college radio segment for a missing guest. And so, she began working in cable television news in 1998.

She worked as a business news associate for CNBC and then, as an associate producer and assignment editor for CNN. In 2002, she joined NY1 and the rest is history. As a reporter for NY1, Ruschell Boone prominently covered several breaking stories such as the 2016 pressure-cooker bombing in Manhattan and the 2016 presidential election. In 2018, she became a general assignment reporter for NY1’s Live at Ten newscast in 2018. For her news reporting and work on NY1’s talk shows, she earned a nomination for three New York Emmy Awards in 2019. The next year, she was nominated again as a live reporter.

Her contribution to NY1 cable television news is immeasurable. So, it was a great loss and tragedy to the cable when she passed away recently after a long-time battle with pancreatic cancer. After her death, people have begun to link her weight loss to her health condition. In her final years, she had been uncharacteristically fluctuating in terms of weight. Here’s everything to know about Ruschell Boone’s weight loss and health condition!

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Ruschell Boone’s Weight Loss: Her Weight Was Fluctuating a Lot in Her Final Years!

Ruschell Boone experienced frequent weight loss in the last two years. houseandwhips.comRuschell Boone experienced frequent weight loss in the last two years.
Image Source: NY1

Ruschell Boone (@ruschellboone) lost weight sporadically several times in her final years and she didn’t know at the time that weight loss was a symptom of pancreatic cancer.

New York City TV Station NY1 recently made a heart-breaking announcement that the award-winning reporter and anchor Ruschell Boone has passed away after a long-time battle with pancreatic cancer. While the news of her death was very tragic, it cannot be said to be very surprising because she had been struggling with pancreatic cancer for a while and she had been looking very unwell and sickly in the last two years. You could tell by seeing her weight loss that something was going on with him.

If you had observed Ruschell Boone in her final years, then you might have noted that she had begun to fluctuate in terms of her weight rather uncharacteristically. She really underwent drastic weight loss transformations several times. It was really odd that she went from being full-figured to slim without making any changes in her lifestyle. Many were baffled to see how different she looked in her before and after pictures.

Before people brought it up, she was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer and in June 2022, she took a leave for a grueling series of chemotherapy treatments. Since January that year, Ruschell Boone said that she had started experiencing vague stomach discomfort that she masked with antacids, often to no avail. She had also started to look unusually bloated and fatigued since then while simultaneously losing weight. There was something off about her weight loss, she knew.

Ruschell Boone Lost Weight Because of Pancreatic Cancer!

Ruschell Boone's weight loss was one of the symptoms of her pancreatic cancer. houseandwhips.comRuschell Boone’s weight loss was one of the symptoms of her pancreatic cancer.
Image Source: NY Post

Her nagging pain in her torso just below her breasts and a nagging pain on the upper right side of her back also really alarmed her, in addition to her weight loss and weight gain. At first, Ruschell Boone thought that she needed to make changes in her lifestyle and overhaul her diet for some reason but when she was diagnosed with cancer shortly after, she realized that no changes in her diet were going to bring improvements in her health.

Ruschell Boone went away for nine months before she made her return in March 2023 saying that she was cancer-free. She even did an interview with Dr. Selwyn Vickers, the president and CEO of Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center where she received treatment. She also addressed her weight loss in the interview and linked it with her health condition.

I was experiencing a lot of the symptoms that a lot of people in stage 4 would experience. I had a stomach pain, I had back pain. I was gaining weight and losing weight eating the same amount of food.

Given how fine Ruschell Boone looked after and how her weight loss had come to be very infrequent in the months following her return, it really looked like she was cured but she eventually succumbed to complications arising from pancreatic cancer.