Dr Max Gomez Weight Loss: Did He Have Some Kind of Illness?


Dr Max Gomez had a noticeable weight loss in his final days. houseandwhips.com

Dr Max Gomez’s followers want to know if the reason behind his weight loss is some sort of illness that caused his death. In his final days, he did look unhealthily thin compared to before, and now, people are wondering if he lost weight due to cancer. Because Dr Max Gomez never addressed his weight loss when he was alive, we may never know if he lost weight because he was suffering from some kind of illness.

Max Gomez, who is widely and affectionately known as Dr Max Gomez, was an award-winning journalist who is mostly recognized as the face that millions of New Yorkers looked to for advice during the pandemic. The Cuban-born American medical journalist served as the medical correspondent and senior health editor for the flagship television stations WNBC and WCBS-TV in New York City. He delivered segments on science, health, and medicine on the station from 1994 to 1997 until he returned in 2007.

Prior to that, he did similar jobs for KYW-TV in Philadelphia and for WNEW-TV in New York. He completed his graduation from Princeton University and obtained a Ph.D. from the Wake Forest School of Medicine. Dr Max Gomez is also an NIH Postdoctoral Fellow at New York’s Rockefeller University who later went on to win New York Emmy Awards, Philadelphia Emmys,  and a UPI honor for Best Documentary for a report on AIDS. He was also honored with Excellence in a Time of Crisis Award from the NYC Health Department for his reporting on the health issues after 9/11.

He was a very beloved public figure whose death saddened millions of people. He died about a week ago at the age of 72 and now, people, after observing him in hindsight, are wondering if he had some sort of illness because they noticed that he underwent a drastic weight loss in his final days. He looked scarily and unhealthily thin in the days preceding his death which has led many to believe that he had cancer. Let’s learn more about Dr Max Gomez’s weight loss!

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Dr. Max Gomez’s Weight Loss: He Seemed Considerably Skinnier in His Final Days!

Dr Max Gomez underwent a noticeable weight loss in his final days.
houseandwhips.comDr Max Gomez underwent a noticeable weight loss in his final days.
Image Source: NY Post

The death of Dr Max Gomez (@drmaxgomez) took millions of people by shock and grief and now, it has fueled discussion about his weight loss and illness. A  lot of his followers wonder if he had cancer that ultimately took his life even though there was no mention of any kind of illness in the statement that CBS News wrote.

Dr. Gomez was deeply loved and respected in our newsroom, by medical professionals he worked with, patients who shared their stories with him and our viewers. He was our in-house consultant for whatever ailed us, eager to help, genuinely concerned and never thought twice about going the extra mile. His academic track was in health and science, but his depth of medical knowledge and easy, relatable style combined to develop his strong broadcast presence. There was always great depth to Dr. Gomez’s medical reporting, but never more so than when he candidly shared a number of his own medical challenges with his TV family. He was also a steady voice of reason during the COVID-19 pandemic.

But even though Dr Max Gomez’s health was not much reported on after his death, many couldn’t help but think that he was suffering from some kind of illness because he underwent a drastic weight loss before he passed away. In hindsight, many people observed that he had gotten incredibly skinny in his final days, and unhealthily and scarily so, which led many to believe that he was suffering from some health complications. Some even suspected that he had cancer.

Fans Want to Know if Dr Max Gomez’s Weight Loss is Due to Some Sort of Illness!

Dr Max Gomez is suspected by many of having some sort of illness or cancer. houseandwhips.comDr Max Gomez is suspected by many of having some sort of illness or cancer.
Image Source: CBS News

But the actual cause of Dr Max Gomez’s death is yet to be revealed. It has been widely reported that he died aged 72 after battling a long illness but what kind of illness he had has never been mentioned. So, for now, all we know about his health is that he had shockingly unhealthy weight loss which might or might not be the symptom of illness that may or may not have taken his life.

The fact that there was no mention of the specific illness in the reports suggests that his weight loss can’t really be traced back to specific health complications. If there was any health problem that ailed him, Dr Max Gomez would have shared that with the public when he was alive. After all, he was known for being candid about his own medical issues with viewers.

He has recounted his struggle with joint issues, he has detailed his first-hand experience with the difficult-to-treat infection MRSA, and he has even had himself filmed as he was being operated on during a neck surgery. In 2017, he notably opened up about his experience contracting Lyme disease as he took viewers through his diagnosis and treatment. But never did Dr Max Gomez address his weight loss. Granted, it was in his final days but if it was due to some kind of illness, we would have known because he would have told us.